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Friday, April 29, 2011

Naruto Top 10!!

Hey! What's up? Dragon (that's my codename in some places :P) reporting after a period of inactivity on my part, its anime time and why not start off with what people think of as the "Neo Dragon Ball" (speaking of which it is my next surprise :D) and of course I'm referring to the number one knucklehead ninja Naruto. I recently bought Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (it looks so preeeetyyyyy) for PS3 and complementing its play with Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 for the Wii (screw Deidara and his long range attacks at the end of story mode XP!!), I decided that my anime post would be a Top 10 of my favorite characters in Naruto, so brace yourself because this is.....

NUMBER 10 - Shikamaru Nara
Yeah, Shikamaru (later on you'll understand), I used to hate him, but then I realized I'm kind off like him and he is awesome when he wants or needs to be, so Shikamaru earns 10th spot.

NUMBER 9 - Jiraiya
Jeje leave it to the Pervy Sage! Jiraiya is plain awesome, and he's a lot cooler in Sage Mode (his nose in this form gives me the creeps lol), and damn that his death made me wanna cry, so well deserved 9th place.

NUMBER 8 - Kakashi Hatake
I know what you are thinking *whiny fanboy voice* "what is your damn problem why is Kakashi Sensei only number 8?!?!?"... simple, the others are way better, and if you still don't agree after you see the list, I'll invitte you to throw yourself over a cliff..... no no don't worry, I pay ;)

NUMBER 7 - Kisame Hoshiaki/Suigetsu Hozuki
I really don't know who to chose, if one's in, the other has to be in as well, so the Shark Bros will share 7th place because their handling of those giant swords is simply bad ass, and they have the only Water Style Jutsus I like (I really don't like the Element Water, I prefer Fire....... thar doesn't mean I don't take showers XP)

NUMBER 6 - Sasori
Yeah, this crazy puppet is awesome, I really like this guy, his story is sad, but he became pretty maniacal and bad ass, so he's in my list with no regrets.

NUMBER 5 - Naruto Uzumaki
How not include him, used to be my favorite, but time changes, but he's still of the best and most powerful ninja evar!! (soon to be 6th Hokage dattebayo!! :P)

NUMBER 4 - Orochimaru
Creepy snake guy, that's almost the only way I can find to describe this guy, but hell is he awesome, but he sadly seems to suffer from pedophilia, as he is seen taking kids to the forest hmmm...... (I'm not insulting Orochimaru, just kidding :P)

NUMBER 3 - Kimimaro
The one whose name means "Invincible One" isn't for boasting, Kimimaro demonstrated that he has the ability to best 5th place Naruto Uzumaki by a lot, stand up to Taijutsu Master Bushy Brows, and resist Gaara's Sand Requiem, the only thing capable of beating him, was sadly a disease (damn it and he was so cool -.-).

NUMBER 2 - Deidara/Hidan
Hell are these last difficult, for one side, we have Deidara, the explosive art lover SOB, his explosions are nice and his catchphrase is really catchy, I sometimes hear myself saying things like Art is an Explosion and katsu in a very randomly fashion, and I actually have a manner of speech similar to his (adding hmmm to the end of some phrases). On the other side, we have the Jashinist, self masochist immortal and knuckleheaded powerhouse named Hidan, hell this guy is awesome, I really like him because I dunno I just do, he's awesome and freaking badass (saw how he killed Asuma? So awesome *Perez begins to cry* uhh yeah, Perez liked Asuma so uhhh.... on more important matters, Patrick Star thinks about milk spilling :D)

Let's recount okeii? 10-Shikamaru 9-Pervy Sage 8-Kakashi 7-Shark Bros 6-Sasori 5-6th Hokage 4-Crazy Snake Guy 3-Dry Bones 2-Artist and Jashinist......IT'S....

NUMBER 1 - Hinata Hyuga/Itachi Uchiha
Allright you must be thinking "this guy is doing this again?" Yeah I know, but its almost impossible for me to decide between this two, its impossible. so I'm sorry. On one hand, we gave the beatiful Hinata, I'm freaking in love with her as the good otaku I am, and she is really good at the time of fighting and brave when it has to do with Naruto (remember Pain?) so yeah she deserves shared top spot. Now, this has to be the best character in Naruto, I mean, he's ultra powerful, we never get to know the extent of his limit, because of his sickness (by which he also dies, what's up of killing invincible people by diseases -.-), and because in his matches he never went serious, if he did, Pain would be nothing against him, and I believe Itachi to be stronger than Pain actually, so Itachi shares first with the lovely Hinata.

I hope you liked it and see ya next time, till then ;)

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