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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally :)

Nice reply, personally I'm not gonna delete the post NOR any comment posted about it, why? becuz I dont give a damn :) I do care if it is someone trying to mock me or any friend of mine, but other than that its fun to see :P I didn't feel like expanding this mainly becuz of doubt that you'd respond, but since you fell for the bait, we can now clarify things like they should... why not ask personally? I know this guy, at first he'll simply lazy his way out of it and of course not revealing any true intentions, the only way to make him talk is by saying something SO goddamned stupid the he feels the URGE to reply , that way he'll cheer up and respond just becuz its fun (in this case, I used a pair of rather empty insults of past things I recall that I or somebody else used as a joke :P) So becuz some people asked me to wrap this episode up, and I'll use Danny's words, to entertain our readers, here's the response to the last post made by fellow Underworlder Danny :) Ohh and nice Aizen phrase, like it :D

1) No, I didn't state that you were unable to believe me becuz of your superiority complex. I just stated that you have it... and before you plan on something, I dont give a damn what you bring in order to disapprove it or deny it, still people deny this kind of stuff just becuz they dont feel they have it so same point here, I'll still think that way, it is my personal opinion based on what I perceive if you wish, I'm not saying it is bad, just stating it, the way you take it is of no concern to me, I just state my facts. Now on to the image, I'll correct you, Shawn was explaining the GL lore to YOU, I already had my certain share of it myself, I didn't have the Red Lantern symbol on my cel at the time of that post, I had the one from the Black Lanterns, after I read that post, I liked the Red Lanterns symbol so I saved it as well as the rest of the post for safekeeping, then a few days later Shawn told me the Black Lanterns didn't exist anymore, so then I changed it to the Red Lantern one, but it was after you deleted that post, I didn't have it nor saw it before that. Yet again I state that I don't care if you believe me or not, I'm just stating the facts to what you stated before. If it seems pretty convenient or one in a ghost of a chance, same philosophy, I just care about the facts, not the assumptions, yet again, its your problem if you dont wanna believe me, I remember this kind of stuff as accurately as possible for anything that may happen so I'm confident on what I said. Ohh wait about the hacing part, I said that it may have been possible to it have been hacked becuz I doubted that you or Pérez made that post just to mock me, I do know that you took that one post down to help me (still I state I didn't wrote it) and even if you think hacking the blog is worthless, people can do much things over a grudge.

2) -.-'' Damn its a way of saying, I didnt say that you did cry over them -.-'' Anyways I didn't slam them SO strongly as you claim, I know I slam the Infernity Archfiend but it wasn't with force (If you get to play with some of my friends, you'd know what a real slam is) So I take the right to make oblivious case to your reasoning in here, becuz we have different ideas on the amount of force used and a discussion wont take us nowhere.

3) This is one of the empty jokes I used to get your attention, I recall that I joked you about this and you said it was true (obviously still joking becuz you knew it was a joke) :P And seriously stalk you 24/7?!? Are you fking kidding me? The answer is no.

4) This is the second empty joke to get your attention... and I think you got it wrong, when I said you showed no interest in girls I meant in the way of girlfriends, not that you were asexual or something -.-'' And yeah, I already know that, and you should know I know that becuz you were the one to say it, but ohh well I guess you are just too lazy to recall that or felt like I was trying to insult you :P

5) He made it a two-point mark, I'll simply unite it becuz both are short :P I'll just comment the bad memory as to being not precisely that. What I think is simply that Danny is so lazy he rather just forget about stuff... which I can understand quite frankly becuz I sometimes do the same. Difference is that Danny prefers to forget everything and be calm, I'd rather remember little stuff that seem unimportant to others becuz they may serve me well, like replying to Danny's statements and accusations in any case. If Danny does the same or anything but just keeps it to himself its his problem not mine.... and yeah I know it probably isn't the best grammar around but I do my best :P 

And about the traffic source, I did knew that, but I didn't let that hinder my work becuz I never really expected that all our views on the marker came from people who read our blog entirely, not many do so, but what drives me to continue is for those who DO read our blog becuz they like what we have to offer, that's the reason I feel it is worth it to continue here. And thanks Danny that's what I wanted to know, if these two are truly the reason you stopped writing then ohh well you are welcomed anytime as long as you give out good material :) I just wanted to make sure it wasn't for that idiotic reason that you didn't believe me, becuz if that's the real reason then I have nothing more to say to you other than I thought you knew better.

ALSO if you have the need to answer something back for any reason or whatever, talk to ME, don't use the blog becuz officially this is where this dies and we resume normal posting activities coming from a post from Pérez if I recall the order correctly.

Thanks for those people who support our blog and for the ones who bother to request things over to me, try checking out our Youtube Channel Underworld HN so you can laugh at Danny's voice and check out some other vids we have to offer :) 

That's all there needs to be here, see ya later Underworlders :)
I am Akuma! And I'll teach you the meaning of pain! - Akuma's SSFIV Intro

Taken from Super Street Fighter IV, to which I'm gonna review the 3DS version :)
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  1. read the thread and i like it, but i dislike the conflict however you try to unite and make things better, yhat is really a cool thing to do-

    1. Lol that was my idea, to clear things out, I had to get a little extreme but I knew no harm would be made out of that becuz we joke about things like that all the time, but I feel I can say it was a successful mission :) Thx for the comment hope you stick around with us :D - Ricardo