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Friday, July 22, 2011

Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3.

Well apologies again, I didnt count my co-bloggers slowpokeness and their apparently short term memory since it seems that I am the only one who remembers about the blog between the 3 of us. *sighs* But getting back on a good topic I decided to give another videogame review, something that I hadnt done in quiet a while and as the reviewed game I chose the second game in which I have spent the most effort playing.

Thats right people, one of the Ninja Revolution game series which has introduced some of the best Naruto fighting games ever seen. For some reason I have put a LOT of effort into playing this one, being so persistent as to unblock each and every character.


Well this game is the basic Naruto fighter, you choose one character out of a huge selection taken from the anime up to the Rescue Gaara arc and are pitted against one, two or even three opponents. The attacks in the game are very varies as not only do almost all characters have many powerful special attacks to choose from but each characters has a large array of combos, a customized throw, four jutsu and sometimes even an activated stage to unlock more power or jutsu.

The game is very easy to play, the jutsus(or STRONG attacks as are called in the game) are released by using the strong attack button while holding any direction in the control pad. Basically you get four plus the kunai-throwing ability that you already have by default so I dont count it as a special.

Combos are rather easy to pull out after you have gotten the hang of them, basically its a combination of weak and strong attacks quickly to keep inflicting blows, each character has its unique combos with different power and purpose. There are combos that can deal about 3/4 of your life bar quickly while others you need to keep pulling them out many times in order to win.

Now lets talk about specials, these are one of the most versatile things in the game. Basically because almost every character has two, three and some even more specials that you can choose from to adapt to the situation youre in. These can range from a massive shower of kunai and poison bombs to a chakra spin to deflect any attack that comes your way and any enemy unlucky enough to be withing your reach. Theyre very easy to pull out, in gamecube controllers you just push a single button while in the wii version you have to press both 1 and 2 at the same moment.

And the newest thing we have in this game is...Team Attacks!!! Thats right, now when youre playing in the Co-op mode in a 2 vs 2 fight you are able to perform a special in which your partner is involved. This is done simply by pressing the special button and the forward one at the same time. Easily resulting in a devastating attack you better keep an eye on what team youre battling.


Well the biggest disadvantage by far is its story mode. Not only is the story mode really short but after being waiting through lots of talk and talk youre put against an extremely over-powered Deidara thats virtually impossible to defeat by most players. After going through like at least 10 failed attempts I was barely able to defeat him...but not before being pulled through a good kicking first....

Okay....maybe some punching instead...

Besides this major flaw is the fact that although the characters have been more balanced than in the last Naruto Shippuden games there are still many differences in their abilities. For example Kakashi is still the most powerful character in the game easily, while Shino is just about the only character in the game that can defeat me. Youll just have to master a character in order to avoid these differences.


Chiyo!!- A character we had all been waiting for to appear in a game. In this game she is given Mother and Father puppets as her only weapons and she is able to manipulate them in a lot of ways. She takes a LOT of practice to master correctly as she is completely defenseless without her puppets although if you can keep her safe from the opponent crushing them wont be a problem at all. For defense she has her arm shield which is one of the strongest in the game.

Deidara!!- You get to love using this character, that is after you beat him in the Story Mode since youll probably start hating him before that. He is very powerful when it comes to dealing quick and accurate damage with explosions however his physical attacks are extremely weak and as such like with Chiyo you better keep him away.

Sasori!!- One of my favorites, almost all of his attacks are poisoned so youll be annoying your opponent by inverting his controls just for the heck of it since he is able to deal damage quick enough to end the fight quickly.

Anko!!!- Not really a new addition but one thats definitely worth to talk about. She is my favorite character by far to use, not only is she fast, but she has great combos and is really hard to hit. And she has her curse mark for those hard spots when you need to finish in one single combo.

These are just some of the many new and amazing characters you will be seeing in this game! Well that is all thanks for reading, next post will be up soon as I wont let my co-bloggers keep lazing off. Thank you and have a nice day!!

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My Team: Scizzors, Dragonite, Flareon, Tyrannitar, Milotic, Breloom

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