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Friday, November 25, 2011

Preview: Megacon HN 2011

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Today I want to tell you about a convention that will take place tomorrow (Nov. 26) here in Tegucigalpa. Well, first the usual off-topics. Danny, Judini and I are almost finished with this year's last university period. I'm off the hook in December 9, Danny and Judini will also finish around those dates, so we'll be able to concentrate even more in the blog! Well, I guess those are the off-topics for today. XD

Well, you may be like "What is the Megacon HN?" It is this awesome convention of videogames, manga/animé and comics. Here you can find many activities, like karaoke, cosplay, videogame tournaments, Magic tournaments (sadly, no Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament), and many conferences. The two most important events ocurring during the Megacon are the conference and autograph signing by the two international guests and the karaoke segment of White Angel Yuriko. The first Megacon was celebrated November 20, 2010, so tomorrow is its second version! :D
(Last year's cosplay contest winner, Krauser) _\m/

International Guests
Well, last year we had tow great international guests. We had Humberto Vélez and Gabriel Chávez. If you're not form Latin America, Humberto Vélez is the dude that gives Homer Simpson its voice in the Latin American version of The Simpsons, while Gabriel Chávez gives the voice to Mr. Burns :P
A friend of us, told us that when Humberto Vélez and Gabriel Chávez entered the room of the convention, almost everybody bowes to them! XD
(Gabriel Chávez top, Humberto Vélez bottom)

(Humberto Vélez announcing his participation at the Megacon HN 2010)
(Gabriel Chávez announcing his participation at the Megacon HN 2010)

But, this year we are having two even more awesome guests... We are having Mario Castañeda and René García!!!! Mario Castañeda gives the voice to Goku and René García to Vegeta (In the LA version)!!!! Many people will go to the Megacon only for them. If last year the people bowed for The Simpsons guys, what will the people do tomorrow?! Oh, I can't wait to see it!!!! Last year I had the bad luck of not getting an autograpgh from the guests, but this year I am getting them! >:D

(Mario Castañeda top, René García bottom)

(Mario Castañeda's video announcing that he's coming to the Megacon 2011)

White Angel Yuriko
(White Angel Yuriko performing at Megacon HN 2010)

This chick caught us by surprise in last year's Megacon. She is this incredible singer that specializes on animé songs :D
I don't know if she was only a contestant in the karaoke tournament, but since many many people liked her performances, she is back this year! I remember her singing songs of Full Metal Alchemist, InuYasha, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, etc. She really was one of the best things from last year's edition, and I hope she is even better this year! :D
Whie Angel Yuriko performing the theme song of Gundam Wing in Japanese :D

During the whole convention (it starts at 10:00 am GMT-6 and ends at 9:00 pm GMT-6) many stores will be selling its merchandise. You can find almost anything. You can find awesome T-shirts (last year I saw this amazing TLOZ: Twilight Princess T-shirt with the "Official Nintendo Seal"), mangas and animés in DVD, key-chains, pins, posters, etc. Last year, a guy was selling the four-star dragon ball. It was this small, orange-glass ball that had four red stars inside. It was really beautiful!

(The activities programmed for this year's Megacon)

So well guys, this was my post about the Megacon. I'm going to tell you about our experience in this year's Megacon in my next post :)
I know that this convention is small compared to the Comic Con, E3, etc., but it means a lot to the otaku/gamer/geek/friki/etc. community of Honduras. I know about people coming from all over the country to see this convention...
So, see you next time! :D

Waiting impatiently for the Megacon to start!!!! ^_^


  1. wow perez this is really awesome data i really like the way you publish this its so awesome i want to hear yuriko singing that gorgeus song,hear Vegetas voice rather than the crappy latin dub. really thanxs a lot for the data i give you 10 out of 10 eventhrought there is no ranking.

    courtesy opf lord Nebur