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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hi gang! Well first things first, you are thinking what STA:VU means, so I'll explain it. STA:VU means Senior Trip Alterno: Versión Underworld (which in English would be Alternate Senior Trip: Underworld Version). In my school the seniors go on a trip to hang out together, but Danny, Ricardo and I decided not to go because it was really expensive ($400 plus other costs). Our friends went to the Bay Islands, Honduras which is a really beautiful place (so come down here on your vacations :D). Since we didn't go, we decided to make our own version of the Senoir Trip, so the STA:VU was created. On Thursday we went to Ricardo's house and slept there, played Wii, watched movies (I recommend you people to watch the Expendables!!!!!), and played Yu-Gi-Oh! On Friday we went to Danny's houe were we slept and played Yu-Gi-Oh! with Danny's brother, Alex. On Saturday we went to Denny's and finished our STA:VU!
So the purpose of this post, id to show our Yu-Gi-Oh! duels statistics. First of all, since Danny is a professional Yu-Gi-Oh! player, he beat the crap out of us!!!

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