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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mortal Kombat 2011!!!!

What's happening forum? My name is Ricardo, I'm called Judini, and in the Underworld I'm known as Judini (yeah, so creative don't you think?) The history of that surname its somewhat weird, so I'll not bother you over that. Anyways, this is my first post and I'm going to make a preview about one of the most popular and best and one of my favorite game sagas of all time.... MORTAL KOMBAT!! To begin with, I'm going to talk about the plot, some game mechanics and some features as well, it is due for April 19th (Apr. 21st for UK) and it is really a reboot which I will explain now.


This game was devised to return to the root, the essence of MK, what makes MK, well you know MK, not fighting against certain man of steel and their so called Heroic Brutalities (MK vs DC.... who came up with this crap seriously?). Well, it respawns the series from where it shined the most (MK1, MK2, MK3), and will give the fans what they wanted... blood, gore, and M-Rated!!


Well, what to say, it is like a Back to the Future kind of stuff, after the events of Armageddon, Shao Kahn is about to kill Raiden, and Raiden as a desperate last act sends a telepathic message to his former MK1 self. MK1 Raiden receives the message, not sure what it meant but knew trouble was coming. You'll see the majority of the story via Raiden, and he'll change some things, so don't be surprised if you see something out of place (just as a hint, consider that a ninja is made a cyber ninja, but in the original timeline, he wasn't, and the one that IS a cyber ninja, isn't converted to one). About the story, I'll not spoil it, but when the game comes out, I'll review the final product.


Well, this is the list of characters in the game.... *Scorpion (My favorite char :D) *Sub-Zero (Danny's fav char) *Reptile (Perez's fav char) *Noob Saibot *Liu Kang *Kung Lao *Mileena *Johnny Cage *Nightwolf *Sektor *Cyrax *Smoke *Kitana *Jade *Sindel *Sonya Blade *Jax *Kano *Stryker *Ermac *Raiden *Shang Tsung *Baraka *Goro (probably sub-boss) *Shao Kahn (probably boss) *Kratos (PS3 exclusive).... TOTAL 26 + 2 hidden (I'll not spoil the surprise :P)

P.S. You notice the trick? The 3 main ninjas are the favorites of the Underworld Trio xD

*3D!!! (PS3 Exclusive) *Kratos and his own stage (PS3 Exclusive) *Tag Kombat *X-RAY MOVES!! (NEW: It is a powerful special move, once you have you Special Meter full, a simple command will show a savage attack that will damage the oponent internally and you get to see the damage yourself!!) *As told before, a Special Meter layered in 3, one segment grants you an enhanced special move (making the move stronger or doing something extra), 2 segments grant you a breaker (to stop an opponents combo or attack), and the full bar grants you an X-Ray attack, which is different for each character *Additional mini games (Test your Might! (Classic MK1) Test your Sight! (From Deadly Alliance) Test your Strike! (NEW: you just button mash and mantain the force on a certain range so that you destroy specifically an orange brick, requires precision but its fairly easy) Test your Luck! (NEW: its a roulette!! it will spin and give you an opponent and some wacky-fancy gimmicks such as limbless fights or things like that) *Challenge Tower (NEW: 300 Missions......they start easy but get harder on the way, if you get stuck at one, you may pay to have it cleared without work, the mission 300 gives a surprise if you manage to beat it.... are you ready for that?) *most important of all... FATALITIES IN ALL THEIR SPLENDOR!!!!!


The game will have actual damage on the clothes, meaning that they will look like if they had been in a really brutal brawl, it is very realistic and worth a try if you like good gameplay and fighting games and some gore to go with it, its really REKOMENDABLE!! (yeah I know how I spelled it :P) It's coming for PS3 and XBox 360 (sorry Wii players :/) and I'll review it as soon as I get it and get the hang of it. Just as more preview, I'll try to upload gameplay from the demo (which I have) as soon as I can, but for now, enjoy this demo montage, and I hope you like this preview.... ENJOY!!

This will serve as my signature, I did it in Photoshop and the name in Paint, it took me 1 hour and I'll kill myself if there's someone who made something like this before I worked on this >-<
Till next time!

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