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Saturday, October 29, 2011

School Days :O

Hallou fellow Underworlders, I know that I said that this one's going to be the Red-Eyes tribute, but I didn't got to finish it, but since what I'm missing are simply to make it look better, then I can guarantee it will come next time, been working like 5 hours on it choosing wisely the scenes so that all can sync with the music and make it better than a simple slideshow, so I hope you enjoy it next time like I enjoyed making it :D

Now that I got that out of the matter.... the post. Before anything, know that this series contains explicit material, so watch under your own discretion :P School Days was originally a videogame for the PS2 I believe, I got this one recommended and thought that it isn't so away of reality, there have been situations like the ones depicted here. The game itself has a lot of endings including three bad endings which are the most popular for being insanely brutal and having an MK aura feel in them (now you know why I liked it xD). Then I discovered there was an anime about it, so I decided to check it out. The story is completely different from the game (mainly becuz in the game, in certain spots you have to take decisions and you'll receive an outcome, and depending on what you did you'll get one of many endings, and the anime must go straight forward.). Also the anime's ending is INSANE!! (sorry, I don't want to spoil it for you if you happen to want to check it out :P). The anime is 12 episodes long with two ovas, which have nothing to do with the story of the anime so you can skip them if you wish. For this post, I'll try to speak about the game, the anime, the ovas, the alternative games and so on.... whew that seems long, but we'll give it a shot, I'll take you on a wild ride so get your beverages and let's get started!

The anime consists of twelve episodes, which tells the story of Makoto Itou, in which he got a crush on Kotonoha Katsura (I didn't knew which one was her surname until I saw her sister Kokoro xD) after discovering she was in class 4 of their school and that she rides the same bus as he does. While in class, Makoto meets Sekai Saionji (or something like that :P) which saw a picture of Kotonoha in Makoto's cellphone which he claimed he took it by accident in the train (yeah right). Sekai then decides that she'll help Makoto get along with Kotonoha and succeeds in which Makoto confesses to Kotonoha and they started to hang out.... but for a cost..... Sekai in the process of helping Makoto out, became interested in him as well and developed feelings for him (bad news :o). The story then goes on this love triangle until the conclusion, which as I said, is traumatic and will make you go WTF!!! I won't spoil it for you if you're interested in watching it, but you can search around the internet for it ;)

Hmmm, the game goes somewhat by the same lines but not quite the same. This game is a visual novel, which means it will go from scene to scene prompting the player for decisions on certain spots. This creates a treebranch effect in which certain actions you take will pass on to another branch and thus, will make your ending vary (sounds interesting doesn't it?). You can get 21 different endings (ohh right I forgot, first it was released on PC, then on PS2 '':P) on the PC version, 15 good, 2 harem, 1 special condition, and 3 bad, of the good ones, 7 are for Kotonoha (Kotonoha FTW :D), 5 for Sekai, 2 for Hikari (one of Sekai's best friends) and 1 for Otome (Makoto's best friend from primary). The special condition comes from one of Sekai's and Kotonoha's good endings (Bavarois and Carnal Desires specifically) in which Makoto gets Setsuna (Sekai's unknown half sister and best friend) pregnant (motherfker >: /). In the bad endings.... well they are bad (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.... just kidding :P), these result in the death of one of the protagonists (either Makoto, Kotonoha or Sekai), in a kind off patern (Kotonoha kills Sekai, Sekai kills Makoto, and Kotonoha kills herself..... ha I bet you were expecting that Makoto kills Kotonoha xD). In the PS2 version of the game, there are five new bad ends and new story branches. The bad ends involve the protagonists getting rolled over and killed by a train, in which Makoto dies in one, Kotonoha dies in one, and Sekai dies in two.... on the last one both Sekai and Kotonoha are taken by the train, only Makoto survives (bastard he should be dead). It was also said that a remixed HQ version will be released in spring of next year :D Something cool to note, is that the game divides in chapters with their own different scenes depending on your actions, full with intro and ending, making it feel like you're watching an anime!! (Awesome!! isn't it?)

