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Friday, September 30, 2011

Underworld Special: Theme/Background Music

Yo whazzap? First off I'll give some updates, I know I haven't been much into posting lately (namely the PS-360 News), but I really have lost focus on time and I am stuck on them for a while so I'm unable to research info for those, so for now I'll suspend them until further notice. And next..... IM NOT FREAKING SLACKING OFF!! The reason I didn't post this earlier is because I needed time for the audiovisual part of this post and not for the reason stated before, so sorry about that one. Now without further adew..... let's start with theme music!

P.S. This is a request from an anonymous guy, not sure where he came from but here it is!! And since this one's the first and the idea was nice, feel free to request something you wanna know or something, becuz as gamers/otakus/duelists/hybrids/other that we are, it's good that we look to further enrich our gaming/otaku/duelist/other knowledge so that we actually know why we like this stuff... now for the good stuff....

Well, in boring terms, it is the music that plays on the background, and in the case of fighting games, the background music of the stage your fighting is located. On more interesting terms, it sometimes becomes the reason why you love to fight on certain stages or like certain battles. Why is this you may ask? Continue reading to find out :D

Why are these important? To put it on words (and like I said before :P). it sometimes becomes the reason you love to fight on a certain stage or like to replay a certain battle scene. Battle themes were specifically made to make a tempo on the match-up and make you feel the adrenaline of fighting in that particular moment, they are pieces of musical art in which you feel the game is captivating you and you feel incredibly cool playing it.... I mean, who wouldn't remember that damned tetric music that began to play when a hell bunch of undead zombies or whatever began cornering you and you only had a few couple of rounds in Resident Evil? Or the emotion flowing when you reach the mighty Onaga AKA The Dragon King at the end of the MK Deception Arcade mode and his music started playing? Or even the creeps that probably went through you at the moment Bowser challenged you for the last time in Super Mario 64? See it the way you want to see it, this are probably memorable moments in your life, fighting or walking to an amazing music! Like who of you wouldn't love to walk around with music from Outset Island from The Wind Waker? (I do, that's the reason I carry around a music player xD)

Like everything in life..... the answer is yes T_T As there are many geniuses that compose incredible music (Killzone 3's main theme, God of War 3's main theme, hell, even Super Mario songs are freaking addictive xD), there are also some retards guys who don't have a knack for music and they freaking suck don't have the results they wanted. Like I don't know, through my gaming years, I have found a lot of places that really irritates me so much that I rather stay away from that place or stage and be happy with the other stages (Like for example in the new Mortal Kombat, I feel all music is awesome (Temple/Kathedral stage is my favorite :D) EXCEPT for the Rooftop music.... I HATE IT!! It's boring, it's tedious, it's repetitive, I can't find myself in there, luckily the version of the Rooftop where Shao Kahn's invasion is taking place and there's a cool looking dragon spitting fire at a helicopter is hella awesome, the other two versions are trash), and there are many more, but there are too many to count so let's keep it like this folks ;)

Hell yeah I do, but before I show them to you, I want you to notice some things....
1) I searched for 2 themes for each of the Underworld Trio (Pérez and Danny) in total there are 6 themes you are gonna listen
2) I used Pokémon Stadium 2 and a Pokémon team from each of us to represent us in battle and duke it out
3) I made the matches in a random rival scene (My rival being Danny, Pérez's rival being myself, and Danny's rival being Pérez), this don't depict actual rivalries, I made it out of fun :P
4) You will hear a standard battle theme and a special theme starting when the rival's fourth Pokémon is defeated, and will continue until the remaining two Pokémon are defeated as well
5) The results of this matches prove nothing. In Pokémon Stadium 2, the moves are pre-selected, and many of them aren't so good. Our Pokémon were trained differently and have different attacks from the one shown there (It's totally a waste to have Charizard without Fire Blast or have a Feraligator with Water Gun -.-''), so the matches are totally for fun and to implement the idea of the theme music

Now.... enjoy the 3 matches brought to you by Underworld Honduras!!

1) Judini/Ricardo vs Danny
Themes I chose for Danny: Gary's Champion theme (Remixed from PKMN Black/White)
and Yusei's theme from YuGiOh 5Ds

2) Pérez vs Judini/Ricardo
Themes I chose for myself: Silver's rival theme from PKMN Heart Gold/Soul Silver
and Terror and Destruction from YuGiOh 5Ds

3) Danny vs Pérez
Themes I chose for Pérez: Barry's rival theme from PKMN Diamon/Pearl
and Dueling in The Academy from YuGiOh 5Ds

This is it for today, see ya in a few days. Until next time Underworlders!!
The real problem with reality is that there is no background music- Judini/Ricardo

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