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Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch out! Here comes Victor von Doom!!! D:

Hey whats up people? This week I watched the Fantastic Four movie and thought two things. First, Jessica Alba is hotter than a I thought :P. And second, that I really like the character of Dr. Doom a.k.a. Victor von Doom, so I've decided that my next post about comics should be about Dr. Doom, so here we go!

Dr. Doom was created by the masterminds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He is the typical super villain in the sense that he is super smart and powerful, so he decides to take over the world (he would be able if it wasn't because of those snotty teenagers and their dog... sorry wrong story!! :P He would be able if it wasn't because of the Fantastic Four).
He was born in a gypsie community of Latveria. His mother, a sorcerer, was Cynthia von Doom, and his father, the healer of the clan, was Werner von Doom.
His clan was oppressed by this Baron guy, so Victor's mother makes a deal with Mephisto. He grants her wish, but cheats on her bringing bad consequences. All the people of the clan wanted to get rid of the Von Doom family, but Victor stood up and threatened his own peolpe that he would grow up like his mother and bring bad things to anyone that abandoned the clan. In subsequent years, they remained as nomads. While the rest of the clan hated him, Victor was happy with the girl that would be his greatest love, Valeria. (AWWWW!!!!!!)
However, when Victor was just 11 years, Baron's men took Victor's father in an attempt to cure the wife of Baron. But Werner could not do anything because the cancer had consumed. He managed to steal a horse and go to meet his son. Together they fled to the mountains from the men of the Baron.For 4 days, they endured hunger and cold until the soldiers gave up. They were eventually found half dead by the clan.Victor had had a revelation about the fate of the soul of his mother while he was at death's door. His mother had died serving a demon, and therefore her immortal soul would be tormented by Mephisto for all eternity.Instead, his father could not recover. When his father died, Doom confused the last words of his father and swore that all mankind would pay for this. His father's body was carried by the Baron's men to present it to his master.Since that time, he separated from Valeria and focused his efforts on what he considered his fate. Studying the notes of his mother, he tried unsuccessfully to find a way to release the soul of his mother. He attempted to combine magic and science without being able to free her soul, but managed to create many powerful weapons to punish those who had pushed to accept the deal with Mephisto. (Kinda sounds like the Ghost Rider) :PAt age 16 Victor Von Doom was already the de facto leader of the clan, and his fame spread throughout the world. Until one day a U.S. general offered him a scholarship at a university in the US in exchange for working for them. Doom, confused because the night before had had to kill a soldier with his own hand to avoid capture, accepted the deal.There he met Reed Richards, who was the only person who could compete with his intellect, which caused them to develop a rivalry between two students. While Doom developed dangerous experiments involving transmutation of matter and traveling between dimensions, Richards discovered these experiments and realized that the equations were wrong by a few tenths, which could cause an accident. Doom ignored Richards and his experiments ended in a huge explosion that disfigured his face. Doom did not think that he was capable of making a mistake and always accused Richards of sabotaging his experiment.Expelled from the university, the General reminded Doom that the agreement still remained. Even before leaving the hospital, Doom planned his escape, self-destructing his experiments, and created a diversion that allowed him to escape from America, getting lost in Eastern Europe.There, the USSR tried to recruit him. But Doom showed how difficult it was to recruit by the force a genius who is not afraid to die. Because of that, the Soviets decided to force him into a reunion with Valeria.Doom and Valeria survived another encounter with the KGB through the intervention of a mysterious man who before his death revealed Doom his origin. He belonged to a strange order of monks in Tibet who had always combined magic and technology. He talked about a prophecy of a man who had lost everything and hid his face to the world. The man who would become his teacher.After pushing Valeria aside again, Doom went to Tibet, where he found the monk's order. With them, he learned many secrets and became their teacher. There he built his armor and mask that covers his face ever since, which he decided that no man would see it again.Since then he decided to call himself Dr. Doom!!! (DRAMATIC MUSIC!!!!)

His main goals are to conquer the world, free his mother's soul, reconstruct his face (I think there is something called plastic surgery, so why don't try that?), and destroy Reed Richards. D:
He doesn't have any superpowers, he simply uses his super armor to defend himself and attack. He is only capable of challenging mentally Reed Richards. He also has many magical knowledge, which makes him really danderous!!! (Dr. Doom vs. Cris Angel?) He has the ABILITY to change bodies, which has helped him many times to avoid death. Hi has electrical powers thanks to his armor, but without it, he can't use those powers.

I know this isn't the photo that I usually use, but I like this one also, so I'll be alternating photos. In case that I use ANOTHER "signature" you will know that it is me because of the green hair. :P

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  1. ... if I had the choice of emulating ANY persona (DC, Image, Marvel etc.) it would be Victor von Doom! His only (if I dare use this word in describing him) flaw is that none who serve him, are as perfect as him, the reasons his plans are usually undone!

    Doom has defeat heroes & villains, demigods & demons! Doom has traveled successfully foward & backward through time, visited other dimension & torn reality asunder!

    His Doombots have battled The Mighty Avengers to a stand-still & only the combined strength of The Fantastic Four (or Five) has held him in-check.

    Doom is a brilliant, "high-tech wonder", not an, "altered human", or, "alien" who wields science AND sorcery like the master which he is!

    Doctor Doom grows stronger with each setback & it's only a matter-of-time before all worlds are his