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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Latest Obsession: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Okay I think its about time that I finally made a post about a Trading Card Game, after all its one of the main things that Underworld is composed off, but leaving that aside its more importantly my latest obsession, thanks to my cousin, who took me to the regional tourney, my addiction to the game(Which started since I was in 4th Grade) returned to me. Now before starting the review I have to say to those that believe that this game is childish...I can bet you anything that the players are much better at arithmetic than you and the fact that most of the people who play this game are 17 and above, its a game basically for all ages.

I dont believe that I have to explain how the game works by itself since most of you have at least seen this game played. For a brief summary the duel starts with a set amount of life points ranging from 2000 to 8000 depending on which one you want, each player holds his/her deck consisting of 40 cards at least, the game is about beating your opponent by either the use of strategy using your cards as combo or just crushing your opponent with plain attack power, the decks of everyone are pretty personal and the form of playing is also unique among duelists. What kind of deck do I use you ask? Well I use the Cyber Dragon deck! My strategy is forming monsters with 6000 or more Attack Points to end in a single attack, I consider myself an average-level player, I know that against some people I couldnt stand a chance but that doesnt matter, dueling is for the enjoyment of the duelists and its always worth it.

My Unfortunate Outdating.

Once I was at the tourney however both my cousin and I noticed a depressing fact about ourselves, we have been outdated! And I mean it on the most strict sense, the game has changed quiet a lot since the times when we used to play every week, and the utmost reason is...


Well since it had been a long time since my best duelist days(Which where like...3 or so years ago...I am 16 dont go thinking I am old XD) and the fact that I do not watch Yu-gi-oh! 5Ds I was very surprised at seeing the number of synchro cards that are now in play. It wasnt very fun to think that you have your opponent in a tight spot when they only have one teeny weak monster and you have two 5-star monsters on the field and they then just summon a tuner and change it into a Synchro Monster that just wipes out one of your dear monsters most of the time. This is even more annoying than having to face someone using Neos that use contact fuse giving you quiet a hard time when it comes to besting your opponent in attack power(No problem for my dragons though).

However I then thought about this "I have come from the times when you had to face against Egyptian God Cards, these things are nothing compared to that!" and its true, theyre not a big deal, just an average monster that has the annoying ability to be very easily summoned. I mostly use Generation X cards(GX), and the fact that my cyber dragons are one of the best monsters to increase attack ended up giving me the advantage most of the time. However my deck is highly incomplete so far...I am still missing many vital cards such as my terrible Chimeratech Overdragon and the Cyber Laser Dragon...I am currently trying to put the deck together again so that I can return full power and maybe participate in the next tourney hopefully getting far enough to justify my selling cards on Underworld!.

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