Well what to say.... sincerely the story is idiotic makes no sense, it's ridiculous, a cheap idea, trying to get more money out of the successful School Days, they simply are worthless so it's up to you if you wanna check them out, but I tell you that it's a waste of time : /

Yup, nothing can be successful without it. In the anime version, when preparing to air the final episode, tragedy struck. A girl killed her father with an axe in Kyoto, Japan. Since the final episode had similar violence, it was cancelled.... except by one company who decided to show it but obviously changing many details. It was later released with the entire anime set in a DVD, which was uncut. Particularly on the last part of the ending, it was released an image in which shows Kotonoha's boat and under it says "Nice Boat", which inmediatly caused a revolution and became an internet meme which some people may relate to the anime.

33 tracks in total if I recall, 25 were background music and the remaining five were vocal. The opening theme was "Still I Love You: Mitsumeru yori wa shiawase" sung by Kiriko, and the ending theme was "Anata ga.....Inai" by Inami Kuribayachi. In the PC version, a theme song began playing depending on the character who got the good ending.... Sekai's theme was "Bye-Bye Tears" by Yozuca* (yeah, apparently the asterisk is part of the name.... wtf?), Kotonoha's theme was "Hello My Happiness" by Miyuki Hashimoto, the other girls received the combined theme "Secret Zaurus" by Yuria (I don't know if it has to do with dinosaurs.... but it sounds like it o_O). There's also a X-mas theme lol "Futari no Christmas" by Rino (Now you have your music for x-mas eve xD). And finally, the music from the bad ends is "Kanashimi no Muko e" by Kanako Ito. There's also an insert during the folk dance festival in which Makoto and Sekai dance around a bonfire, the song is "Let Me Love You" by Haruko Momoi.

Makoto Itou: Well, he is the protagonist, and he's one of my most hated anime characters. At first, he was a composed and good mannered student, but later he became a sex addict and became a bastard, poorly treating his friends and his lovers just for the sake of it, but after he realizes he did wrong, he panicked and tried to undo his mistakes, but anyways the damage was already done..... bastard.

Kotonoha Katsura: Gentle and reserved, she easily is the most pivotal character in the series. She's a cute bookworm (she loves to read :P) that is bullied becuz of how cute she is and how well endowed she is. She was Makoto's initial love interest and they actually started hanging out. She is very.... VERY delicate, becuz when put under stress,  she develops irrational culpability and also a delusioned state of mind in which she isn't capable of supressing the pain and becomes uncaring, unable to listen to anybody else but her own delusional thoughts and capable of anything... I like to refer to her in this form as Shin Kotonoha (True Kotonoha) becuz she lets out all the resentment she has within her, and also becuz I have nothing better to do xD
Isn't she cute?
Shin Kotonoha.... so sad... DAMN YOU MAKOTO!!! >: /

Sekai Saionji: She is the complete opposite of Kotonoha. She's playful, outgoing and very happy for most of the time. She can be very serious at times when she feels beated, and when under sufficient frustration, she is loud, selfish, overemotional and manipulative. She helps Makoto and Kotonoha to hang out, and later becomes jealous of them becuz she also likes Makoto, and ends up seducing him so that he leaves Kotonoha for her..... you name her, but I also feel bad for her in a sense...

This is the song of the bad ends.... I like it becuz its well done and feels in the mood of death that the bad ends should give, as they were made for that reason.... its a good song for this stuff its sad and all but I like it :P

All right, guess this is it for today, I hope you enjoy it and maybe even encourage you to check it out, it has a great story, it is well made, it is strong, and it is shocking, so I can safely recommend it to you, but remember it is somewhat strong, so please don't look for it unless you know you can handle it ;)

Until next time Underworlders!!

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