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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Kufufufu....long time no see little viewers. Well since its been quiet some time since my last post I thought I would do something special for it and even the more for celebrating our blog already reaching 800 visits which completely PWNs every other blog from our school. So in order to thank all of you from around the world I will give you an insight about anime openings as seen in Latin America!

Well our latin opening are not at all like the United States one incredibly, our dubbing studios try to change the Japanese songs into latin spanish and theyve quiet succeeded in some of them resulting in us having some really awesome opening to enjoy before our favorite anime series starts...

Top top top top top, so sorry...happens to me every time I remember old anime times...but that also means that its time for the Top 5 Ranking of Anime Openings for Latin America!!(Hope some people got the joke at the start of this paragraph so as not to seem an idiot XD)

1)In first place we have the Worlds most famous anime ever! What every kid should have seen to grow up fully, something we have demonstrated already, and also probably the best memories of Cartoon Network that we will ever have: Dragon Ball!!!. Though this great opening was given to Dragon Ball GT which some people have great problems with its still an awesome song and most importantly the dubbing from the original song Dandankokoro from Japan was impressively perfect! Mi Corazon Encantado, lets hear it now!!


2) Now lets warp a little forward in time, but just a little as this one is also an oldie that will bring back good memories to many people. This anime is seen as girls-only by many people and yet its also enjoyed by many boys all around the world. Getting a second place because of the magnificent job at dubbing that was done in it here is Card Captor Sakura, or as known in latin america Sakura Card Captors!

3) Reaching up to a close third place we have an anime that we all know and love, it doesnt matter if you saw it as a kid in Toonami or just happened to come across it already grown up its a great opening. This is also in dedication to my fellow co-blogger Perez, from the great anime Inuyasha comes the second opening by incredible singer Gabriela Vega!! I Am!!

4) Another Toonami jewel, although not seen by everyone due to the late hour at which it was aired is Ranma 1/2. Achieving a well-deserved 4th Place for its opening song, its not only a very happy song but also catchy and very well coordinated with the video. A round of applause for our favorite red/black-headed girl/boy!!!

5) And last but not least on my top top Top 5 is a most inspiring song for an opening. Once you have started listening to the song its very hard not to sit down to watch the anime, it has super lyrics, nice timing with the video and youll also find it to be a great song to hear while exercising. From The Prince of Tennis better known as Tennis no Ouji-sama in some parts of the world here comes the second opening: El Sol Ilumina el Cielo! Enjoy!!

And there was my Top 5 Latin American Openings, I hoped you enjoyed the songs as much as people here did on their childhood. I will try making a ranking of the top 5 anime endings soon. Until then, another thanks to all of you viewers who support us, this blog would be impossible without you! Ciao!!

P.S.- For reference of non-latinos Toonami was a segment of Cartoon Network that aired late at night and where all of the anime was moved to for it to be replaced by the first cartoonish trash that CN started releasing since then...

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