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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Link and Zelda, is it posible?

Good morning/evening/night depending the time you may be reading this. So I came back from an unending void in existence to write a good post here, you may say: “why do we even have to read this when you don't write in a schedule?” the answer is quite simple, you want to read this. Over this I will make an unusual post that is not the type of things or topics I usually do but hence will. I will uncover evidences wether our good old buddy from The Legend of Zelda can have a romance with the well known princess of Hyrule.

First of all, to name the existent and unexistent proofs that point that Link and Zelda have an affair I will make use of the very “understandable” timeline we have to list every Link and Zelda and the possibility of an affair between them. So with nothing more to say that this won't be short, let's begin:


Skyward Sword
This is probably the most common sense knowledge for those who have ever played the game to begining to end that Link and Zelda will almost inevitably stay together as a couple and patriarchs of the royal family of Hyrule. The proofs that they may stay together (note that nothing is confirmed but we can asume they probably married and have children) are:
1)They have been friends since childhood.
2) They develop even more intense feelings for each other as the story continues.
3)Both seem to like each other.
4) Link stayed with Zelda in the land after the ending.

With this stated it is almost sure they did stay together at the end of the game.

Minish Cap

They have been friends from childhood, they in fact may be best friends. Link saves her desperately from Vaati and saves her from a life as a statue in parks. Nothing else goes on, they MIGHT stay together but I don't see any solid reason to believe it neither to deny it.

Four Swords
At the beginning of the game, this incarnation of Zelda presents Link with the legendary blade, this proves they seem to be good friends, however, in any case just like in Minish Cap, it just isn't enought to argue a strong bond of romance, in fact the bond can and probably is unexisting here.

Ocarina of time
OK, I know people will start trolling me to the end of my days for this but I must tell this impartially: “there is no proof here that Link and Zelda could stay together”. You may say: “Why?” Simple. A random kid from the forest meets a lonely tomboy princess after sneaking in her castle, then the princesss of the same age tells him to find about her dream with a man from the dessert (Ganondorf) and that he will destroy Hyrule, the princess thinks that the kid from the forest is the hope to save the land and makes him find 3 sacred and useless jewels to gain the triforce, after they fail and the triforce is stolen, the kid spends 7 years frozen in time and losing a part of his life. He then meets the princess disguised as a ninja and has to look for seven sages to enter Ganon's castle . He finds them, the ninja uncovers that she is actually the princess that made him do all of this and is later kidnapped by Ganondorf. He battles Ganondorf, defeats him and the sages manage to seal him in the sacred realm and then the princess grants the boy the chance to go back in time to prevent Gnondorf from ever taking the Kingdom and the end. See any romance here? Because I don't really see any romantic feelings in the game. Just two random kids involved in a major event. However the manga states them to like each other an show them much more emotional and affective, however the manga is unofficial and hence not canon despite it's great style. So there are two points of view here:

1)They may have just stayed as friends after the event, nothing more and nothing less. This is according to the point of view from the game.

2) They developed a nice bond of friendship after the events and seem to like each other because of Zelda`s apparent lack of friends. They may have something along later… this is according to the manga.


A Link to the Past

Nothing here really indicates a realtionship neither of friendship much less of romance between these two. They didn't meet earlier, didn't interact much throught the game, didn't seem to develop a bond in any way. This is the usual lady in peril-savior relationship.

Oracle series

At the end Zelda just gave a slight kiss in the cheek to our hero, Zelda blushes and Link is shown having the typical hearts of love shown in cartoons. However I can't say they may or may not stay together due to the lack of subsequent data the oracle series offer.

Link's Awakening

Zelda didn't even appear here.

Legend Of Zelda
Basically is the same old story where you beat the villain and save the maid, nothing really states any affectional bond or something bigger than a simple “thank you for saving my life, now move your elfy butt from here.” Without making jokes or alike nothing is more accurate.
The Adventure of Link

For those of you who haven`t played the game, this incarnation of Zelda is not the same Zelda that appeared in LOZ, but a princess of Hyrule that fell into sleep for a long time then is rescued by our elfy buddy with green hat. At the end you can see a curtain in which they hold their hands and get closer to each other. Nothing ever states they may have stayed together or not, most likely this princess really felt affection and more tan gratitude for him.

Child timeline

Majora's Mask

Link remembers his time with Zelda in the game as a friend , nothing more and nothing less than that.

Twilight Princess

This incarnation of Zelda barely interacted with Link in the game and the very brief time they spent together was a simple hero-maid in danger relationship. If you try to argue here they took their hands before fighting Ganondorf then the term of “romance” is very low, it was a simple act of showing his support and trust no more or less.

Four Swords Adventures

Unlike the very first Four Swords game, they don't establish a relationship of love, neither there is enough in-game information that they are childhood friends or even knew each other. Basically Zelda calls him and asks him to beat Vaati and start his trip. Classic hero-maid in danger relationship.

Adult timeline

The Wind Waker

Initially Tetra (Tetra is in fact a descendant of the royal family of Hyrule and the destined princess Zelda) and Link had a simple “friend” relationship in which she supplied him a place to crash and to sail to save his sister Aryl. However, when Daphnes-Johannes Hyrule (King of the Red Lions) reveals who Tetra really is and later to be captured by Ganondorf, their relationship of friendship grew to new levels. The fact they fought side to side against Ganondorf with their full will and the fact that as Zelda/Tetra was more “charmy” to Link than usual, implies that there is indeed some degree of “romance” or “affection” but only ZeldaXLink and not TetraXLink which was a more “friend” relationship.

Phantom Hourglass

This is the sequel to Wind Waker so the relationship only changes to a more BFF relationship than a romantic one due to the lack of the Zelda personalty in the game, so in a fast way it's basically a friend relationship here.

Spirit Tracks

OK, first to clear out this is the second game in which we see a more LinkXZelda relationship, next is the fact this is more interactive game in which you get to use Zelda (since she lost her body against Mladur AKA the big boss here). The fact they spent most of the time with each other made both children grow a degree of good affection for each other in which we can either consider a romantic relationship between the two or the good friendship of a lonely princess with no friends until she met this boy…. Still in several parts Link blushes to some suggestive comments made by our dear princess Zelda and that in a certain part she manages to hug him literally in the final fight with Malladus. In this game Link was reallly, really into Zelda so it's safe to assume Link really liked her and viceversa but, remember in this game they are children so we can't be sure to determine a relationship here and much less a future marriage.

Final words
To whom it may care if I write these and you have the will/effort to read this thnak you. I really enjoyed doing this thing since I took a long vacation XD. Still I hope you have a nice day viewers!


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