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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fandub Songs!(Spanish and English)

Ciaossu to all readers!!!! For a change I am making this post much later than I was supposed to, watching anime seems to keep you out of other things and I am also practicing for the Yu-gi-oh regionals to be held soon here. Well try to give some coverage of the event, although dont expect too much as I will be playing and we avent confirmed if Ricardo will be assisting to the tournament.

Off topics for today:

-Creator God of Light Horakhty and Sky Dragon of Osiris(Slifer) are gonna be released soon in Japan. Looking forward to seeing this new awesome cards! Creator God isnt gonna be too playable, seeing as how it has huge requirements, but maybe with a Gadget deck it would be possible. Slifer keeps a very good effect, although its coming without card immunity.
-The new structure deck Dragonic Legion was released this Saturday in Japan!! Well see how these new chaos dragons do in the meta there.
-What could be more expensive than Tour Guide from the Underworld? Well of course the bus that she is guiding!! As a TCG exclusive we are going to see Tour Bus from the Underworld in the new pack Order of Chaos.

Our topic for today? Well I decided to share with you the best fandub videos that I could find!! What is fandub? Its when a fan like any of us decides to sing a song known in an anime.

Daia No Hana, Black Cat Opening

Konoyo No Uta T-T

Rolling Star - My favorite

Fighting Dreamers

Just to be ironical....Dream Fighter

Alones- Aqua Timez

Smile Bomb- Yu Yu Hakusho Opening

Sobakasu/Freckles- Samurai X Opening

Angeles Fuimos- Dragon Ball Ending

Houki Boshi- Bleach Ending

Okay....even though I have many more Ill save them for another post, so this will be all for today. Thank you for keeping with us and stay tuned to Underworld Honduras. Ciao!!!!

Yu-gi-oh 5Ds= Epicness

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