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Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations 1000 Visits!!


No, youre not allucinating in here and we arent doing a tribute to Fox Channel, theyre fine on their solitary campus in the middle of the desert. We are very proud to say that our blog Underworld Honduras has officially reached the 1000 visits already, an achievement so great that it deserves a post just for itself. Getting so far is something that we could have rarely even hoped for and it means a lot really to us to know that a thousand people around the world have read and hopefully enjoyed what we three write for you.

However this celebration is not for us at all, its for you actually! For each and every one of our viewers I have the great honor to thank you all in name of all of us, this amazing achievement was a feat that was accomplished by you supporting our blog. It is the knowledge that we have people following us that drives us to write more and continue this blog with the hope that it will entertain somebody even for a short while. A huge thanks to everyone who has visited our blog even if it was only once you managed to get to this level that on start could have never been imagined.

To commemorate this event tomorrow I have decided to make a special post for all of you around the world, but for now please know that we are all very grateful to our readers!

No signature, the celebration is for all the blog and that includes bloggers and community equally!

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