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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally!!! The Long Wait Has Ended!!! The N3DS Has Finally Arrived!!!!

People, the long wait has ended. Nintendo finally released the new Nintendo 3DS to the Western Market this past Sunday March 27, 2011!!!
It is so great that Nintendo of America made official that in its first day, the 3DS already was the most selled Nintendo console on its release date! They will not publish the numbers until April 14 because they want to publish the sales number foer its first week. In Japan (God HELP THEM!!!) in its first hours, it sold over 400,000 consoles!!!

-It has the ability to produce 3D effects without the need of special glasses.
-You can play Nintendo DS games in it.
-It is compatible with the Nintendo DS's and DSi's software.
-Its price right now is of $250.00
-It weighs 230 grams (about 8 ounces).
-It has three cameras: one 2D on the fron, and TWO 3D cameras on the back. :D
-It has the same buttons of the DS, but also it has new ones (Cicle Pad, 3-axis acceloremeter, 3-axis gyroscope, 3D depth slider, Wireless communications switch).
-About the 3D depth slider, if you don't like 3D or it gives you problems, with this you can adjust the 3D effect, even leaving it in 2D!!!
-It has a 2GB memory inside it.
-Its battery lasts between 3-5 hours.
-It comes with pre-loaded applications, like a Mii creator, which can connect with the Wii's Mii Channel.

Nintendo has publicly stated that the 3D mode of the 3DS is not intended for use by children ages six and younger, citing possible harm to their vision. Nintendo suggests that younger players use the device's 2D mode instead, although the American Optometric Association has assured parents that 3D gaming in moderation would not be harmful for children. Nintendo has stated that a parental control involving a PIN will allow parents to disable autostereoscopic effects. Don't worry!!! It is still really awesome to play in 2D, and it is for your own health!.

Here are some of the announced and already released games for the 3DS:
-Animal Crossing   -Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy     -BomberMan 3DS    -The Conduit 3DS    -DragonBall
-FIFA Soccer    -Final Fantasy    -Harvest Moon 3D!!!!! :D     -Kid Icarus: Uprising   -TLOZ: Ocarina of Time 3D  :D
-LEGO Games (Star Wars & Pirates of the Caribbean)   -Mario Kart 3DS   -Madden NFL 3D
-METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D    -Ninja Gaiden   -Nintendogs + Cats  :D   -Paper Mario   -Pac-Man
-PES 3D   -Rayman 3D   -Two Resident Evil Games   -Sonic the Hedgehog   -Star Fox 64 3D  :D   -Super Mario
-THOR: God of Thunder   -Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D   -Transformers: Dark of the Moon   -Yu-Gi.Oh! :D

Here the people of IGN UK talk about the 3DS:

So there you have it people. Nintendo's newest portable console!!! Start saving so that you can buy it and experience 3D effects like never before (especially from what Play Station offers as a "revolutionary" 3D experience with their expensive TVs and all!! >:/ ) and don't buy the PSP 2!!!! LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!! PLAY STATION IS SATAN!!!! (just kidding about the PS part) :P

P.S.: Since we now allow Ricardo (Judini) to make posts, we are going to put a "signature" at the end of each post. This is mine (Pérez's), this is a cartoon of how I imagine myself in 5 years. I want to have green hair because I love green. I'm wearing a Boy Scout uniform beacause I'm a proud member of the Honduran Scouts!!!!

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