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Friday, December 16, 2011

Underworld Disclaimer

Hello to all our readers, for the first time in our history Ill be making a serious post. It has come to our knowledge recently that one of our members, Ricardo to be specific, copied some images from DevianArt, modified them, as we have confirmed ourselves, and put them up here some time ago as signature, under the pretext that they were created by him.

Now, in name of our blog, Ill have to give you Devianart community our most sincere and humble apologies, as up til recently we were unaware of what our member was doing. To make the point clear Ill put it this way: Underworld Honduras in NO, and I empathize NO, way takes responsibility for the actions of our member, as he acted completely individually and does not represent us as a whole. Any measures that are wished to be taken should be directed to Ricardo specifically, and should not be against our blog.

What pictures are we talking about? Well actually the two signatures that our co-blogger Ricardo has claimed to be made by him, after some tracking we found both of them and their original creators.

Original Creator: Wolfman-07

These was the first signature that we believed had been custom made by our co-blogger Ricardo. After searching for a small time we found its original creator.

Now, for the few of you who saw the post yesterday "apologizing" for the theft of intellectual property, after some discussion Perez and I decided to erase it. I then got in touch with some people from the Devianart community that I know(you all know who you are, many thanks for the help), I asked them to read the post and give me their thoughts on it, and we all concluded in the same thing: it was no less than INSULTING.

Why would it be insulting? Because if after stealing somebody's work, passing it off as your own, you then just apologize for the works being "coincidentally similar", youre basically rubbing it on the artists face that you dont care a f*ck for their rights on that work and all the effort they put into making it.

Second Image:

Now, if somebody can lie once...why wouldnt they do it twice? So we started searching for this design also, and effectively enough, we found that sadly enough, this was also a stolen work that had been passed off as Ricardos own creation. As to the original owner of this picture, it was kind of a confusing search but we eventually tracked down two people who passed it off as their own in different years, so for safety well just assure you that this is certainly NOT something created by a member of Underworld Honduras.

We also wanted with Perez to apologize to ALL the people whose videos/pictures we have used in our posts so far in Underworld Honduras history, and we hope that you forgive our use of them in the posts in which we have forgotten to include a disclaimer. Remember though, that with our blog, our idea is to promote your videos, pictures and all other artistic creations, and that we are a 100% non-profitable group.

Yet again, the rest of Underworld Honduras is truly sorry for what has happened with these pictures, and we assure you all readers that this is not going to be allowed to happen once more.

Thank you all for your attention, Underworld Honduras out.

A message from Underworld Honduras


  1. I think that we can all agree that justice has been done with this.

  2. Take Ricardo out of the group, such a disgrace...

  3. Agree with the person above 100%!!! GTFO Ricardo!!!

  4. If it was me instead of those artists, this blog would have been closed down!

  5. We want Ricardo out of the group!!

  6. I really want to think he had a motive or something for doing this, I know him, I play Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter against him and he wouldn't do something like this...