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Monday, October 17, 2011 are new to Yu-gi-oh?

Ciaossu everybody!!! Danny here with my new Yu-gi-oh post, again sorry for the delay but have been kinda busy doing this and that. Oh and I wanted to tell you all that I recently bought the Vongola Ring Set, soooo I have been feeling special and specifically today EXTREME(KYOUKUGEN!!!!), really awesome, thank you Anime Dynasty store. If any Honduran is reading this, which I hope, I do recommend you this shop for all your Otaku needs.

Incidentally, thank you all for voting on our current poll, which, I am pleased to say, is so far our most voted poll on the blog history, so thank you everybody. I am still thinking of what we are going to do once it ends, probably dedicate a post or a banner to the winner, so please everybody, if you want your favorite poster to win vote on him, we all got equal chances so far...well except Perez...he got -6 votes because of some cheating he did on it...but still if you all readers like his posts please feel free to vote. Thanks!

Next...I think Ill do some advertising for some really awesome Yugitubers, I have promoted them since quiet some time ago, most of you know them, and they are DDG(Dragonduelistgirl) and Nips(Vayuenthusiast). Recently they have been working on some pretty cool altered artworks and also on extended artworks. Their cards are being auctioned by Ebay so please support this two awesome girls, make a bid and hopefully you might get one of this incredible cards.


On Auction Right Now:
  • x1 Agent of Creation- Venus(Rare/Extended Art)
  • x1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu(Altered Art-Machoke)
  • x1 Agent of Creation-Venus(Altered/Extended Art-Morrigan)
  • x3 Space Time Police(Altered-Captain Falcon), Blue-Blooded Oni(Altered-Metaknight) and Vision Hero(Altered- Samus)  


On Auction Right Now:
  • x1 D.D. Crow(Common/Extended)


Okay, what else was I gonna talk about with you readers? Oh right, well you see, whenever I make a Yu-gi-oh post its usually about something random that just came to my mind recently. Getting straight to the point, would you readers like me to start writing about Yu-gi-oh events? Like the World Championships, Regionals, YCS and WCQs? Because I do follow all of these events and just choose not to write about them because you can easily read on them at, which is the official TCG site. But if you readers want me to start giving my views and such about events, please send an email to me, at, or at, whichever you prefer. I take into account everything that you send to me, would really appreciate it if you gave me your thoughts on this matter. Thanks.

Well, lets get on to the main topic, I really cant believe I wrote this much off-topic things but with it I guess XD...I thought that I would talk about how to do things if you are starting to play Yu-gi-oh at the Pro-level for the first time in your life.

So lets say that for x or y reason you decide to enter Yu-gi-oh for the first time, or return to the game after having been away from it for a long time. What should you do first of all? Well if you are 12 years and under you could participate in a Dragon Duel tournament where you will be playing against people your age at least, so the difference wont be too much, take in mind however that there could be some serious kids that have great skills, so dont be too confident.

If, however, like me you entered at a later age into the game, I suggest that the two very first things that you should do are this: try being friendly with everybody, the Yu-gi-oh community is almost always nice people that youll end up becoming good friends with, but if you go to your first tournament with a cocky, all-mighty "I have so much more money than you people" attitude, you wont achieve much in the game, simple as that; second, get to know the judges, specially the Head Judge, theyll be the ones that give you good advice, specially on card trades try to consult them, so its important that you get along with them.

What else? Hmmm, oh yeah, try reading about the current game somewhere, be it in the Yu-gi-oh wikia or on Pojo forums or wherever you think it best, reading will become a very important part of the game for you, so you better get used to it. You might initially be confused with rulings and such, but with time and practice you will get to know the game better and they wont be as complex as before.


Me- I attack with Heraklinos, hit with 3000.
Opponent- I summon Gorz
Me- O.o. What is a Gorz????? O.o
Opponent- Errr....if you attack directly I can special summon it...then it forms a token with the damage received.
Me- Ohhhh okay *activates bottomless trap hole*
Opponent- You cant, its summoned in damage step.
Me- What????? That card is invincible!!!! DX


Ahhh....good old noob times...ever happened to any of you? Took me a couple of tries until I could learn what it was that Gorz actually did, I have many more noob FAIL moments, maybe Ill write them in a post sometime.

Sneak Peaks...well everybody says that this events are the best ones that you can use to start into the game as you have as much chance to win as everybody else, but like everything in life and specially in Yu-gi-oh it has its advantages and disadvantages

  1. You have the same chance as everybody else at getting cards from the packs
  2. If you study the card spoiler beforehand you might have as much knowledge as everybody else about the cards and how to use them, making things fair.
  3. You might get lucky enough to pick up a $50+ card, sell it and use the money to start making your own deck or if unsure of which, buy a deck from somebody.
  4. If youre exceedingly lucky, you might get most of an archetypes cards in the packs to make a deck from T.G. in the Extreme Victory release.

  1. Then again, its possible that you get absolutely nothing worthwhile in the packs and youll be stuck with a load of cards that youll never use and that will sell too cheap for them to be any gain.
  2. Since the price of the cards hasnt been released yet, trading can be dangerous as it can possibly lead to scams. Like said before, contact a judge before doing any trades at Sneak Peaks if you feel the need, by experience, listen to them, youll save a lot of trouble...and money...if you do that.

Summing it all up, ask for your friends advice, preferably if your friend knows about what hes talking about, or even better yet, for any doubts go to your closest judge or Head Judge. Besides that, its all up to the experience that youll earn from all of it, be it from good or bad moments, that will determine how you will grow as a player. I wish you the best of lucks and welcome to the world of Yu-gi-oh!!!


Puh-Lease! I'm just a lowly-but-handsome merchant. How could I possibly perform Bankai?     

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