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Friday, October 7, 2011

Yu-gi-oh Staples

Ciaossu to all my readers, Danny here, sorry for the delay for this post, I had some other matters to attend to yesterday so I wasnt able to finish in time. Anyways ignoring that lets get to brighter announcements, and that is that our blog Underworld Honduras has hit the 15000 Visits milestone, this is something that really made us happy, not even a year of being in operation and we already have so many views, a great thanks to each and every one of you who take the time to visit our blog. As is usual for me, I made a little banner to commemorate this event, Photoshop skills kind of rusty but I hope you like it, a chilling celebration for Underworld Honduras!!

Okay now for the topic of this post, since we dont make only-milestone posts anymore in order not to bore readers, I decided to talk about which cards are considered staples in the current game, their different functions and recommendations. Now, I know that my co-blogger Ricardo made a similar post some time ago called Needed Cards in a Good Deck or something along those lines, but I felt that post was too vague and that there were some cards he missed so Ill write my own version for it, with all due respect for him of course.

Well, first things first like they say, when is a card called a staple? Putting it in simple turns, its a kind of card than can be played in almost every deck and has become commonplace due to their usefulness or their flexibility. Note that all staples do not go always go in all kinds of decks, it all depends on your kind of deck and the gameplay you focus on, so its not necessary to struggle into adding staples to the deck if it would weigh down the major goal.

Lets start with our list:

Dark Hole

We all know what this little card does, as its effect is as simple as it is deadly "Destroy all monsters on the field". This card has many uses, the most common of which is of course, just cleaning up the field for your attacks. I dont think I have to explain much about this card really, just note that for all the new players that arent able to get a Dark Hole, or for some decks that need discarding,  Lightning Vortex is a good replacement for this one.

Bottomless Trap Hole

The big brother of Trap Hole, at the condition of the monsters attack being 1500 or more you not only destroy it but remove it from play. Useful for getting rid of problematic cards, be wary not to waste this card on just any monster. Note that this card says destroy on the text so you can negate it with anything that prevents destruction. Another tip: if you cant afford to let a monster get removed from play destroy it with one of your own card so that it goes to the graveyard.

Even with the turn priority that your opponent has you still can get rid of that monster.

Mystical Space Typhoon

Long name for a short but useful effect, a classic one for one card, you destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field regardless of being face down or not. There is a split opinion about using this card, whether to blindly MST any set down cards for fear of them being powerful traps, or waiting for the opponent to activate them. I prefer setting it, waiting for the opponents end phase and using it to destroy their face-downs so they cant activate them in return. Dust Tornado is almost a fourth MST and being a trap is not affected by some common lockdown strategies, so its possible side deck material.

Starlight Road

The perfect remedy for a Dark Hole and specially for a Heavy Storm, this card not just negates the effect of the card but you special summon a Stardust Dragon from your deck. Although the stardust cannot return from the graveyard if it uses its effect, you still get to negate another destruction-related card with it and use it as a beatstick. Note: If you wish to avoid the opponent to summon the Stardust you can destroy your own card also, since Starlight Road only summons if it destroys the card.

Torrential Tribute

Another field cleaner, you wipe out all the monsters in the field, same as with Dark Hole it is prevented by destruction-preventing cards. Very useful, either for stopping your opponents swarming(Six Sams) or even destroying your own monster to avoid it from being hit by bottomless trap hole.

Book of Moon

Lets say your opponent summons Judgement Dragon, you used your bottomless and solemns already,(New card effect for that one already, Bottomles DOES stop it now) so you cant destroy it, well you CAN still flip it face down to avoid its effect from resolving, giving you one more turn to get rid of it. Other than that you can use this card to stop Jinzo-like effects, Stardust Dragon or such cards that present a problem for you.

Well we could go ages and ages with this...and I am pretty sure Ill have to make another post about cards that are considered to be staples. But for now I leave you with this ones, I hope that I was clear enough for you guys to understand. Any questions or suggestions send them to this email or just comment on this post. Thank you so much for sticking with us, bye bye!!

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