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Friday, July 15, 2011

A brief analysis of Ash...

Hey there everyone!!! Long time no see, I am sincerely very sorry for having left for such a long time but be sure that I was completely unable to come in here since I had absolutely no internet service. It seems that I must also ask for forgiveness for my co-bloggers laziness when it comes to posting since it seems they had left this blog abandoned for some time. Well since thats not something I want Ill share with you a little thinking I made about Ash(Satoshi) the other day.

Well since I have no internet and no cable in my house I havew resorted to watching local channels in the TV in hopes of finding some anime, the only two that are worth mentioning are Pokemon and Zatchbell. Watching so many episodes on the TV caused me to enter a pokemon stage in my life that I thought I had left behind long ago, well recently I was watching all the openings of pokemon so far and I have noticed something that caught my attention: the girls always change, the pokemon always change, brock comes and goes, basically the only consistent thing is Ash and pikachu.

During this analysis I came to these conclusions just for fun, hope you dont get angry:

1) Ash doesnt like younger girls, he didnt pay much attention to Dawn.
2) Ash doesnt like girls his age, yet again no interest in May.
3) Ash doesnt like older girls, even though they traveled together for ages no feelings for Misty.
4) Ash doesnt like men, he is completely able to travel without Brock.
5) Ash isnt a pedophile, he didnt mind Max.
6) Ash doesnt like pokemon, otherwise he would still be around Meganium or Latias.

CONCLUSION: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ASH?????? Does he really have no interest in anything? I can only come to the conclusion that Ash is member of a new kind of magnemite-like gender: neutral. Otherwise he would have paid attention to anybody that has traveled with him.

Talking about Pokemon I would like all you readers to give me your opinion about who would be the best pairing for Ash, straight only. Options are here:

Misty- Pokeshipping
May- Advanceshipping(I go for this one)
Dawn- Pearlshipping
Meganium or Bayleef, depending until what episode you watched.

I would appreciate if you send your preference to my e-mail or leave a comment on this post. The pairing with the most votes will get a special post in our blog, along with a fanfic or two and the best fanarts I can find.

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