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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yu Gi Oh! On the roll!!!

I was wondering one day... hey! whats up? what would be nice to talk about to Underworld fans?.... and even though I have a few ideas in my head, I'll order them up this way:


I covered already Mortal Kombat (VG), so I guess I'll work with Yu Gi Oh! (TCG), so hang tight, because I've prepared a deck overview, not of this trio nonetheless, Danny covered us and gang already, so I'll cover the decks of some of my friends (3) and give a quick overview about them.

Alex/ZmokeSurge39: This guy's like a bro to me, and also my rival, he still has his whole deck (bastard, I have to cope with trying to get mine again >.<) and its pretty good. He uses a Magician-Warrior deck, meaning he has support both from Structure Deck Warrior's Triumph, and added his magicians and some useful cards to it to enhance it to his playstyle. His favorite card is "Dark Magician" (I so didnt expected that :P *sarcasm*) and has a variety of cards to help him, he also is capable of fusing his "Dark Magician" with the "Flame Swordsman" to form "Dark Flare Knight" and consequently "Mirage Knight", which works just nice to him. He's a good player overall, and his deck is nice. It's difficult to beat him not because of sick tricks or anything, but he knows the difference between using a card and playing it, so you're sure you can have a hard time or fun time battling him.

Annel/Kittybelle: She's one of my best friends, and really dunno when or where she learned to play, but at first glance, you wouldn't think she'd be into Underworld Honduras stuff, so anyways, she plays a so damned Anti-cure-Magiacian deck, anti-cure as Danny mentioned over Anette's deck, sums to your opponents lifepoint, pretty cool huh? This foolish girl is giving me Life points! Well, until she plays Bad Reaction to Simochi, which will turn that Life Point giving into pinpoint damage without moving!! Summed to that, she has magicians, just like Alex, but his are more forceful. She still has a Dark Magician, Magician of Black Chaos, and other magicians as well, her favorite is the Dark Magician Girl (Dark Magician Girl fanboys start hyperventilating :P) and some cards are used to compliment her. But a very important difference between Annel and Anette..... Annel has 3 Bad Reaction to Simochi, she has Rain of Mercy, Snatch Steal, Upstart Goblin, and worst of all.... GIFT CARD!!!!! OMG SHE'S SUCH A DIFFICULT GAL TO BEAT!!!! (but she's still lovable :D *People begins going uhh* She has Dark Magician Girl *People screming "I LOVE HER!!!"*

Zack/DeoxyPrime: Last but not least, we have this guy, which is one of my best friends as well, but same things as Annel, he's a damn bastard playing this. He plays an Exodia Deck, mainly to put it easier, his deck can specialize to either summon Exodia himself, or to summon his evolutions, either Exodia Necros or Exodius The Last Forbidden One, whichever he feels is better for his situation, he can kill you with that, but he's not so dumb, his deck is also good without the Exodia cards, his deck is also composed of the Zombie Madness Structure deck, which is a pretty nice deck I believe, he opts to usinf zombies whenever his Exodia needs prep or is plain useless in the current duel, he's a nice player, and also full of luck (in three straight matches he got me Exodia in the 1st-3rd-8th turn!!!) But its fun to duel him nonetheless.

Ricardo/XDNightmare/Draconic Nightmare/Judini: Just for you to judge whether my deck was compitable, I'l not reveal all its secret but cover a lil bit about it. I used to play a Draconic Deck (name is mine exclusive, comes from one of my Online IDs, formerly I was RKO Dragon15 but I changed to the ones there). The Draconic Deck I created used dragons (because I'm freaking in love with dragons!! they are so cool :D) which I formed in base of the Dragon's Roar structure deck, and complimented it with nice dragon friendly cards and more dragons, like Armed Dragon LVL 7 & LVL 10, Blue Eyes White Dragons, Meteor Dragon, Summoned Skull etc. I had also included Fusion Gate to fusion summon at will if I don't have a Polymerization. My favorite card (wait for it ;)) is the RED EYES BLACK DRAGON!!!!! And I usually liked to evolutionize it to its more powerful and awesome form Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, and had its polar opposite, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon as well (yeah, went to saw the premier of Pyramid of Light, damn it at first they gave me a blasted Watapon!! But then I managed to change it for the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon which I wanted). Well anyways, Fusion Gate/Polymerization, where used to fuse my Three Blue Eyes, and my Red Eyes with Meteor Dragon or Summoned Skull, whichever I had at the time. Well I talked to much about it, when I get it, you'll see for yourself its powah!!!

Well this is the end, I hope you liked it and keep dueling. Sayonara!! For know...

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