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Thursday, March 3, 2011



Fanfictions or fanfics for short as they are sometimes popularly called are one of the goodness that animes, cartoons and basically anything offers to us. Theyre fan-made stories involving characters from series, almost all series have at least one fanfiction made about them, we just borrow characters we dont own them so dont forget to put in that important disclaimer before writing you own =D.

There are dedicated writers who take it upon themselves to create fanfictions by request, you can find them in such places as Quizilla although I am told that the terrible Twilight sickness has spread too much into it and their fanfiction skills really suck now. But like seen in the banner above the site I like the most for reading fanfiction is of course, it has the largest collection, most user-friendly searcher and most subjects that there are. Some people say that its not that good because almost all of its fanfics are pairings Character x Character but I think that those fanfics are very good in my opinion.

Well I dont consider myself a very romantic person in my opinion but still I have to say that I like very much some of the romantic stories that can be read in Some of them are very touching or fun to read and always worth the while youll spend reading them and then begging for more chapters.

I also write fanfics sometimes...but very rarely...only when I feel like it. For example now I am writing a fanfic about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX pairing Jaden x Blair which is taking me quiet long since I have to design the duels first of all and then integrate them into the story.

I hope to be able to post this fanfic once I finish them unto this blog so all of you my visitors can read it!

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