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Friday, May 13, 2011

1500 Visits!/ Top 5 Latin America Endings

Yare yare...its been such a long time. Well I am sorry for our period of inactivity but the next post actually wasnt supposed to be done by me, it was by either Perez or Ricardo but since neither of them lazy bums seem to remember to make their respective posts I guess Ill just then steal this one from them kufufu....

Lets get to the most important thing first then! Our blog Underworld Honduras has reached the next goal that we had proposed ourselves at the outstanding achievement of 1500 visits. I sincerely want to thank all our viewers from around the world that stop by to read us and support us. It is the support that we get from all of you that we are motivated to keep writing our posts and continue with our blog! So in name of Underworld Honduras and of course myself included I want to thank you all!!!

I made this banner here to remember this important event, we really had thought that we would be reaching 1500 visits by the end of June however thanks to the happy surprise of proving us wrong I thought it was worthy of some photoshop ability!

Okay with that being said lets get straight to the second point of this post! I finished my Top 5 Latin Endings ranking finally, it took me many hard choices but in the end I hope that you like which ones where the best of the best. Without any more nonsense talk lets start with rankings, its top top top time!

5) Well on the last place we have an ending that holds some very deep memories for many people. A lot more than being a ripoff of pokemon like many people believe...Digimon makes its appearance on our ranking for its Latin American ending!

4) Actually the last two choices gave me quiet a lot of trouble in deciding between them as I had tons of candidates for these two last positions but I decided that I would award them to those oldies who made people in Honduras look forward to seeing Toonami every night! So coming victorious from a tense fight with Saint Seya, Shaman King, Dragonball and Pokemon here is our favorite genderbender anime, Ranma 1/2!!

3) Well of course that no ranking can ever be made without including the supreme anime: Dragon Ball! After watching all the endings I decided that the one most worthy of the third place in my ranking was the second opening of Dragon Ball Z, here it comes!!

2) Earning a well-deserved second place and for the pleasure of my fellow co-blogger Perez is Inuyasha! Another tight spot where decision was hard to make but in the end I decided to give it to the second ending of the anime! Fukai Mori sung by Gabriela Vega!

1) And the winner of our top 5 Rankings is.....*opens envelope*  Whats this?....The Number One for our Top 5 is Inuyasha again!!!! How can that be possible? Well Inuyasha has Gabriela Vega singing their openings and endings I guess, she definitely has a lot of talent singing. Coming first for this top is My Will by Gabriela Vega again and also the first ending of Inuyasha!

Well this is all for the ranking top, I hope you enjoyed it, I did my best to choose out the worthiest songs from all that I could find. Thank you and please keep following Underworld Honduras!

Machine Tag Team, Danny & Wilson
Random Tag Team- Perez & Ricardo.

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