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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Saiyan Prince Vegeta!!!!!!

What's happening forum? Well I've prepared this Manga/Anime about one of the first and most legendary animes of all times, Dragon Ball!!!!......*Urgent Message!*
*Underworld Honduras HQ: Hey, I thought you were going to post a TCG post about the Red Eyes!!
*Judini: SHUT UP FOOLS YA FOOLS!! My computer broke down I had to move it!
*UH HQ: People are gonna get ma....*Connection ended*

Ummm, sorry about that silly interruption, I've gotta tell you though that I had to carry over that tribute, had a little problem :( But I'll fix that as soon as I can!!

Anyways like Danny said, we don't want you to believe this blog is going to be all full with Bdays, sorry we got those so close together (There's one also coming soon :P) so we'll be posting something different, here, get your game on!

Vegeta Bio!!!!

Vegeta is the prince of the saiyans, a race of warriors born for fighting, which resided on the planet of his namesake. The saiyan race was always under the service of Frieza, until he became afraid that they would someday be stronger than him, and decided to kill them all (The only ones spared were: Goku(sent to Earth), Vegeta(On a mission with Nappa), Raditz(No idea where he was but he was alive), Nappa(on a mission with Vegeta), Turles(Saiyan Renegade), and Tarble(Vegeta's brother, was sent away because of low power level and fighting capabilities)). He served Frieza faithfully, but eventually discovered the truth, and began plotting to kill him. He heard a transmission from Raditz, defeated and killed in battle with Goku and Piccolo, about the Dragon Balls, which will grant any wish, and decided to go to Earth and search for them with Nappa. Upon arriving, Nappa destroyed an entire city, and after a while, engaged against the Z-Fighters (Yamcha, Tien, Chiao Tzu, Piccolo, Krillin, and Kid Gohan). Vegeta and Nappa grew Saibamen, which after being grown attacked the Z-Fighters but were easily overpowered. Suddenly, while Yamcha was bloating about how good he was, a Saibaman went Deidara on him and killed Yamcha (YEAH!!!!!!! With "went Deidara", I mean he self-destructed, Naruto reference :P). Inmediatly afterwards, Nappa took it into his own hands and viciously cut off Tien's arm with a single blow, and as he was going to kill Tien, Chiao Tzu grabbed Nappa from behind and decided to be Deidara as well (what the crap with all the self-destructing?!?). Nappa was unscathed, well except his clothes (no, he still has his underwear :P), and proceded to resist a Neo Tri Beam from Tien, which afterwards died from exhaustion. This left Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo to fend off with Nappa. Piccolo was knocked unconscious after grabbing Nappa's tail, and the former smacking his head with an elbow smash, which made Gohan try to fight Nappa. Nappa played around and then decided to kill Gohan by shooting his Bomber GX at him, but Piccolo took the attack, and died. Gohan grew mas at his master's death and threw a Masenko at Nappa, but gained nothing out of it. As Nappa prepared to step on him, Gohan was saved by Goku, returned to life by the Dragon Balls. Goku saw his dead friends, and exploted wth rage, Nappa asked Vegeta Goku's power level, to which he responded with the most epic catchphrase..... IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goku then proceded to single handedly thrash Nappa, finish him off with a Kaioken, and throw him in front of Vegeta, to which Vegeta threw Nappa into the air and killed him for incompetence. Vegeta and Goku went to a remote location and engaged in kombat, Vegeta taking the upper hand in the first part of the match. Goku resorted to a Kaioken x3, and proceded to beat the crap out of Vegeta, to which he responded by trying to destroy the Earth with a Galick Gun, to which Goku fired a Kamehameha in response. Goku ascended to a Kaioken x4 and defeated Vegeta at the beam struggle, which took Vegeta away. Vegeta recovered and returned to the battlefield and proceded to use his giant monkey form with a false moon and thrashed around Goku. After seeing this, Krillin, Gohan and Yajirobe all tried to beat this form of Vegeta, but couldn't do it, until Yajirobe managed to sneak behind and cut off his tail, which reverted Vegeta to normal, Gohan recovered his tail and saw Vegeta's false moon, to which he transformed into a monkey also and made short work of a war torned Vegeta. Vegeta attempted to escape, but Krillin resolved to kill him, to which Goku stopped him and Vegeta could escape.

