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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bleach Fan-made Opening 3: Houki Boshi

Ciaossu!!!! Huh? Why am I posting twice in a row? Because I just felt like doing it, besides the fact that I found something interesting that I wanted to share with all of you readers, just randomly looking around Youtube to see what I can find.

Now to all of the Bleach fans out there, I am pretty sure that youll remember this ending, since it was the third ending and one of the coolest, after all they made a different version of the ending for each of the thirteen squads in the Gotei 13.

Here are all the endings from the 1st Squad to the 8th Squad:

And here are the rest of them, that is from the 9th Squad to the 13th.

Now what was I saying about the fan-made openings in the title? Well I found a few of them that were made by Kanongoldenz. All of them were made with different scenes of the Back to the Pendulum Arc 100 years ago. Hope you enjoy them!!!





All credit goes to the creator of this videos Give them a thumbs up if you may and hope that you all liked them. That is all for this post, thank you!!

Trying to finish watching Yu Yu Hakusho

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