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Monday, March 28, 2011

Overview of Underworld Members Decks.

Okay people all around the world and Iceland, I thought that since we seemed to have been talking so much about Yu-gi-oh lately I would do a quick overview of the playing style and decks of each of the different members of the Underworld group so that you can understand just how tournaments are at our school. I will also be including the profiles of some other people in these since doing it about 3 or 4 isnt that much of a challenge.

Perez- He plays a mixture deck, he has gathered completely different cards to make up a deck so he doesnt have a certain archetype in which he belongs. However he does seem to have some cards from Starter Deck Pegasus and Starter Deck Joey. His favorite monster to play is of course his Relinquished although he had forgotten at first how rituals worked trying to special summon the monster right out of the deck using just the ritual...His best combo is quiet amazing actually since its using Giant Trunade-Dark Hole-Card Destruction to eliminate basically all your strategy on the spot, although he has only been able to pull it off once.

His main problem at duelist is that he learned to play with the original anime so he ignores a lot of the recent rules(hes never seen a synchro) and as such makes mistakes often. He also insists that he uses decks consisting of 30 monsters, 30 spells and 30 traps...RESULTS= FAILURE!!!! He would be a pretty good player if he read the rules and learned to make decks with little over 40 cards.

Judini/Ricardo/Platypus- He plays a mixture of the structure deck Invincible Fortress and a bundle of cards that I lent him so that he could manage a halfway decent deck. His most played card is the Swords of Revealing Light, something that has become annoying to many people who play with us. His best combo is summoning Exodd, Master of the Guard and then using Shield and Sword to attack, however if you dont win with this combo youre in deep trouble since youll have a monster with 0 attack on the field.

He isnt a bad player actually, he just needs to get some new cards that match his deck so that he is able to be on even terms with the rest of us.

Anette- She plays a nasty anti-cure deck, know that term? It means that her deck adds to your life points. Sounds great doesnt it? That is, until she plays Bad Reaction to Simochi which means that instead of adding to your life points the healing cards actually damage you. She has quiet some potential on her, with a few more copies of Simochi and enemy-healing cards such as Rain of Mercy, Upstart Goblin and Snatch Steal it would be horribly hard to beat her.

Wilson- Another person that plays with a complete mixture of cards from different packs, structure decks and starter decks. Youd be surprised what you can find in his deck ranging from the XYZ-Dragon Cannon to a Flame Manipulator or a Counterfeit Dark Paladin. He is still missing some playing experience but he could win many more duels with practice.

Oscar Chow/Show/Pikachow- He plays a guardian deck, although lots of his cards are false or in chinese(Seriously...WTF??) theyre quiet good cards if you allow them to be used. The main downside of his game is that he has an ego larger than his history of failed soccer goals(Multiply all failed goals in FIFA history by 100) and as such he is always saying that he will be able to beat us all albeit he has never played some of us. Imagine being on social service working thinking on your own things and then him just startling you yelling "I challenge you to a duel!!"(Another time...WTF??) when he very well knows that you dont have any cards with you.

He is not bad at all playing, he was able to defeat Ricardo and Perez on a Battle Royale completely flawless without them touching him, if he didnt believe himself such a good player he would be great to play with. I guess that one of these days Ill let him duel me so that I can smash some hot air out of his head.

Last but certainly not least its me, Danny-Well I wont review my true deck since I am saving it as a surprise for some seriously sweet dueling(Kudos to all of you that noticed this was a Jaden phrase) we are going to have next week but I will review the deck I used back when we started the tournaments, which is now part of my brothers deck.

I played a water-monster deck, cards from Fury from the Deep structure deck, but combined with some batterymans to use Short Circuit and many traps to guard my monsters. Its quiet a good deck although I have to admit it cannot barely compare to the one I have right now.

Coming soon probably for next week I will be playing an Ancient Gear deck, I bought Machine Revolt structure deck so Ill probably be using that as a start on next week tournaments. After the tournaments I will be revealing which is my real deck but also by that time the score board will be very much changed.

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