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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tails Doll

Hallou fellow Underworlders!! Yeah I know I wasn't active at all in the past weeks, but my computer..... mmm let's say its dying. It erased majority of my info (luckily my desktop was untouched :D), but it killed my tribute, and it killed other info I needed, apart from that it began crashing from time to time, but now its working okeii, but I gotta start the tribute AGAIN -.-'' Next time it comes :D Also check our Youtube channel!! I've recently uploaded a vid, and upgraded some of the visual aspects, hope you like it :)

So now to the main show..... I'm aware that maybe some of you are aware of the story behind Tails Doll, but are not so sure of its origins and such, I decided to write down about it to expand our culture of gaming lol So sit tight, grab a beverage, and hang on, I'm gonna take you on a wild ride! Go FOR Broke!!

Hmm, around 1983 in the US, everything was normal.... but PUM a massacre on a house, everyone dead except for two, what was surprising was the supposed apparitions the victims had. In the house, there was one of the corpses who had "TD" in its chest, and later one of the survivors said that the assasin was something like teddy bear but extremely bloody, fiery bloody eyes, and a stench of death, and died inmediatly afterwards.

Since then, people believed they were dealing with a psycotic serial killer who was lurking over those places, becuz they actually saw blood stains on the streets from where he walked and left his trademark "TD" where he could. Inmediatly the police began searching all over for him becuz of the brutal murders increasing, and becuz of the "TD" mark, they knew they were dealing with the same assassin.

But all changed that certain night.... in 1984, in one silent night, a group of policemen saw a figure writing the mark "TD" on the floor. The policemen watching this inmediatly began going after the figure, hoping to end the killings once and for all. They followed the figure into a local cemetery, and pursuited it deep into the cemetery, until... PLUCK! A butcher knife was thrown at the policemen and caught one on the throat, inmediatly killing him. His partners, enraged, continued the pursuit in name of their fallen comrade, when it suddenly stopped. Thinking quickly, one of the policemen grab an old camera and took a picture of the figure, and when it was revealed, he panicked and runned away. The remaining policemen continue pursuit, but eventually the figure disappeared, and the policemen returned to HQ. At HQ, the policemen where ready to unload on the policeman that fled, but he, still shaking, showed them the pic he took : it was a teddy like figure covered in blood with a butcher knife in its hand, jumping from grave to grave just to escape.

Since then, it was no longer considered a psycotic killer, but a demon.... a blood plastered demon just looking to kill. The US kept it in its secret files as a demon eith a little gem hanging from an antenna on its head, pure blood color, but publicly it said it was still the serial killer, until in 1987, some guy named Cristopher hacked into the US secret files and found that story, took about 50 copies of it and give it away to people so that everyone should know.

Afterwards, the government decided to make it public, and the massacres increased in exponential numbers. The people, scared, decided to adorn their houses with religious stuff, in hopes that they wouldn't get killed. Nobody was out after 6 pm, and were scared of the demon, who laughed and said "This protections you have won't last forever!!"

In 1988 the solution was given by a church, which invited all to a non-stop preaching of almost one month. Then in a lonely night, the preacher went out and encountered the TD, and inmediatly many others began preaching around it, and the TD began losing its power, and then the TD began crying blood ordering them to stop, but then the preacher threw sacred water on the body of the TD, which after a while exploded in a gory fashion becuz it was unable to contain all the purity of it.

All was peace after the death of the TD, everyone was happy again, that is until the release of Sonic R.... in which the people at first thought if it as innovative but later discovered something interesting about the cast to unlock.... one of them was named Tails Doll, which was like a teddy bear (rather odd considering Tails is a fox :P), with an antenna that had a red glow on its head (apparently its power supply xD).

Then the rumors spread, and in LA (Los Angeles :P), a mother found her child dead. She expressed that he was playing his Sega Saturn with a new game that was given recently, she was calling for him to attend his grandparents who came by to visit, but after many unanswered calls, she went to his room, and found him dead, with dilated pupils, blue lips, a lost vision to the roof and foam coming out of his mouth, with a track playing over and over again on the console. She said that his son was mad with the idea of unlocking "some kind of doll or something like that." Then at the boy's funeral, they selled everything, except the Saturn, which was given to the boy's best friend, who at the moment of turning on the console, he noticed the last thing the boy did before he died was to unlock Tails Doll. The forensics said that the boy died asfixiated while in an epileptic attack, which was weird becuz nobody in his family had that sickness. The people began fearing the TD was back, until sometime later, a massacre occured, and there the symbols "TD" were found with the message "Thanks to your fear and Sega I'm back, except for my body, so now I'll be the Tails Doll".

The people began panicking again, but after years passed and nothing happened, the incident was taken as a joke and everything returned to normal.

Jujuju spooky isn't it? Well I hope you enjoyed this horror story, and hope you check our Youtube channel as well :D

See ya later Underworlders!!!

New sig xD Next up, the Red-Eyes Tribute :D
Draconic Emperor Ricardo

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  1. tails dolls is really spooky... but, Weegee could kick his ass!!