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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I challenge you.... to MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

Ok, just to make something clear, it wasn't lazyness or short term memory the reason I hadn't make this post yet, but I don't have a computer, I have to use a borrowed one, and considering it isn't mine, I can't ask for it anytime I want, this is the only period in which I could take it without anyone trying to knock my door off becuz they want it...... now that I got that, hello!! xD Well you have been waiting for this for quite a while, and now, it's finally here, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! ----SPOILER ALERT---- I'm going to talk about some hidden stuff in the game, if you don't want it spoiled, DON'T UNDER ANY BLASTED CIRCUMSTANCE READ THIS POST!!!!!

The Kombat Begins.... (Fancy name for Story Mode :P)
Well, it starts at the end of the battle of Armageddon, you'll see the landscape...... a hell lot of kombatants dead, we'll see Scorpion stabbed by Sub-Zero's Kori Blade on his spine (What a bastard xP), Sub-Zero stabbed by one of Baraka's blades on his spine (this guy my hero :D), Baraka splitted in half by Kung Lao's hat, Kung Lao crushed by skull hands brought by Shinnok's clone, a body less Johnny Cage, and a ripped in half Sonya Blade who is being devoured by a vulture (not precisely in that order). You'll be taken to the top of the pyramid, checking the dead as you pass, and will hear Shao Kahn and Raiden brawling it out, you'll here Raiden scream, and inmediatly you'll see him on the floor while Shao Kahn stands over him, Shao Kahn toys Raiden around before finally ending his life with a devastating blow to the head with his Wrath Hammer.... but not before Raiden sent a message to the Raiden in MK1. Raiden receives the message in the form of visions, not sure what they meant, but knew something was wrong..... The story mode is way over 8-10 hours of duration and is divided in 16 parts with 5 fights each in this order:
Chpt 1)Johnny Cage (2) Sonya (3) Scorpion (4) Human Cyrax (5) Liu Kang (6) Jax (7) Smoke (8) Sub-Zero (9) Kitana (10) Jade (11) Kung Lao *The final battle as Liu Kang (12) Stryker (13) Kabal (14) Cyber Sub-Zero *Yes you read that right, I'll explain later (15) Nightwolf (16) Raiden.
Notable stuff that were changed: First of all, Reptile appears as the first fight despite being a secret characters, Baraka appears as the second fight despite being debutted in MK2, same issue with Jade and Kitana which fight later on. Probably the most shocking to you, Cyber Sub-Zero. Originally Sub-Zero escaped and Smoke undergo the automation, but this time, Raiden, after having a vision of what Smoke would be turn into, saved him while Lin Kuei robots tried to take him. Smoke joined Earth's resistance in gratitude. Later on, Sub-Zero was tracked and found by Sektor and Cyrax, and with other Lin Kuei cyborgs, asked Shao Kahn permission to take him away in exchange for the Lin Kuei's loyalty and service, Smoke reached in time and wanted to save his friend, but Raiden forbid it, arguing that they would take him as well. Cyber Sub-Zero appears at Chpt 13, where he fights Kabal after failing to identify him as someone who could use Shao Kahn's portals. He is defeated and reprogrammed and joins Earth resistance. OK, finally, Earth resistance, composed by Nightwolf, Stryker, Jade, Kitana, Kabal, Cyber Sub-Zero, Smoke, Sonya, Jax, Cage, Liu Kang and Raiden, where killed by Sindel, all except Liu and Raiden who where seeking help from the Elder Gods. Raiden accidentally kills Liu Kang after the latter attempted to take out Shao Kahn despite Raiden telling him not to do so, and the Elder Gods punished Shao Kahn via Raiden, after Shao Kahn toyed Raiden around in a similar fashion as the intro to story mode.

This game has a pretty smooth gameplay, one can grab a controller and play pretty easily, but to really be good at this game you have to practice a lot as with all things in life. You have the infamous Dial-A-Kombo system, but you can cancel them into special moves or something and create your own combos, you have to be pretty creative so give it a shot. I'll show you a video with my favorite/signature combos for you to watch, but you'll have to wait a little for that as I don't have my MK right now. The fighting system is really great, I haven't really noticed any like god character in this game, everybody can beat everybody else with enough work. As for other reviewers, I've seen they complain about "imbalances" like the bosses being immune when they attack, or receiving less damage, or dishing out more damage than the other characters, what I have to say to them is this..... STOP BEING JERKS!! Mortal Kombat has always had overpowered bosses, becuz that's what they are, bosses, they are supposed to be able to kick everybody's ass just becuz they can, and they aren't supposed to be easy, becuz they are fking bosses!! I mean, not to flame Street Fighter becuz I do like Street Fighter, it is a pretty good fighter and I like good fighters, but even you Street Fighter fanboys have got to admit that the bosses in that game fking suckz, they are all too damned easy (Yes, even Gill), they always have a pattern, they are predictable, and it isn't very fun if they don't pose a challenge. Mortal Kombat does that, pose a challenge, and if those gaytard reviewers doesn't like it, then fk them, becuz games are supposed to be praised by gamers, not by reviewers who probably just becuz they don't get the controls say that the game is bad, and seriously, I've seen that A LOT.

