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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWE Unleashed!!

Hallou Underworlders? Hau are you today? Matter of factly, haven't review any game lately I believe, got stuck with two UW Specials in a row (obviously nice to talk about them :P), and since this week I didn't receive further activity, I might as well review a game I came around a good time ago.... Do you like wrestling? Well, I do, I used to watch WWE Raw and Smackdown until the channels were the shows aired were removed :( But I still kept checking on it every once in a while. Anyways, back to the topic, I began playing WWE All-Stars for the PS3, and inmediatly loved its gameplay. So now sit tight, grab some beverages, cuz this wild is gonna get ride!!..... Wait let me try that again.... nah let's continue and try to forget that xD

This game is about the WWE (nahh you swear??? o_O), but it's not nearly enough a mere wrestling game. All characters are incredibly buff (Except Kane, who looks like he actually looks like :P), and the game doesn't only limit itself to the superstars of today (John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H etc) but it also revives great legends of the past (Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat etc), which makes the game more interesting to play if you knew who these guys are, and if not, it's a great chance to know them xD The game engine itself is like a combination of wrestling and a fighting game, that means, that you can win like usual (pin, submission etc) or you can deplete your opponent's life bar and KO them with a brutal finisher.... the finishers and the signature moves are awesome, we'll get to that in a min ;)

Well, it's your usual fighting game, you've got a button for striking attacks, which you may chain into a combo of consecutive strikes or a grapple. You've got a button for... well grappling xD You can do a weak grapple which is fast and low on power, or you can do a strong grapple which has a relatively slow start up animation, but its stronger than the weak grapple :P You've got the usual block and running, you move with the left stick and you taunt with the d-pad or the right stick don't remember right now :P As for mechanics, you've got the life bar on the corners depending on how many players there are, and they have four sections, the green starter one, the yellow, the red, and the flashing red. Green means you have more than 70% life, Yellow means you are in between 69-30%, red means you have about 30%, and flashing red means you have no life and a finisher will KO you. There are three spots under the life bar and a gauge at the side of it, the spots are the number of signature moves you have stored (obtained by hitting your opponent) and the gauge is your finisher (also by hitting your opponent, a signature move gives a huge boost in the gauge). You can juggle, you can use weapons, there is tornado tag team, and some other good stuff you'll enjoy. Also, depending on the character you choose, you will get a different play style, like grapplers, big men etc, find the one that fits your play style :D

There's normal exhibition matches, which include 1 on 1, tornado tag, cage, handicap, triple threat, fatal 4 way, elimination and extreme rules, which is a nice set of options. There's also a kind off story mode where you fight a gauntlet of ten matches until you face either the Undertaker, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, or the tag team champions D-Generation X. There's also a Legend vs Superstar mode, where a WWE Superstar fights a legend with same characteristics, fighting style, actitude, or else as himself.... btw sorry, no divas on this game... (what a shame.... but as buff as the characters are... maybe it is better this way :P). Also you can create your own superstar, but you must give him the moveset of an existing character... but you can choose the Finisher of your liking :D

CAST OF WRESTLERS!! (*WWE Superstar / #WWE Legend / $ Downloadable Content DLC)
*John Cena  
#Hulk Hogan
#Andre The Giant
#Stone Cold Steve Austin
#Ricky Steamboat
*CM Punk
*The Undertaker
*Drew Mcintyre
#Eddie Guerrero
*Rey Mysterio
*Jack Swagger
#Bret Hart
#Ultimate Warrior
#Mr. Perfect
*John Morrison
*Kane (Favorite :D)
#The Rock
*Triple H
#Shawn Michaels
*The Miz
*Randy Orton
#Roddy Piper
#Sgt. Slaughter
#Jake "The Snake" Roberts
*Kofi Kingston
#"Macho Man" Randy Savage
#"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
*Big Show
$Ted Dibiase
$Ted Dibiase Jr.
$Jerry "The King" Lawler
$Chris Jericho
$Big Boss Man
$Michael Hayes
$Mark Henry

If you like wrestling or simply a good and funny fighting game, you might as well give this game a shot, it's easy to pick-up and play, but make sure to read the what each button does or you may be in for a tough beating, other than that try it out, you'll like it a lot :D

If you want to judge how crazy this game is and the amazing graphics it has, check this vid with the finishers, it has that Fatality feel on them becuz the producer was none other than Sal Divita!! (The guy that provided the model for the creation of the sprites in the MK games :D)
These are fun to watch :P

Well this is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post, and next time, FINALLY I'll have time to finish that blasted Red-Eyes tribute, look forward for it :D

Until Next Time Underworlders!!

Keep your head up, body straight and a positive attitude - Ricardo/Judini

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