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Friday, July 1, 2011

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6... TEKKEN 6!!

                                                       Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama
Hey guys how yaa doing? I was checking out E3 this past month and I noticed a lot of titles I've wanted to try and some interesting things as well. It caught my attention the announcement of Street Fighter x Tekken (crossover), and also the announcement of Tekken Wii Successor for the Wiipad....I mean Wii U, and also Tekken 3D for the N3DS, and since I consider myself a fan of the Tekken series and I'm actually playing Tekken 6 (for PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as PSP), I decided to review this game as part of my RANDOM category, so go grab your favorite beverage and some popcorn becuz this is gonna get wild!!

Jin Kazama defeated his great grandfather Jinpachi Mishima and gain control of the Mishima Zaibatsu(the family's company), and used its military power to make black ops operations around the world to weaken their military and finally declared war to all countries in the world after declaring the Zaibatsu as an independent state. Jin Kazama became a tyrant and needed to be stopped, which is where his father, Kazuya Mishima, comes into play. He began working against the Zaibatsu with G Corporation, which he forcibly took after exacting his revenge on their high executives. The world saw Kazuya as a hero, and then put a bounty on Jin's head (He's not really a hero, he just wants to rule the world himself :P). Jin inmediatly responded by announcing the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, which Kazuya predicted he would do. Legend says about two dark stars that upon confrontation will give rebirth to The Rectifier. The dark stars were understood to be Jin and Kazuya, while The Rectifier is identified to be Azazel (a large creature wwith crystals around his body and hideous appearance).

There is offline mode, which allows you to enter classic Arcade Mode, as well as Survival Mode, Time Trail, Ghost Battle (you battle recipes, that means cpu controlled characters who mimic a real player's fighting style). There is online mode, which lets you download ghosts, fight ranked and player matches against other people. There is also a gallery which let you see endings, the opening movies, credits and other stuff. There is also options, which lets you change various stuff, you can choose your main character and your main stage (this will appear in your background in the main menu, for example I have Yoshimitsu as my main character and for a stage I have one that is named Electric Fountain.). There is also Scenario Campaign, which is the main story mode, you take on the role of Lars Alexandersson (sounds familiar? Yeah he is the guest character in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, sweet huh?) and later on the mission you gain a partner, Alisa Bosconovitch, which is an android, and they together band up against a beat em up style of gameplay across many places. This mode is well done for me and it has a great story, you'll also see all characters in the game in this mode as a boss of a given place, and without sounding wrong I almost cried kind off to the end, really good story I don't wish to spoil if you plan on playing this game.

True to Tekken standards, the game is played in an arena which can be multi tiered, walled, or completely free. There are 4 buttons to control each limb of your character, you block by holding back, and there is a new bound system, which gives you the power to make people bounce of the ground to continue a juggle. You fight until your healthbar is completely decreased, but you are given a last chance to turn things around. Once your lifebar reaches a certain minimum, a new feature called Rage mode will activate, giving you a significant boost in power, which may give you the win if you now how to dodge damage and giving good damage of your own.

There are almost 40 characters in the game, 8 more than Tekken Dark Resurrection, making it the biggest roster in Tekken history, I will mark new characters in this game with a "*" and characters new to the Bloodline Rebellion game which the japanese got, and we received simply as Tekken 6 with a "**":
Alisa Bosconovitch **
Anna Williams
Armor King (2nd Favorite :D)
Asuka Kazama (Favorite Female :P)
Azazel (Final Boss)
Baek Doo San
Bob* (he's an extremely fast powerful and fat fighter.......yes I did said fat and fast in the same phrase)
Bruce Irvin
Bryan Fury (4th Favorite :))
Craig Marduk
Christie Monteiro
Devil Jin (3rd Favorite :D)
Eddy Gordo
Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima (Father of Kazuya and Lars but these two doesn't discover it until a later part in scenario campaign, grandfather of Jin, original owner of the Zaibatsu at the beginning of the Iron Fist tournaments, stole it from Jinpachi)
Jack-6* (Technically a new characters but Jack robots have always existed in every Tekken game(every Tekken game has one), Jack(T1), Prototype Jack(T1 AND T2, most Jack appearances), Jack 2(T2), GunJack(T3), Jack 4 (but wasn't playable in Tekken 4), Jack 5(T5) are the former Jack models)
Jin Kazama (mid boss)
Julia Chang
Kazuya Mishima
King II
Kuma (he's a bear, Heihachi's pet)
Lars Alexandersson** (Game's protagonist)
Lee Chaolan
Lei Wulong
Leo Kliesen* (Nobody knows what is this guy, some say male some female, Namco made this character as someone people would love regardless of sex)
Lili (Emily "Lily" Rochefort)
Ling Xiaoyu
Marshall Law
Miguel Caballero Rojo* (Seeks to kill Jin becuz Jin's forces bombarded a church in which Miguel's sister was marrying and the explosions killed his sister)
Mokujin (he's a wooden dummy, takes on a random fighting style of any character to fight)
NANCY-MI847J* (Don't get fooled, it is a gigantic robot bet on kicking your ass from all possible angles, it appears in an EXTRA stage before fighting Jin, it takes very little damage and has a high damage potential, nobody know why is it called Nancy)
Nina Williams
Panda (pallete swap of Kuma, but she is a different character, she is a panda who is protector and friend and pet of Ling Xiaoyu)
Paul Phoenix
Roger Jr.(well he doesn't fight directly, his mother does the fighting while he is in her pouch, they are kangaroos btw, genetically altered to fight, and they actually know boxing, and since the mom fights but has to use her son's name, it is considered a moment of undermining of woman with this character)
Sergei Dragunov (yeah, like the sniper rifle)
Steve Fox
Wang Jinrei
Yoshimitsu (FAVORITE :DDDD)
Zafina* (she's the one that guards Azazel and tries to avoid Jin and Kazuya to confront each other)

I believe this game is an awesome pick for anyone looking for a solid fighter, and there's a fighter for each fighting style, just gotta find your own, I strongly recommend this game, and if you follow the Irate Gamer show and saw the review he gave of this game, I'll tell you something, FK HIM!!

Until then Underworlders!! Be sure to check us out, coming soon...... MORTAL KOMBAT!!! As well as the results of the first Underworld Honduras Interactive Poll about the best MK fatalities :D Don't miss it!!!
Lord of Darkness

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