Vegeta, went to Namek after he recovered to retrieve the Dragon Balls of that planet to wish for immortality and finally defeat Frieza. He manages to kill many of Frieza's henchmen, eventually killing Dodoria. He then engaged Zarbon, to which he had the upper hand until Zarbon transformed and thrash Vegeta and threw him into the water, unwilling to finish the job because he didn't want to get wet. Vegeta was recovered, and fought Zarbon again as the latter searched for him. This time though, he thrashed Zarbon, even in his transfomed state, and killed him. He continued his search for the Dragon Balls, and confronted the Ginyu Force along with Krillin and Gohan. He killed Guldo after Guldo tried to kill Krillin, but was later thrashed by Recoome. Very weak, Vegeta was saved by Goku, who arrived on the nick of time to confront Recoome and knocks him out with a very timed gut punch, as Recoome attempted to use the "Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber" to destroy him. He then proceded to defeat Burter, but Jeice managed to escape. Vegeta killed Recoome with a beam, and broke Burter's neck with his knee. Goku reprimanded and said it wasn't necessary to do that, to which Vegeta responded he is to soft. Vegeta got away to recover when Ginyu and Jeice arrived. Goku was beating Ginyu, until Ginyu hurted himself, then swapped bodies with Goku, and left Goku to die. Vegeta returned and fought Jeice while Gohan and Krillin fought Ginyu. Vegeta killed Jeice with his move "Genocide Blaster", and then defeated Ginyu. Ginyu attempted to swap bodies with Vegeta, but Goku managed to get in the way and recovered his body. Ginyu tried another shot, but this time Goku threw a frog in the way, and Ginyu was trapped there. After making the way for Goku to recover, he rested as well, to which Gohan and Krillin used the Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo, bring him to Namek, and just then the Patriarch died, making those Dragon Balls useless. Vegeta got mad at them, but they were confronted by Frieza, who was also angered at them for their use of Dragon Balls. Vegeta fought Frieza, but after Frieza transfomed, this began to change. Piccolo arrived and fought Frieza, to which Frieza transformed again, and thrashed Piccolo. He yet again transformed, and fought a rejuvenated Vegeta, that was confident the he was a Super Saiyan. Vegeta eventually noticed his limit, and seeing Frieza as being stronger than him, he lost his fighting spirit and was defeated. Goku arrived and Vegeta claimed him to be the super saiyan Frieza was afraid of, and Frieza killed Vegeta. Vegeta implored to Goku to defeat Frieza for his father(Bardock), and the saiyan race, after which he shed a tear and died. (Wow Vegeta crying :P)

Vegeta was revived and went on to training to surpass Goku. He sensed a strong power level and determined it was Frieza's. He went to the crater were Frieza was to appeared and witnessed something incredible.....A mysterious boy named Trunks appeared, transformed into a Super Saiyan, proceded to cut and kill Frieza, and claimed Vegeta to be his father along with Bulma. After this, he became haunted by dreams in which he was unable become a Super Saiyan while Goku and Trunks could. Later Vegeta began training insanely until he reached a limit, and became angry at himself and achived his Super Saiyan form. He appeared in the nick of time and saved Goku from Android 19, then he transformed into his SSJ form and proceded to singlehandedly defeat and kill 19. He then attempted to kill Dr. Gero, but he escaped, and Gero managed to activate 17 & 18, which proceded to kill him. Vegeta fought 18, but becuz 18 couldn't get tired, she defeated Vegeta and also broke his arm. Vegeta trained with Trunks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and reached an ascended Super Saiyan form and after getting out, looked for Cell. He found Cell and inmediatly challenged him to a match, to which Cell laughed, Vegeta transformed to Super Vegeta and as he said "I'll wipe that horrible smile from such an ugly face," he soundly unforgivably and awesomely toyed Cell around. Cell claimed that Vegeta would only be a midgeting child against him if he had his perfect form, and Vegeta, hoping to prove him wrong, let him get 18. Now poor Vegeta discovered he was on the losing side and proceded to try to finish off Cell with a new attack (Final Flash) but Cell managed to receive the damage and knocked Vegeta out. Afterwards he assisted to Cell's tournament and witnessed Goku vs Cell, and also Gohan vs Cell. He was attacked by Cell Jrs that were sent by Cell to anger Gohan, but Vegeta was strong enough to keep the Cell Jr at bay. After Gohan transformed to SSJ2 form witnessing 16's death, he was surprised how Gohan was stronger than he was. He witnessed Goku's sacrifice and the eventual resurrection of Cell, the latter decided to try out his powers and fired a Death Beam killing Trunks. Vegeta enraged over the death of his only son, he attacked Cell but was brushed aside by him. Gohan received an attack for Vegeta, gravely wounding his arm. Vegeta recovered in the nick of time of the epic Cell-Gohan beam clash to distract Cell long enough to allow Gohan to capitalize and finish off Cell. Afterwards he bowed to never fight again.

