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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2000 Visits Reached!/ My most moving anime moments.

2000 VISITS!
We are more than proud and happy to say that our blog has reached our next appointed goal of 2000 visitors today, we have changed from a blog having luckily 1 or 2 visits a day to this much in such a short time that its only fair to say that all of this is thanks to you readers. Your support and dedication to this blog is what motivates us to continue writing hoping to give you a smile or two and luckily even a laugh while reading our blog. A sincere and true thank you from Underworld Honduras to all of you, hope that you continue with us as our blog keeps growing!
Now...some of you may have wondered what has happened with my co-blogger Perez, well to put it simply for a change he has no internet so that is why all recent posts have been made by either Ricardo or I. But be sure that he is just as happy, actually even more, for all the accomplishments of our blog, and he has set the new goal line at 10,000 visits before the end of the year, thats right you heard him: he wants 10 K visits before 2012. Lets try and go for it!

Well since our little celebration is over, I want to give something more entertaining to all of you besides our announcements, this question got into my mind today at school: Which have been the most touching anime moments I have seen? After lots of thinking about it I came up with four that have really touched me and that I hope will do to you also:

1) Black Cat: This anime although very good, and the manga being even better gives an already sad feeling to the reader/watcher due to Sayas death. For some, including me, Creed made it to the top most hated anime character with this action but thats not the point as at the very end we get to see some more of Saya.

For those who want to see more or less what happened during that fight, oh and Saya appears at 3:20 in the video.

2) Digimon: Well this is probably one in which I am alone at thinking its a most moving anime moment. For the few of those who actually watched Digimon, the first season, in my opinion the saddest scene of all was the death of Wizardmon. He was my favorite digimon in the series and his death against the vampire while protecting his friends actually made me cry. R.I.P. Wizardmon, knowing that your sacrifice wasnt in vain...

3) Full Metal Alchemist: Well I guess that there is no arguement about the saddest part of this anime: the funeral of Maes Hughes. As if his death hasnt been sad enough by itself the funeral scene was even sadder. I was fine watching it until his daughter started crying about him having to go to work. If you seriously can watch that without crying or at least being moved then join the army because thats having a cold stone heart.

4) Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Also no need to explain, its basically the same as the Full Metal Alchemist one however you dont see at the end Hughes waving good bye to Edward at the station and you can actually see Mustang crying at the end. Sorry for not finding an english subbed version...copyright....

That was all so far for my most moving anime I remember more of them I will keep posting them into the blog for you to watch. If I made you cry at one of the memories please excuse me and be sure that happened to me while writing this post. See ya all later, stay tuned to Underworld Honduras! Thank you!

Ancient Gears FTW!- Danny

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