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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nostalgia (2/2)

Hi guys! Pérez reporting to duty. Well today I'm writing part 2 of my nostalgic post. But first, I wanted to tell you about my two most recent obsessions: Bleach and Phoenix Wright.
Yeah, I admit that I have never seen Bleach, so last week I started reading the manga. I really liked it from the beginning. I liked it so much that I can't believe I had never seen it. I'm still in the beginning. The last thing I read was when a quincy challenged Ichigo :P
My other obsession is a DS game called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I immediately liked it. I play a chapter each day, so I'm almost finished. When I finish the game, I'll make a review :D

Going back to part 2, today I'll tell you about the other 5 animés that conform my Top10 of favorite animés of my childhood. (Note: I wrote them as I remembered, so there is no specific order in the Top10 except for Dragon Ball and InuYasha that are in second and first place respectively ^_^ )

1- Samurai X
Definitely in my Top10 of All-Time animés. The things that I liked the most were definitely the story and the characters. Like I yo know, my favorite character is Sanosuke :D But Kenshin is also a great character. He has superb abilities yet a noble heart. By the way he acts you wouldn't believe that he was a murderer. My favorite part of the story was the Shishio saga. I took one of those quizzes that tell you which character from x-animé you are, and my result was Sanosuke! :D (In another test I got Misao! WTF?! o_O)

2- Sakura Card Captors
According to Danny, this animé is for girls but that for some reason boys liked a lot also. Well to be honest, if he had never told me that, I would have never guessed that this was an animé for girls XD. Well I really liked this animé anyways. It has a great story. I never expected Yukito to be an angel :P By the way, he was my result in one of those personalities tests :P The episode that I remember the most is one where Sakura and her friends find a ghost and all of them ran panicked except Tomoyo :D

3- Beyblade
3, 2, 1... LET IT RIP! Wow, this animé definitely brings back so many good memories. This animé also caused a huge phenomena in Honduras. It was rare the kid that didn't have a beyblade (or an imitation at least). I remember a Christmas where Santa gave me a blue beyblade and a stadium to play. I still have them both! :') NOW I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN! XD But returning to the topic, my favorite character was the tiger-kid, Ray Kon. I only liked the first part, I think that hey ruined the animé with part two >:/

4- Captain Tsubasa
Here in Honduras it is called Súper Campeones. This animé was a huge sensation. Everyday at school, we would talk about was the episode form the previous day. The three most popular characters were Steve Hyuga, Oliver Atom and Benji Prce (to a lesser degree). My personal favorite is Steve Hyuga ;) For some reason, when Oliver goes to Spain, they changed the name of the team from Barcelona to Cataluña. Many people still debates which is the real final episode of the series. I firmly believe that the real end is when the Final for the World Cup between Brazil and Japan starts.

5- Crayon Shin-Chan
This is one of the funniest shows that I remember I have ever seen! This animé used to make me cry from the laughter. I remember one time that my mother prohibited me to watch more than 2 hours of TV a day (>:/), so she tolde me to tell her which shows I was going to watch, and one of them was Shin-chan ^_^ This may be a somewhat unknown animé because I don't remember more than 5 people that watched it at school (I may be wrong :P ) The best thing of this animé is its characters because they're really funny.

So this was the part 2 of my favorite childhood animés. :)
I hope you liked it! See you next time!


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  1. OBJECTION!!! Ahahaha... that Phoenix Wright game cracks me up. And the music is so awesome. xD

    Oh, and high-five for Crayon Shin-chan!! :D

    ~Random Passer-by~