There are 28 playable characters in PS3, 27 in Xbox 360, plus 2 unlockable chars, 4 secret battles, 3 unplayable bosses, and 4 DLC chars (DLC means downloadable content) P.S. Legend: Unlockable chars will be marked with !, Guest Characters will be marked with $, Secret Bosses with ?, unplayable bosses with * and DLC chars with +
-Liu Kang
-Kung Lao
-J. Cage
-Noob Saibot
-Shang Tsung
!Cyber Sub-Zero
!Quan Chi
*Shao Kahn
?MK2 Jade
?MK2 Smoke
?MK2 Noob Saibot
?MK Reptile
+Skarlet (new to the series, was a rumor made true)
$+Freddy Krueger (yes you are reading this correctly, just announced at Comic Con this year)

There are 26 stages in PS3 and 25 in Xbox 360 (why? PS3 got Kratos and also a stage for him), 6 of them with stage fatalities (marked by *) and the Kratos stage has 3 different stage fatalities (marked with ***)
-The Armory (MK2)
-The Belltower (MK3)
-The Bridge (MK3 Cameo only)
-The Temple or The Kathedral /Favorite Stage :D (MK3)
-The Courtyard (MK1, Day or Night)
*Deadpool (MK2)
-The Tower or Evil Tower (MK2)
-Goro's Lair (MK1)
-The Graveyard (MK3 Before nightfall with a soulnado in the background)
-Kahn's Colosseum (MK2, Update of Kahn's Arena)
***Chamber of the Flame (PS3 Exclusive, where you begin fighting Zeus in God of War 3)
*The Living Forest (MK2 yeah finally a tree of those can eat you up :P)
-The Desert (MK3)
*Hell (MK3, also known as Scorpion's Lair before)
*The Pit (MK1)
-The Pit Bottom (MK1)
-The Rooftop (MK3)
-Shang Tsung's Garden (New, between Pit 1, Palace Gates, and Warrior's Shrine, day or night)
-Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits (Also new, in the lower part of Kahn's fortress)
-Shao Kahn's Throne Room (MKA)
-Soul Chamber (MK3)
*The Street (MK3)
*The Subway (MK3)
-Shang Tsung's Throne Room (MK1)
-Training Dojo (New, playable in training mode and Test your Luck, plays Throne Room Music)
-Wastelands of Outworld (MK2)

Well, the Challenge Tower, 300 missions you have to complete (you can pay to pass it if you can't do it, but you won't get the trophy/achievement for it) The final mission, Endgame, consists of an Endurance match against Goro, Kintaro, Mileena, and Shao Kahn, but it is really hard as Shao Kahn can actually help your opponent with health boost, more attack power, while also capable of debilitating you or disabling your block. If you win, you get Mileena's Flesh Pits kostume (basically she half naked only covered by bandages).
You also get Test Your Might, Strike, Luck, and Sight, which I talked about before and I won't do it again becuz this post has already become to long I think sorry for that :P You also have Nekropolis, where you can check various stats with a certain character (like victories, fatalities, xrays landed, blood spilled and time played, all with that specific character, you get a Milestone (100 victories, 100 fatalities, 150 xrays...) which at completion will say complete after them, if you complete the 5 challenges for the character, you have gained mastery of the character. You can check music, artwork, and images in here as well. There is also the Krypt, where you can buy stuff for viewing in Nekropolis. There is an easter egg here, where for the 1st time in MK, there is a screamer, I mean, a mutant which appears out of nowhere and screams the crap out of you!! Some players get scared and never return to the krypt, but some (like me) return just to see if that thing appears again :P

Well this is it for today, the 1st Ever Interactive Poll of Underworld Honduras officially is over, I got 1576 votes in total, and I'll post the results in a later post becuz of lack of space, I thank you for participating, and I encourage you to participate on fellow co-blogger Danny's poll, about who will be the best pairing for Ash (Misty, May, Dawn, Bianca, Meganium/Bayleef, or Iris) personally, I prefer Dawn, but you can make the difference so vote now!!

Thanks for reading, hope to catch ya later!!
My team(1st only): Charizard, Poliwrath, Raichu, Gengar, Sandslash, Kanghaskan/Nidoking
My team(mixed): Charizard, Raichu, Feraligator, Tyrannitar, Grovyle/Sceptyle, Swellow
Ricardo AKA Judini

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