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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The zombies... are coming.

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Well, today it is November 1, so we have almost finished 2011. So today I'm going to review a famous game that has obsessed me in the last two weeks. I'm talking about Plants vs Zombies. This is a simple, but fun game. If you haven't played it, then you are missing one hell of a game. So prepare your plants because here we go!


Plants vs Zombies was released by PopCap around mid-2009. In this game you have to defend your house from the attack of zombies who only want to eat your brain. To do this, you have to defend your house in three different stages: your front lawn, your backyard and your roof. As you progress in the game, you get more plants, but stronger zombies also appear. The first stage is your front lawn, here you learn how to play and all, it's a really easy to play game. The "staple" plants in this level are the sunflowers, peashooters, wall-nuts, snow peas and repeaters. After you finish the level, you play in your front lawn again, but this time in the night! Day and night in the game are totally different. During the day, you receive sun from... well you guessed it, the Sun, but during the night where you have no sun, you have to find another way (besides the sunflowers) to get more suns to plant. Here you get introduced to the mushrooms, who only work during the night. The 'shrooms are really helpful because they are kind of cheap to plant, and you have little sun. Your staple shrooms should be the puff-shrooms and the grave busters. After the night, you go to your backyard. The most important feature of this level is the pool. Now you have to get worried by "aquatic" zombies. Here you get introduced the lily pads and tangle kelps, your two water plants staples. In the night levels, you get introduced to the sea-shroom, which is the aquatic version of the puff-shrooms. After the night level, you go to your backyard again, but this time it has a thick fog that covers most of your sight, so here you MUST have  blovers to repeal the fog and balloon zombies. After this level, you go to your roof. The zombies somehow managed to get there. Here your previous offensive plants are kind of useless because the roof isn't straigth. so you now use catapult plants. Your previous plants will only be useful in the flat part of your roof, but the bad part is that it's near from the edge of the screen, so they will have less time to kill the zombies. Your staples should be the flower pots, cabbage-pults and kernel-pults. After this level, you're ready to fight the evil zombie boss. How do you defeat him? Well, by this time, you should have your own strategy, but I'm going to tell you the two plants you'll need to stop his attacks: Ice-shrooms and jalapeños. You have to figure out how to use them :P


1- Peashooter: he shoots peas to the zombies.
2- Sunflowers: they give you sun from time to time. YOUR MOST IMPORTANT STAPLE!!!!!
3- Cherry Bomb: a bad-ass cherry that explodes to kill nearby zombies.
4- Wall-nut: He is your best defense plant at the beginning of the game.
5- Potato mine: His name says it all :P
6-  Snow Pea: He shoots frozen peas to the zombies making them slower. I consider it an almost staple plant, but its usefulness depends on your strategy.
7- Chomper: Petey Piranha's cousin. He devours a whole zombie. He is a good combo with the wall-nuts and tall-nuts.
8- Repeater: He shoots two peas at the same time to zombies.
9- Puff-shroom: He's your best friend during the night because he is a FREE mushroom that shoots to nearby zombies.
10- Sun-shroom: He gives you sun during the night. I've never found him very useful...
11- Fume-shroom: A bigger and stronger version of the puff-shroom.
12- Grave Buster: He literally eats graveyards.
13- Hypno-shroom: The zombie that eats this shroom, will get high and start attacking his friends.
14- Scaredy-shroom: Another bigger version of the puff-shroom. When zombies get really close, he hides scared underground. The bad part, is that he stops shooting at them.
15- Ice-shroom: He freezes all the zombies in the screen. (Doesn't freeze zombies that appear afterwards)
16- Doom-shroom: He makes a huge explosion, but leaves a crater where you can't plant. I think that after a while, the crater disappears...
17- Lily Pad: You need her to plant in the water...
18- Squash: A pear-like plant that smashes the closest zombie. He can kill more than one zombie if they are close.
19- Threepeater: He shoots three peas in different directions...
20- Tangle Kelps: He drown the first zombie that touches him.
21- Jalapeños: He explodes killing ALL the zombies in one lane with a lane of fire! :O
22- Spikeweed: Your best friend against zombies that ride any type of cars... Besides, he makes damage to any zombie that walks over him.
23- Torchwood: A trunk of wood with fire. You put it after any peashooter, repeater or threepeater, and the peas will catch fire. (Hint: don't put it after a snow pea, or don't use snow peas if you are going to use torchwoods, you have to guess why :P )
24- Tall-nut: Wall-nuts bigger brother. He resists more and can't be passed over it.
25- Sea-shroom: Your best friend in the pool during night. He is also free.
26- Plantern: He emits light during the night. He is only usefull during foggy nights, but I prefer blovers.
27- Cactus: He shoots spikes against the zombies, but his most important purpose is to explode the balloon of balloon zombies.
28- Blovers: He blows away the fog and balloon zombies.
29- Split pea: He has two heads... yes two heads. One aims towards the back and the other towards the front. He is necessary to fight against digger zombies, who make a tunnel underground and appear at the beginning of your lawn, and starts eating all your plants from the front to the back.
30- Starfruit: A star-shaped plant that shoots stars in 5 directions.
31- Pumpkins: You put them over your plants to give them an extra-layer of protection.
32- Magnet-shroom: One of the most important mushrooms. He attracts the metallic objects from zombies, like the helmets and ladders.
33- Cabbage-pult: He throws cabbages to the zombies.
34- Flower pot: You use it to plant in your roof.
35- Kernel-pult: He throws kernels and butter (yes, butter) to the zombies. Butter makes a zombie stop for a short period of time.
36- Coffee bean: You use it to wake-up mushrooms during the day. I usually use him to wake up the magnet-shrooms.
37- Garlic: When a zombie bites him, he will immediately go to another lane. I used 2 times the most.
38- Umbrella Leaf: He protects the plants next to him from bungee zombies.
39- Marigolds: Flowers that give you money from time to time.... A waste of suns in my opinion...
40- Melon-pult: He throws watermelons to the zombies. The watermelons make damage to nearby zombies also.
So these are the basic plants. You can also buy things to upgrade some plants. The only one that I use: Gatling peas, you plant it over a repeater and it will make the repeater fire 4 peas at the same time! :D


I won't tell you the zombies, so that you have surprises when you are playing the game. I know that I've told you a few of them, but they're way more than those :P

Adventure Mode
Mini-games: Here you play various fun mini-games.
Puzzle: You have two types of puzzles, but more than one of them. Each puzzle is harder than the last one.
Survival: Here you play the basic levels of the adventure mode, but you have to survive for 5 or 10 (depending on the difficulty) zombie attacks.
Zen Garden: The name says it all. You "raise" plants that give you money, you can also sell them.
Shop: You have a neighbor called Crazy Dave that sells you useful stuff throughout the game.
Almanac: Here you find information about all the plants and zombies you've encountered.

Well guys, I hope you liked the post and get interested to play this game either by the first time, or for another time. See you next time! :D

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