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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Creepypastas (1/2)

Fk intros, let's get it straight... me creepypasta... you read... you comment... you get the hell out of I'm just kidding xD Hallou people of the Underworld! Draconic Emperor Ricardo here :D Well I was hoping for someone else to make a post so I could post this, but nobody moved a finger so I guess I'll be the one posting. Well you may notice that (1/2) besides the title, well that means this post will be divided in two parts becuz I think this creepys are a little too big for a single post (they are 4).
1) If nobody posts something by 3 days, I'm posting part 2... and if another 3 days pass and nobody has something, I'm giving you the MK History which is also a two part.... and after another 6 days pass.... Red-Eyes Tribute :P I already gave you my program let's see how it fares out :P
2) EVO 2K12 preparations are beginning!! I'm fairly interested on how PerfectLegend will defend his MK World Title... mainly becuz I love MK xD Also attending will be Fuudo, who won spectacularly in SSFIV: AE and Viscant who won the MvC3 champion belt... I believe Kor will have to train for another game as Tekken 6 was taken out in favor of Soulcalibur V... as well as new categories SF x TK and KOF XIII!! So check out the road to EVO 2K12!!
3) If someone can recommend me a free and good screen recorder I would appreciate it very much, it would aid me better for my vids for the blog's Youtube channel, please comment if you have something :)

Well well, with that off let's start with the post!! 

1) Pokémon Creepy Black Version (I don't remember very much the legend, so I'll tell it from my experience with it obviously making it seem I know nothing of the legend and that I played it on my Gameboy instead of an emulator xD /there's a way to play it check the comment section for it but read the post first!!/)
It was a normal day, I was talking to my sister, when suddenly, I get a call from the police informing me a friend of mine commited suicide. So I go to his funeral 2 days later. While in there, his mother said that he would like that I keep his Gameboy as a way to remember him so I gladly took it, gave my condolences and went home. After mourning his death, I decided to check out his Gameboy games, the one I noticed was completely black and only said Pokémon... it looked like this:
After much debate as of what it was, I decided to try it, so I turned on the GB and inserted the cartridge. It seemed quite normal as of the Gamefreak logo, but then something seemed off.... The title screen, it had Red there, but there was no slideshow of Pokémon, and it said Pokémon Black Version, I thought it was just a hacked version of Pokémon Red or something so I kept playing. I went through Oak's blabbering to the moment were I chose my Charmander Blaze. 

After beating Blue, I went out and decided to check my Blaze's status, so I did and found something interesting, I had another Pokémon!! Its name was Ghost, it was lv1 and only knew one move... Curse. I knew that move existed but not in Pokémon Red. Well I didn't mind it and continued on, beating Rattatas and Pidgeys to level up Blaze, then in the start of a wild encounter against another Pidgey, I remembered Ghost, so I decided to give it a go and swap Blaze for it. Something weird happened, the text box said that the Pidgey was too scared to attack, so it gave the commands to me... I thought to myself "cool!" and decided to use the only move Ghost had... Curse. I used it and the screen went to black.. I heard Pidgey's cry but pitched down and then it returned me to the Overworld. I thought to myself  what the heck happened, and tried it on some more wild Pokémon with the same result. 

After that experiment I decided to have Ghost leading, as it was invincible! Then I got to the first trainer fight a Youngster who had 3 Pokémon with him, so I went and took out Ghost and he took a Caterpie, I used Curse, the Caterpie disappeared, but also the Pokéball icon (used to simbolize how many Pokémon an enemy trainer has) was reduced to two. This was when I began to realize that it meant the Caterpie was dead. After killing all his Pokémon and getting the prize money (paying me for killing his Pokémon lol) the battle commands appeared again, I thought it was a glitch so I chose RUN and the battle ended. It happened again against another trainer, so this time I decided to see what happens and chose BATTLE... GHOST used CURSE... the screen faded to black and I was returned to the overworld with no sign of that trainer. I decided to leave and return to see if he reappeared or something, but what I saw scared me alot. What I found was a tombstone in his place... like those you find in Lavender Town, I was beginning to freak out, but remained collected, and continued playing. I decided to leave Ghost in the box to release it, but the game told me I couldn't do that... after I got bored of trying, I decided to use Ghost and kill all in my way. 

