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Friday, December 30, 2011


Yare yare..... so seriously WTF I leave and nobody wanna make a post? Seriously thats wrong!! and just becuz I feel it is wrong I decided to postpone my retirement for this time (apart from some who actually know my status and encouraged me back and actually solved my problem, thank you guys you know who you are :D)

I seriously hope you people (principally the ones affected) accept my apologies, never meant it to be that way  :(

So anyways, leaving that behind, I know it's new years and all, but I saw something interesting about my Tails Doll post, a comment claiming Weegee to be able to kick his ass.... but some people may think, who in freaking blue hell is Weegee?! So becuz the Tails Doll got a good response from a good part of you and Weegee sounded like a challenge, I decided to talk about the phenomenom that Weegee is, so hang tight, cuz this story is about to start :D

Weegee is a meme based on Luigi's appearance on the DOS version of the incredibly stupid educational game "Mario is Missing" for PC.

Hey I told you it came from Mario is Missing, some crappy educational game released in order to profit from Mario's popularity..... but seriously, that game, and the other educational Mario games released freaking suck are bad and worthless. Hmm if I recall, Weegee (actually a deformed Luigi :P) was the protagonist in that game in 1992 I think released by Software Toolworks. It was the only game to have Luigi/Weegee as a protagonist until the release of the awesome Luigi's Mansion for the NGC.

Well, quite frankly, Weegee stands in a seriously incredibly awkward posture, and has a really uncomfortable stare (feels like he's gazing into your soul o_O). It was first pointed out by a user named MonkeyinCloset (or something like that :P) who posted it on some forum back in 2007. It inmediatly began exploting and manifesting itself, as different images, given powers, and other weird stuff that is simply hilarious xD He is name Weegee becuz of a mis-translation when carrying over Luigi's name from japanese to US english, becuz there wasn't a proper spelling for the letter L (poor L Lawliet :/).  Afterwards Weegee spread through DeviantArt, Newgrounds, personal blogs and such.

Matter of factly yeah they did :P (What curiosity causes xD). But it wasn't that simple, becuz simply typing Weegee will actually take you to some photographer named Arthur Fellig, who was famous for some black and white street photography (actually pretty cool :D), and his pseudonym (no idea if I spelled it right xD) was actually Weegee... so finding info about our particular Weegee is pretty tricky to find but not impossible. I read the Frikipedia article about Weegee (I think it's only in spanish :/ sorry for that) and read some things that are pretty hilarious and wanted to recomend to you (the ones who manage spanish.... probably latin american humor :P) becuz I had a good laugh with them xD


Looks creepy huh? Among his alleged powers, is the ability to "weegeefy" people into a copy of himself, making him thus far, able to create an armada of Weegees by simply staring at you o_O Also, after he weegeefies you, he steals your soul and keeps it away for eternity o_O People say that he's cousin of the Tails Doll (mostly becuz both incite terror and despair or something like that xD)

Nice cousins xD (Made by sheimidicaprio)

Also, although Weegee can't move any of his body parts (he moves by levitation or fast teletransportation), he was cropped into some random dancing monkey-look-a-like suit totally worth a laugh x'D

EPIC! XD (don't know who made this)

Jajajaja yeah so I believe here is where it ends..... no wait another pic :D

Poor Sonic XDDDDD

Now yeah enough for today xD Hope you enjoyed the post and hope you have a nice new year (if you have it :P)!!

See ya later Underworlders!!

Prepare to Die!! 
Draconic Emperor Ricardo


  1. So now that your problem is solved can you explain us viewers so as to see if you deserve to be forgiven?

  2. i also want an explanation sir

  3. Hmmm, to put it quite simply, I asked for the images to be made to some guy who said he'll make them but I have to say they are mine instead of paying for them, then I realized he stole them and when questioned for it he threatened to harm my sis unless I go on with it with any other image he wanted me to use. Once discovered, he tried to disappear but some friends located him, which in turn gave me a chance to defend myself, and guarantee my sis will be safe... that basically - Ricardo

  4. seems pretty serious, if everything is now alright I think its ok to welcome you back, at least you didn't do it because you wanted it...

  5. I'm just happy that the Underworld Trio is finally on the roll again. Welcome back Judini! :D

  6. this site over then? I've only just found it!!