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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ruler of The Dark Dimension!!

Hello people of the Underworld, Draconic Emperor Ricardo here :) So just for the sake of making a comic post, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite villians from the Marvel universe, the being from the Dark Dimension Dormammu! But before that there's something I feel you people must know about some things that have recently gone through this blog... so if you wanna know feel free to read, if you don't want to know you can simply skip until you see a red title, that's where the post starts xD

So I assume you are aware that Danny hasn't been here for a while and that I told you that he's simply unmotivated to write and will return shortly right? Well that's not gonna happen. After a talk with fellow co-blogger Pérez, I knew I was right on something, Danny isn't planning to return, but what I discovered next was simply the most idiotic thing I have heard in my life... He isn't returning simply becuz he assumes I was lying about protecting my sis on the copyright problem, he's disappointed that you people forgave me, and he'll not return as long as I'm here becuz he believes I'm a liar and that I'll make this a fail blog (BTW Pérez also said that he wasn't sure to believe me mainly becuz he never knew the backstory, but at least he has common sense and see how people thought about it) . Alright, I know I did what I did and I was ready to accept anything, you people allow me again, then great, I apologized and I did what I had to do without trying to defend myself with protecting my sis, now returning to Danny, I hate that he thinks that way becuz of three thing, 1)He isn't anyone to judge me about this, worst if he knows no crap... 2)He isn't my fking boss... or in that same place YOUR boss to be disappointed about our decisions, he's in no position to determine what you must do and what I must do, he wanted me out, it didn't happen, live with it, correct?... 3)I don't really know who the fk he believes he is to be so fking sure I'm lying, hey I'll admit it, I do crack some jokes and lie about some things just to get a good laugh, but that doesn't mean that all my life is a lie, he gets in that arrogant position of "ohh this idiot is lying I'll not believe him" that makes me wanna punch him in the face but I don't do it becuz supposedly we are friends (not even sure of that now :/). Also another of the real reasons why he isn't returning is becuz he's so addicted to Yugioh he simply stopped caring about the blog, to put it this way, he's so addicted he cries like a goddamn baby if you touch his cards -.-'' I mean seriously? Well anyways, I wasn't lying when I said Nebur was going to replace Danny, nor do I believe Danny will even read this, I'm sure he doesn't give a fk about you or the blog, hell, I don't even know what he will do with his life, he has no social life apart from Yugioh friends apparently, he shows no interest in girls, but ohh well that's another story...... mmm did I talked too much? o_O Sorry about that, but we feel (Pérez accepted the idea that this should be known by our fellow viewers) that as our viewers, you have a right to know if changes are happening and should know the backstory of something, like I remember some of you commented about my issue but Danny erased the comments (now you know why I said I don't know who the fk he believes he is to have that power bestowed upon himself), but that isn't happening again :)

Dormammu!! Ruler supreme of the Dark Dimension, was first introduced in the Strange Tales #126 issue which was released in 1964 if I remember correctly, and his concept was conceived by geniuses Stan Lee and Steve Ditko... or at least that's how I think his name is xD Anyways even though that was his first official appearance, he was mentioned in the comic a good time ago, as the ruler of the deranged realm known as the Dark Dimension. After his introduction, he continued appearing as an antagonist to Dr. Strange and also a foe to Sorcerer Supreme. Dr. Strange's first encounter with Dormammu in the Dark Dimension introduced Clea, Dormammu's niece and also seems to contain the Mindless Ones. Also Dormammu has a sister named Umar, and both are mystical beings called Faltine. They teamed up with Loki later on to investigate the Avenger-Defenders wars  in about 3 issues of the Avengers, if I recall correctly, issue #115 to #118. He then appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #498 to #500 and after that became a minor villian in the New Avengers appearing from time to time.

As you can appreciate on the image (from Marvel vs Capcom 3, game which I already talked about, look it up :D) Dormammu has his head covered in mystical Faltine flames, he usually wears an armor like suit in purple and red overalls as well as sporting something like a cape that only goes from his waist and down, there isn't much science on how he looks, but he looks awesome :D

He is capable of controlling the faltine flames, which are more effective than normal flames becuz of their mystical nature, also, he can open portals out of and into the Dark Dimension at will, as well of summoning pillars of dark energy to strike his foes... not forgetting his flames obviously. Also, being an omnipotent ruler supreme, he's capable of shape-shifting, teleportation, energy projection, matter transmutation, size-shifting, body possesion, revival of the dead, bestowing others with power (Danny believes he has this :/) and he can create demons at will. Also he seems to be stronger in his home dimension, becuz he can tap into the power given to him by his worshippers. He only has ONE weakness, which is if you are capable of taking him somewhere where he can't fuel his Faltine flames, he will be wide open for an attack.

Another version of Dormammu was presented in Ultimatum, where he is actually capable of killing Dr. Strange... or well his son was capable of doing it but it's the same idea, this widely isn't considered canon but it's a fun thing to know :P

Well guess this is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post :)

See ya later Underworlders!!
Wagatamashi! Reddo Demonzu Doragon!!


  1. From where I'm standing, Danny is a gullible idiot

  2. Ricardo it is me Lord Nebur and i have to state two things about this post : 1) your post about Dormammu was really cool(heck we needed the strongest mystical being in marvel here to read about). and informative with cool images. 2) my intention is/was not/will not be the position to replace Danny in any case, in fact i did wanted to work in the blog with all of you to keep learning and sharing cool things we as underworld fellows like, i am not any authority to judge either you or Danny about the things going on here mainly cuz im new no this and who am i to judge? if Danny does not really want to post then leave him... maybe if he does not want to write it may be better in some weird way.. but i hope we as a group can progress and surpass this .... best wishes :)

    1. Like I said, nothing here is actually that much credible, you aren't going to replace Danny as part of the Underworld Trio, you are part of Underworld as a friend and contributor to our blog, no need to worry it's all okeii :) - Ricardo