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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Smaaaaaaaaaash Brotheeeeeeeerrrrssss!!!!

Greetings, Emissary of Darkness Ricardo here (felt like making something different :P), hmm I know this is an odd hour for a post, but considering we can now steal the other's post, guess it doesn't matter (Dunno about that, will consult later), anyways I also know that I'm supposed to post the Red-Eyes tribute, but I received a mail requesting that I do something for the winner of the poll (why me? Becuz it's obvious that I'm the fighting fan here xD), and becuz we rarely have been getting requests, guess that this gets priority and gets to be posted first, but next time comes the tribute for real becuz I'm getting kinda tired of having to move the date I was gonna post it lol.... so anyways the winner is Super Smash Bros, so since there are only three, I'll talk about them all :D So sit tight, and relax, becuz we're gonna begin shortly :D

So here it is, the beginning of a new era, the exellence of execution, the herald of awesomeness! Released in 1999, this game became one of the most popular games in the N64, it was so blasted innovative that it was awesome. The game counted with 8 regular characters (Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi and Fox McCloud) and 4 secret ones (Jigglypuff, Cap. Falcon, Ness and Luigi). This game very differently from the traditional fighting games, as instead of the usual 1-on-1 encounters, you are able to get three other friends and have a fight to the death. Also, there aren't any lifebars in this game, you instead have a damage percentage, which goes up as you receive damage, more damage, the farther you can be sent flying away, and along with that, the damage percentage has as a background a symbol representing from which game the character comes (Mario with a mushroom, a pokéball for Pokémon etc).
The gameplay is simple, anyone can grab a controller and play, apart from multiplayer, there's also single player, which lets you run an arcade-like battles until you reach the final boss, which is Master Hand (he's a right giant globe, the spirit of creativity or something like that :P). Pretty fun to play this game :D

This was coming sooner or later, the successor of the successful Super Smash, it was expected greatness from this game, and know what? It brings it. More characters, more moves, more blood...... no wait the last thing no that's Mortal Kombat II XD anyways, it brings the smash concept to a whole new level, appearance of characters that we didn't even knew in here (The japanese yes becuz Fire Emblem was formerly japanese exclusive until Melee came out), also, this game introduces various challenges (Event Matches, Homerun Contest etc), and also introduces a new "Trophy" concept, and the opportunity to actually collect trophies by fulfilling conditions. It introduces about 14 new characters, plus the original 12, bringing the count up to 26 chars, which is a good thing...... well except that about 6 of the new characters are clones of of other characters in the game..... but ohh well...

Back in February 2008, everybody was waiting for this blockbuster to come out, and when it did, they were amazed. Amazing graphics, nice effects, solid gameplay and a nice set of characters, this game is simply great. I was also glad that my main (Bowser) got a super revamping and got a hell lot more powerful than he was in Melee, making him now more letal than ever (back in Melee, it hurts me but Bowser sucked, hardly able to keep others in check, and even though I always played as him, he still was a lot of trouble to use, and Ganondorf was incredibly good and I had to switch to him, but now, I can safely say that no matter what Bowser is my main :D). Also, although some characters where scraped out (sadly Mewtwo was one of them :(... ) some others were added that added diversity and a fighting style for each and any player. I can say this one really kept up with the expectations, also letting you to create your own stages, and having an adventure mode that easily could be a game of its own lol

CHARACTERS!! (Original/Melee/Melee Only/Brawl)
-Donkey Kong
-Fox McCloud
-Cap. Falcon
-Bowser (Favorite :D)
-Princess Peach
-Ice Climbers
-Ganondorf (2nd Favorite :D)
-Falco Lombardi (3rd Favorite :D)
-Mr. Game & Watch
-Dr. Mario
-Young Link
-Mewtwo (Favorites :D)
-Lucario (Favorites :D)
-Meta Knight (Favorites :D)
-King Dedede
-Zero Suit Samus
-Sonic The Hedgehog
-Solid Snake
-Diddy Kong
-Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard)
-Toon Link
-Wolf O'Donnel (Favorites :D)

Well guess this is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post, next time without ANY and ALL delays, the Red-Eyes tribute, wait for it :D

Until next time Underworlders!!

Emissary of Darkness - Ricardo

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