But it wasn't all perfect. Ghost couldn't use Curse on trainers you'll see later on, like Giovanni and Blue (but you can use it on the final match against them /against Giovanni in the Viridian City Gym, and against Champion Blue respectively/). Also, it wouldn't work on Ghost-type Pokémon like Gengar. But meh it was all the same, Ghost made the game ridiculously easy. After 5 hours I had used Curse on Blue and entered my Pokémon to the Hall of Fame which consisted on Ghost and 5 other underdeveloped Pokémon, which I only had for HMs becuz I was afraid to damage Ghost with them. Then the screen faded to black. "YEARS LATER..." appeared on-screen. Then it took me to the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town with Lavender Town's music. There was an old man staring at a tombstone there. After I while, I was ready to reset the game until I noticed I was actually the old man, it was my character after some years. So I went out of the tower but still had the music. I had no Pokémon with me, not even my trump card Ghost which was unremovable back then. I was limited becuz I could use no HMs and there wasn't a single life around, just the tombstones of the trainers I used Curse on. I noticed the only way I could take was to return to Pallet Town, so I went there still with Lavender Town's music which was taking its pitch lower and lower.... also the walk was pretty hard becuz the old man moved at half the speed as when my character was young. When I finally reached Pallet Town, I entered my house... by now the Lavender Town music sounded nothing less than an infernal tune which was scaring the crap out of me. 

Once I touched the same tile when I began my journey the screen faded to black for about 10 seconds and then a gray Pidgey appeared, then a gray Rattata, then another Pidgey... finally ending with a Blastoise... I realized this was the list of Pokémon I had used Curse on. Then a Bug catcher appeared, then a Youngster, then another Youngster all the way to Giovanni and finally Blue... I realized this was the list of trainers I had cursed with Ghost.... all this accompanied with that infernal Lavender Town tune which made it an awful and terrifying experience. Then a battle sequence suddenly began, my sprite was like that of the Old Man who teaches you how to catch Pokémon on Viridian City, and on the other side was Ghost *GHOST wants to battle!*. I couldn't run, I didn't have items, and I didn't have Pokémon, so I chose the only thing I could *BATTLE* my only attack was Struggle, which did nothing to Ghost but instead made damage to me. When it was Ghost's turn, it simply said "..." It continued like this until my life reached a critical point and Ghost did what I expected it to do *GHOST used CURSE!* The screen faded to black and it stayed like that and wouldn't move, I had to reset the game, and when I did my file was erased. Ghost has killed me.

2) UMK3 Species (This one I do remember so it goes as I found it!)
The story I'm about to tell you is completely real... what began as a simple chat between friends, ended up being an experience that reproduces itself in my nightmares. All began at the edge of the street, I went to visit a dear friend of mine, who told me about finding and buying Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Sega Saturn, one of our favorite games. When I asked him where he got it, he told me on some random store on the city, one that he wouldn't be able to give a direction... he remarked this becuz at that moment I really didn't care about it becuz I already had that game, but now, it was the only thing I had the most interest in discovering, where the hell did he buy that anomally. 

Ohh well, he also told me that the guy who sold him the game told him that he was a great fan of Mortal Kombat and that the cartridge he bought will give him a lot of surprises. Another thing that also caught my attention after that experience... I told him to play some matches against me in his new cartridge. We prepped up the Saturn and we inserted the cartridge into it, which by the way, had a unique cover. It was Kano, a very smiling Kano with two severed heads in each of his hands, raising them in victory while blood was pouring out of the heads... below this was written "Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate". 

We turned on the console and the game started. I began telling him some cheats just to show-off and I thought of telling him about the option to read the fighters bio, I started with Sonya Blade... "Sonya Blade.... Dies assassinated by Species." after reading this I said "wait what the fck?! That's weird." I went to see Liu Kang's bio which said "Liu Kang.... Dies assassinated by Species." I chose Kabal next "Kabal.... Dies assassinated by Species." and that was it. All that seemed to weird to me. But my friend apparently didn't as he took the controller and said he wanted to show me something curious he had found in the game. He chose Sub-Zero as well as the first row of Destiny. He said, "When I was playing yesterday, my brother decided to fool around and resetted the console the moment I inflicted the final blow upon Shao Kahn, when it restarted, it took me to a Destiny row full of Kanos, let's see if it works again." But that moment I was thinking about that Species... and I thought "Is he maybe a new secret character?" My friend reached Kahn and inflicted the final blow and inmediatly resetted the console. 

