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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taking Yu-Gi-Oh Too Seriously

Ciaossu!! Well I know what youre thinking, EPIC FAIL for writing this so late, but I havent had the time to get in here, but anyways I am sorry for the delay but the important part is that here I am writing. for today...and yeah...I have off-topics every time I make a post so I will put them here anyways:

-Thank you all of our awesome viewers for helping us reach the 20,000 Views. For a moment I have to admit that I doubted it, but here we are after hitting that goal!!!! I hope that you all keep with us and reading our blog, a huge thank you!!! I hope that you all like the banner I made!
-Photon Shockwave Sneak Peak was yesterday!!!! Anybody got a Rescue Rabbit??!! Hope that everybody had good luck on their pulls.
-I remembered that I still owe you the pairing post about Pokemon that we had the poll about...things are building up in my To-Do list...Ill try to finish it soon for you.
-IchiRuki FTW!!!!

Okay...I think those are all the off-topics that I wanted to mention to you, so lets get straight to the main topic, somebody asked me what I thought about the people that seem to take Yugioh too seriously.

Well I am guessing that what you meant are the ones that get angry over the game rather easily, if not please be so kind as to send me another message to what you meant.

About that, I do know that many people get angry during the game, be it for losing or just when they think that an unfair play was made on them. I have to tell people that that is nothing new, no matter the game youre playing, youre always going to find people like that, its simply human nature to hate losing, just that some people show it more than others. Its nothing belonging to Yu-gi-oh, so stop thinking that, dealing with people like that is something that we all are going to handle, and I am also pretty sure that every one of us has gotten angry sometime when we have lost.

As to the people who take Yu-Gi-Oh! seriously, like its more than a game, the explanation for that is pretty simple. There are two reasons why these people are so into the game: A) They want something that they want to be good at, such as sports for other people or arts, its something that every person needs. B) They want to belong to a group, you make friends and get to know many people in the game, so they dont feel alone. Its something perfectly understandable actually.

Well I think this explains it pretty well, so thatll be all for today, see you next time, Ill try to finish my Advanceshipping post for our next meeting.

Gadget Power!!!!!

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