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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vandal Savage

Kaiser Nebur reporting to duty here from a time back ago… today i am speaking about one of the smartest, vilest, dangerous, cruelest, and coolest villain in the entire DC multiverse if you`re not guessing now i will present to you Mr . Savage!

Vandal savage was a caveman (not a neanderthal) born about like 50000 or so years ago, he was the leader of the aggressive blood . in a common day a meteor crashed in the earth the cavemen of his tribe feared the meteor and escaped from it ( kind of obvious if you are a caveman and see a fire rock falling from the sky you would probably die out of fear), however one caveman did not dear the meteor instead he touched it gaining the powers of a really freaking fast healing and immortality, and from then on this caveman became Vandal Savage and immortal vandal that spreads anarchy, violence and confusion among mankind. Vandal savage has been known throughout history as the cute persons of : Licinus, Alexander the great ,Ghegis Khan, Julius Caesar, Black Beard and Vlad von Dracula or the impaler to some , Napoleon Bonaparte , this is just to name a few of the incarnations savage has taken, he has across history…. Just to name a fun fact he also was a “close friend” to Adolph Hitler in world war II.

His very first recorded act of violence is the destruction of the utopian city of Atlantis just because he wanted to, next i could name all the anarchy he caused after the middle age as Napoleon, Vlad, Hitler`s BUDDY AND SO ON… BUT THE POINT IS CLEAR HE REALLY
HAS DONE REALLY SCARY CRAP ALL THE TIME HE HAS LIVED… during the 40 `s he was a common enemy of the justice society of america . and then on the 90`s and the new millennium he was a great foe to the justice league of america.

Some time during the 80`s he fell in love with a brazilian woman and had a daughter with her, however his consort did not wanted her daughter Scandal (pretty cool name huh?) to come closet of her dad for the fear of her becoming a monster like him, however Scandal gained some of his dad`s skills like a freaking fast regeneration and by her words :”damn hard to get killed”.

He later joined the secret society of supervillains led by Lex Luthor however he later left the group after acknowledging that his daughter scandal Savage plotted to take down the society with the secrte six, wether vandal did this because of the love to his daughter or just for another reason is unknown. After knowing her daughter is a lesbian (you weren't expecting this huh?) he became mad at her and demanded her to give him a heir worthy to follow his steps , however Scandal refused and ended fighting her dad and eventually beat him, but not killing him since he is a darn immortal.

Vandal Savage is currently plotting to take down the current spectre Crispus Allen for some reasons involved with Cain. There are rumors that savage is actually quite an inventor since he invented : violence,anarchy, totalitarianism, cannibalism, manipulation and so on continues the list….


Superhuman strenght: well being a caveman sure gives him the ability to hit really hard and kick like no one

Superhuman endurance: he endured a kick from flash that could cut in half a hippo and survived with Little damage after crashing with a bus.

Genius level of intellect: savage`s strongest weapon by far… living around 52.000 years has given him vast knowledge about the world in many issues like science,politics, philosophy, tactics, physics , mechanics, and manipulation, he virtually has lived every battle and strategy.

Immortality: basically this guy will be around forever….

Super fast regeneration: he regenerates as fast as wolverine.

Skilled martial artist: Vandal Savage knows basically every martial art known and unknown by man making even for batman to be on par with him in a clean fight.


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