The game started again and he chose Sub-Zero again, and as he said, we were taken to a Destiny row full of Kanos. I was dumbfounded, I have never seen something like that before. He fought against the first Kano and defeated him as well as the next two Kanos. I too grabbed the controller and began defeating Kanos over and over again. My friend and I were laughing at the situation. We thought this was a technique to unlock a new character or something like that. After a few Kanos more, a message appeared saying "Congratulations! You have passed the first part! Prepare for the second part! You are closer to fighting Species!" Species... I repeated that name in my mind... and we kept playing with hope of finding a new character. 

The second part began, another Destiny row full of Kanos. But some changes were made. The screen was slowly degrading and the color pigments took a brighter tone. We defeated that Kano and went to the next one. I remember the colors being worse and some kind of shadow running through the stage. We defeated that Kano and went to the next one, the graphics were becoming worse... here was when the spooky part began... the music.... Ohh god do I remember that music, it was something I have never heard before with a very tetric tone... it was like a terrorific crib tune. The graphics and colors were becoming worse as we went crossing the row of Kanos. My friend and I looked at each other's eyes for the dumbfounded we were. We were talking of turning off the console becuz the game looked to bad, but in reality, it was becuz of the crib tune that was becoming more tetric and more morbid. We didn't becuz we were reached too far and we wanted to see that damn Species. Then Sub-Zero made a Fatality on Kano without either of us pressing the commands to do so. While making the Fatality, Kano exerted a cry so real that made us tremble. We went to the next Kano, and that horrible scream continued. I also remember that malicious laugh. 

The game took a much faster beat to it. Our nerves went up to our heads. My friend didn't want to play so I continued fighting another Kano, and it was in that moment when I got a good scare. In the middle of the match, in a very forceful way, a very traumatic image appeared on-screen that made me jump back scared... it was a pair of eyes that looked at me directly and awful fangs... it appeared on a second and left on the next... I got the crap scared out of me. I holded my chest, screamed and dropped the controller, but Sub-Zero was still moving alone, and alone he defeated Kano. My friend and I were impacted with what we saw and heard. After that Kano was defeated, another message appeared: "Congratulations! You have passed the second part! Now you can fight Species! Prepare yourself!" The game retook the quality it had at the beginning... a good one. 

We were on a new stage, what seemed to be a torture chamber, all the MK characters were there, mutilated, full of blood, dismembrained, etc, all horribly dead. There was Sub-Zero, our fighter, and on the other side, well the so mentioned Species. Species had the appearance of a skeleton very big and thick, it was circled by smoke and mist. Sub-Zero moved himself around. My friend and I got away from the screen. While the fight progressed, hard and horrible screams could be heard, as well as a diabolical laugh... we kept trembling, dead of horror. At the end, Species defeated Sub-Zero, and gave him an uppercut that sent him to a zone full of giant spikes.... Species had killled Sub-Zero. The screen faded to black, and the words "Game Over" were written on-screen. At that moment, another thing appeared, the nightmare wasn't finished..... A Sub-Zero with a zombie appearance.... his face green and his body destroyed... with his suit destroyed and bloodied... limping towards the screen while moaning. We had a fast reaction, and turned off the Saturn. We sweared until we got tired, we were afraid and with strong nerves. 

After this horrible experience, I asked myself, where did he get this demonic cartridge?? I'm completely sure that salesman knew this all along. Bastard, made me want to leave MK for a very long time. Days after all this, I was in my friend's house.... his little brother found the demonic cartridge, he set it up in the console and it started. My friend and I ran fast to take him away of the console and I turned off the saturn. But before that, we saw what would be Sub-Zero's bio: "Sub-Zero.... Dies assassinated by Species." We turned off the console and broke the cartridge in half to burn it later. But still this trauma and those images keep haunting me in my nightmares, but I still have contact with my friend... for the trauma that we lived together.

Well this is it for now, I hope you enjoyed!!

See ya later Underworlders!!
Kawaii Red Demons and Stardust *_*
Crimson Nightmare Ricardo

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  1. Well as I promised, you need a GBA emulator (Visual Boy works great) and also the rom for Pokémon FireRed. Both of this can be found in Coolrom. Then look for lunar IPS which you need to patch FireRed and is fairly easy to find. This is the link to the creepy black version itself:
    (dot)= . HOPE YOU ENJOY!! - Ricardo/Judini