Vegeta resigned to fighting, but decided to enter the World Tournament after hearing Goku would attend. He went, destroyed a punching machine, ate like the saiyan he is, punched some overconfident arrogant brat squarely IN THE FACE!!!! XP and then awaited to fight Goku. But Babidi, the shrim..... uhhh evil sorcerer decided to revive Majin Buu and took Gohan's energy. Vegeta, Goku and Gohan went there with Piccolo and Krillin and Supreme Kaoisama (or the way it is written :p) to find Babidi, but Piccolo and Krillin got turned to stone by Evil King Dabura (if he's so evil, why under the control of a shrim......uhh evil sorcerer like Babidi?). Vegeta and the rest of company entered the spaceship and played a good old stone-paper-scissors to decide who got the first fight against Pui Pui (who looked like Cui :P). Vegeta with no effort disposed of Pui Pui with his Double Galick Gun. He witnessed Goku vs Yakon and Gohan vs Dabura, until he let himself be controlled by Babidi in order to fight Goku as he was when he first came (DARN BABIDI!!!). Now known as Majin Vegeta, he killed part of the spectators at the tournament after being teleported there, and then Goku agreed to fight, and where teleported to some rocky mountains similar to the first time they fought. Majin Vegeta fought SSJ2 Goku, and revealed that he no longer cared about his family, and he let Babidi control him, Goku replied that he was wrong, and their match ended in a draw as Majin Buu was released by their fight and they felt that great power of his. Vegeta felt responsible and knocked Goku out to confront Majin Buu. He found and when Trunks wanted to fight by his side, Vegeta gave his goodbye to him, hugged and then kneed him and Goten for avoid interference and asked Piccolo to take them away. He fought Majin Buu but eventually discovered that Majin Buu can regenarate. In a last effort Vegeta said: "Now I know how to dispose of you, I have to blow you to bits, erase every parrt of you so you can't regenerate, I'm gonna blow you to bits!!! Bulma, Trunks, and even you Kakarot...goodbye." (Goku was right :D.) But Majin Buu managed to regenerate making Vegeta's sacrifice in vain. (DARN YOU!!!!!) He was later resurrected to fight Super Buu, and fused with Goku to form Vegito with the potara earings. They beat the crap out of Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) until he absorbed them into his body where they proceded to take everyone out. Super Buu transformed into Kid Buu, whcih later destroyed the planet. Vegeta, Goku, Dende, Mr Satan and his dog where the only survivors in the Planet of the Kais to which they where teleported by Kibitokai. They fought Kid Buu there and Vegeta admited Goku to be better than him after Goku fought Kid Buu in SSJ3 form. Goku needed to charge his power so Vegeta took over the fight, but sadly he wasn't a match for Kid Buu. Vegeta transformed to SSJ2 but it wasn't enough. Later Goku lost his SSJ3 transformation and where ready to face defeat, but Vegeta had a brilliant idea: use the namekian Dragon Balls to wish everyone on Earth back to form a Spirit Bomb. Goku asked for energy but wouldn't get it until Satan stepped in. Then Dende wished for Goku's strength to come back and he fired a Superultrapowerful Spirit bomb which ended and killed Kid Buu.

ABILITIES!! (ATK power from * to *****)
-Galick Gun: His most stock move, a standard purple beam. ATK:***
-Big Bang Attack: His stated favorite move, a blueish energy sphere. ATK:****
-Final Flash: A freaking ray of energy which is also really big. ATK:*****
-Final Shine: A one handed green ray, super destructive, only available in GT(I won't talk about him in GT becuz it isn't canon). ATK:*****
Maximum Flasher: A white beam exclusive to his SSJ mode. ATK:***

-Super Saiyan
-Super Vegeta
-Super Saiyan 2
-Super Saiyan 3- NOT in the manga nor anime, but in Raging Blast/Raging Blast 2 this form appears, and it is stated by Akira Toriyama that it is canonical (don't remember where I read it, but I'm sure of it)
Super Saiyan 4- NOT Canonical, only in GT.

Even though I could brag all along about the awesomeness of Vegeta, I already took a HELL lot, so I'll not bother you more, if you want so more, email us and I'll arrange to lend you another part posting what I ommited. Overall, Vegeta is the best character of DBZ in my opinion and he's my favorite since I knew him :P

All for now, Cya later Underworlders with my next post ;D

Hybrid Gamer & Otaku xD

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