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Monday, December 19, 2011

My first Bleach impressions

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Sorry I haven't made any posts lately, but it is because I've been really busy with my Scouts group because in January we are going to Panama to a MOOT (an international Scouts event). At first it was only for the Central American scouts, but apparently, scouts from Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain have confirmed that they're also going. So this is going to be an exciting thing ^_^ Because of this trip, I don't know if I'm going to be able to make any posts during the event, so don't be surprised if I don't make any posts from January 1 through January 15. Well, I'm really happy that we have reached the 30,000 visits mark, so I want to thank you all in behalf of all the Underworld group. By the way, we are NOT removing Judini from the group because we feel that the last post was enough punishment for him, so I hope you understand our position.

Currently I'm in chapter 316 of Bleach, so I plan on finishing the manga by December 23. I still can't believe that I never watched Bleach. Now I'm wondering what other great animés and mangas are out there that I have never seen/read. Well, back to my post, I'm going to tell you what I've liked about Bleach and things like that. I can't make it like a review because Danny would kill me! XD He wants to make the review of this great manga/animé. So, this post was approved by Danny before its publication :P
So first, I'm going to start with the things that I haven't liked so far... WARNING!!!! THERE MAY BE SOME SPOILERS!
1- Tousen!!!!! God, how I hate him! I can't stand this guy. He is so arrogant about his sense of justice, that I laughed when Komamura told him that he got even more blind after he started seeing when he became a hollow. And I got happy when he was killed mwahahahaha!!! >:D Well, I haven't read that in the manga, but I saw this AMV of Tousen's death...

2- Ichimaru... This guy gives me creeps with his weird eyes and smile...

3- Inoue -_-... Doesn't need anything more XD... Now, seriously, at first I liked her, but then I started noticing her uselessness... God! How useless she is! -_______-

Now, the guys that I didn't like before, but now think that they kick ass!
1- Byakuya At first I thought that he was a soulless shinigami because he didn't "care" about Rukia's death sentence, but after seeing his reasons and knowing from where he was coming from, I started to like him. Right now I finished the arrancar arc, so I was like OMFG when I saw how easy he killed Rureaux. I really like his ban kai :D

2- Kurotsuchi I swear to God that I will die if he appears to me in a lighless alley! He scares the sh*t out of me! I had nightmares with him, but after seeing his total overkill (Danny's phrase :P ) to Aporro, I was like OMFG!!! For me, that is the worst way to die that I have seen. I can't imagine feeling horrible pains for hundreds of thousands of years! But like Danny told me, he does give an excellent monologue to the dying Aporro about prefection.

3- Hirako At first I thought that he looked like a pedophile and/or raper, but now I like him thanks to Danny's spoilers (XD) and... well, mostly Danny's spoilers :P

And finally, the guys that I've liked since the beginning!!!
1- Kenpachi!!!! I have no words for him... He's just so awesome!!! I like how he laughs when he gets hurt. I was like "That was a HUGE mistake" when Nnoitra ripped Kenpachi's patch. I know many will agree, while others disagree, but I feel that if Kenpachi gets a ban kai, Aizen is dead. But I think that it is impossible because I believe that Kenpachi doesn't have a zanpakuto because he had his sword before he entered the Gotei...

2- Toshiro!!!!! My favorite character so far. I don't know what makes him so incredible, but I really like him. I love his ban kai. I would definitely cosplay as him, but he's too short, it wold look weird to see a really tall Toshiro XD (I don't know why, but I usually like secondary characters more than the protagonists)

3- Komamura!!!! Well, I LOVE animals, and wolves are me third favorite animal, so it would be impossible for me to not like him. :D

4- The hot USEFUL gals :P What can I say? Because of them, I think that Inoue should simply step aside and stop being a burden for Ichigo. My Top3 would be Yoruichi, Rukia and Matsumoto :) I love how Matsumoto beats Kon and Asano when they try to do whatever they think they're doing XD

5- The epicness of how out of all odds, the characters manage to win their battles.

So well, this is my Bleach post. I would have made it longer, but Danny would have gotten mad XD.
See you next time!

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