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Monday, October 10, 2011

Underworld Special: Winning vs Having fun?

Hallou people of the Dark World!..... emmm Underworld! Sorry, been thinking on how I'm gonna make my newest deck, the Dark World :D But enough of the little excitement, let's get to the good stuff. Recently I made my official debut in Pro Yugioh leagues (and got my ass handed to me -.-'') but it really doesn't matter considering I won a duel (not a match) against Danny's gaytard Gladiator deck :'D (No offense intended :P) And later on the night, I received an email from a guy named SlayerX000 (read Slayer x-thousand XD) who requested an Underworld Special talking about what is more important, having fun or winning always.... he explained that he wanted to know becuz he fought against a bastard who played him in MK and beated his ass pretty badly online and he wanted to know if his philosophy of respecting over winning was correct.... he said that he really hoped XDNightmare (the guy who beat him) would feel bad for ruining the game's fun becuz of just wanting to win. So on that request, here it is!! Btw Slayer, if you read this, you will know that XDNightmare got this message and will give you how he views things right away...why you may ask? Becuz you are talking to him right now xD Well without further adew.... Ricardo/Judini/XDNightmare presents:

Interesting? Yes. Debated  until consciousness falls? Hell yeah. Controversial? As sure as hell. But why so controversial? Becuz people have different ways of viewing things. Maybe there are people who respect their rivals over winning and play the game honestly, but there are others who rely on cheap tactics to win and brag about how good their cheating is.... and if their cheating isn't working and you come up as the victor, those players will come and say things like "You were cheating!!" or "I got tired of winning so I let you win this time" or (in the case of online matches) "The only reason you can win is becuz of your laggy connection!" or even "I'm not cheating, that is his best combo why the **** wouldn't I use it?" And guess what the incredible combo is... Punch punch kick... punch punch kick.... over and over and over.... and over again, and where's the cheating? That combo "coincidentally" traps you in an infinite loop which is impossible to break. No matter how it is, you'll always find someone like that, and the probabilities of finding someone who isn't like that is somewhat rare but not impossible.

I'll not lie to you, I used to be of the "win! win! win!" side when I was starting, but I changed my ways the moment I began mastering a game and became able of holding my own against others, also helping out newbies, remembering that somewhere along the lines I used to be a newbie. So I'm completely sure I can give you what passes through the mind of both of these types of players. first with the "Have fun" ones:

A game is made with one sole purpose, entertain the people. It matters not being good or not in a game, what matters is how you treat the ones you play with and that you are enjoying the game, if I play the game and I'm good at it, well great, but I always respect my opponent over my desire to win the game.

Now with the "Win! win!" ones:

A game is made with one sole purpose, to let others know who's the best. If you aren't good enough then don't play the game, and if you want to get humilliated, play me. You know why? Becuz I'll beat you up like a ragdoll becuz I'm the best at this game and nobody is going to ever win me a round.

Well, what to say, I may consider myself one of the fun players, I like to enjoy my games, even if they beat me up (Evidenced in how I play Yugioh even if I know they are going to kick my ass :P). If you are of the win! win! type of gamers, I would suggest that you better star enjoying the game.... that doesn't mean you can't aim to try to go up against Daigo Umehara (Street Fighter) or Perfect Legend (Mortal Kombat EVO2K11 Champion), but don't be a fail player, come up with creative things, not trapping your opponent or simply spamming, play honestly, it gives more life to any game :)

Well, this is it for today, I hope you liked the topic, and remember you can always suggest something you want me (or co-blogger Pérez/Danny) to talk about ;)

Until next time Underworlders!!

-Don't ever give up, you are not dead until the last play is over- Ricardo/Judini

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