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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Death Note

Yoo, Ricardo here. I know that as of lately we have been lacking, but I'm not sure which retard had to make the next post, and becuz of poor reliability, I'll be the one to do it xD So anyways no Red-Eyes tribute becuz this wasn't supposed to be my post, so I'll talk about the psychological anime we know as Death Note :D Now hang tight cuz we're about to start xD

So the story starts showing off the brilliant mind that is Light Yagami, how he gets good grades and all that crap. One day, he finds a notebook, and the moment he touches it, a creature appears before him, the Shinigami Ryuk. Ryuk presents himself to Light, and Light, at first oblivious, begins trying to evade it, claiming him to be false, but later, intrigued by Ryuk's claim of the Death Note, he decides to try it after reading the instructions, assuming that nothing will happen to the first criminal that he wrote down, but after 40 seconds passed, the criminal he wrote down died of a heart attack, and Light realized the the note's power is real. He decides to create an utopia free of criminals in which he would be god. But after the killings began and the police had no idea what was happening, they hired L, the world's best detective, in order to uncover Light (known as Kira).
Light and his Death Note
The story is completely psychological, Light has an incredible capability to quickly analize and develop plans according to the situation given (as such when his house was full of cameras and mics). This capability is only rivaled by L, who also has said ability. Both are aware of every little detail, are capable of uncovering various endings to a single thought, and are highly analitical. As long as the story goes, both Light and L try to outsmart the other and excert psychological pressure on each other in order to find the other, L in order to arrest Light, and Light in order to kill L with the Death Note. I'll not spoil the story for you, I'll only go ovber few aspects of this :P
L over his laptop
As a quick note, I'm posting ALL important characters in here, so if you don't wanna get spoiled, continue on to the recommended? part of this post xD

Light Yagami: High school student, brilliant mind, known also as Kira, he wants to create a perfect world without criminals and he wants to be its god. He posseses a Death Note and his Shinigami is Ryuk. His rival is L, and seeks to kill him to avoid being caught by him. 2nd Favorite in Death Note :O

L Lawliet: Hunched back private detective who took over the Kira case and took it personal. He loves sweets... and when I say loves, I mean LOVES. His rival is Light/Kira, and looks to arrest him for all the murders he ahs done. Highly analitical, always one step ahead, favorite character in Death Note xD

Misa Amane: She's a model..... but also the 2nd Kira. She's in love with Light, in part becuz he's Kira and Kira killed her parent's murderer, and in part becuz she thinks he's cute. Light takes advantage of this and uses her for her own purposes as she made the shinigami eyes contract with her shinigami Rem.

Ryuk: A bored shinigami, threw his Death Note in the human world to see what happens, when Light came upon it, Ryuk t¿said he'll be the one to write Light's name in the Death Note, and that he hoped that Light would entertain him for the while.

Rem: Misa's female shinigami, she became Misa's protector and did everything she could for Misa's happiness, and dies later on becuz of this, I'll not say how or why xD

If you like psychological stuff, you'll like this for sure, if not, well you'll get bored, its fun to see how the critical thinking develops in here so try to check it out if you will ;)

Guess that's it for today, hope you enjoyed :D

Cya later Underworlders :D

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer - Draconic Emperor Ricardo :)

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