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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Ciaossu to all our readers, I know this is starting to become a habit but again I am one day late to posting this but I hope that you understand that exam weeks make it hard for me to find time to past as well as the fact that I have a lot of fanfic requests building up right now. If you ever feel like reading them, Ill give you the link to my profile on so that you can tell me just how fail I am at writing XD

Okay the off-topics for today, Ill make a list now about them now to make it brief:
-Lets all congratulate my fellow co-blogger Ricardo on his birthday!!! I wanted to make a banner for him in Photoshop but both because of time and technical problems I wasnt able to. Be nice and send him a congratulations e-mail!
-Oh no a new poll! What happened to the old one? Fear not, we recorded the votes which were in this order:
1.Danny- 12 Votes
2.Ricardo- 6 votes
Thank you all for making your votes count on this post. And specially to all of you who voted for me, this is another banner Ill have to start working on as soon as possible.

I know what you guys are thinking, what Yu-gi-oh!-related post will he be making this time? Well, for a change I will be posting an anime one instead, just because I still havent gotten any feedback if you want us to give coverage on the recent tournaments and such. So FAIL, jk jk...XD

What am I going to talk about then? Well initially I thought about making something about Magic The Gathering, but since I am still a noob on it I would probably make a horrible post and you would all complain about it. Soooo without any more random talking lets get on to our main topic: Bleach Movie 1 Memories of Nobody.


The Opening

With this movie of course, is where Bleach starts the tradition of making an alternate opening whenever they release a movie to advertise it The opening for this one was one of my favorites, Rolling Star by YUI, which was an excellent choice in my opinion.

Plot Preview

Well if the above two videos didnt convince then damn...youre hard to convince, but talking seriously, lets talk about what the movie is about, however I wont give any spoilers or you wont watch it. After a town appears in the sky of Soul Society, where even a team of the Onmitsukido disappeared without trace, at the same time some strange being start showing up in Karakura Town. These red and white spirits called Blanks are searching for their memories, which are said to be stored every hundred years in something called the Memory Rosary. A mysterious girl appears along with them, having shinigami powers yet no memories as to what she was supposed to be doing in the real world. With an evil clan of exiled nobles behind them, will Ichigo and the gang be able to protect her or will the plans of the Dark Ones result in the destruction of Soul Society and the Human World simultaneously?


Yes, of course!! No wait, let me make it clearer: HELL YEAH!!! Its definitely worth watching, even if you dont like thing that are non-canon in Bleach it has a great story, a heart-breaking relationship and an ending that would warm even the coldest hearts. I recommend everyone that hasnt watched it to rush and find it as quickly as possible, so far its my favorite movie out of the four made so far.

ENDING SONG- Aqua Timez- Sen no Yoru wo Koete

Ichigo x Senna
Wishing she had been canon...

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