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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nintendo News #3

Hi guys! Pérez reporting to duty. Today I was going to publish you a comic-related post, but for some reason my draft was deleted. -_- So now I have to re-write it.
So now I want to tell you the latest news about Nintendo, but I'll include a PS Vita news that caught my attention.

1- Apparently, the 10 GameBoy Advance games for the Ambassador program of the N3DS will be released until next year.

2- Last week (Nov. 20 - Nov. 26) the N3DS was the best selling gaming device in Japan. The curious thing about it, is that it sold more than the rest of the other consoles combined. The N3DS sold 120, 920 units, while the PS3 was the next best-selling console with 34,031. NOTE: N3DS has been the best selling console in Japan since its price cut! :O

3- TLOZ: Skyward Sword had AMAZING sales last week. It sold almost 200,000 copies in Japan, and more than 535,000 copies since its release IN THE US ONLY! If you think those are low numbers, please remember that this game is only in one console, while other games like Battlefield 3 or Skyrim are in at least 3 (PC, PS3, 360). These sales makes Skyward Sword the fastest Zelda game to reach the 500K mark.

4- Nintendo announced today that Mario Kart Wii has sold over 28 MILLION COPIES, which means that for every 3 Wii's, there's one Mario Kart Wii! :D

5- Some third-party games will now include Club Nintendo points in the US.

6- If you couldn't get Victini in your Pokémon Black/White copy, don't worry. Nintendo has announced that you can get him from Dec. 3 to Dec. 31. It will be a level-50 Victini with Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt.

7- Nintendo Europe announced yesterday (Nov. 29) that Luigi's Mansion 2 for the N3DS was going to support 2 players, BUT TODAY Nintendo stated that this is false and that they're sorry for their error.

8- The November N3DS firmware update has been delayed to December 8. With this update, you will be able to record in 3D.

9- Hideo Kojima has stated that the MGS for the N3DS is a full remake, not just a simple port.

10- Super Mario 3D Land is the fastest portable Mario game to reach the 500K mark.

THE PS VITA NEWS: It caught my attention to see that apparently the PS Vita won't have internal memory. Gamespot recently announced the prices for the PS Vita memory cards, which range from USD $29.99 (4GB) to $119.99 (16GB). Remember that the PS Vita will cost USD $249.99 and $299.99 the 3G version.

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  1. You know, I believe that Mario Kart Wii doesn't count, because now you get one free when you buy your console, so virtually they aren't selling it, they're giving it for free

  2. Thnaks for the comment!
    True. It's like saying that Wii Sports is the most sold game on the Wii.
    But remember that it took some years before they started giving it away, so we have to see how many were indeed sold.