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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Watashi no turn!!! Danny here people, glad to be coming back to posting in here, hope that you two havent had much pain dealing with my fellow co-bloggers...joking joking. What I am going to write about this time is one duelist in particular that has come to my attention recently, well I am sure that many serious Yu-gi-oh players from the United States and those that watch videos on it on Youtube also. I am talking no less than about Dragonduelistgirl!

I first saw a video on her while looking for video reviews about the Extreme Victory set that was some months ago, what caught my attention however was her decklist video on the suggestions rack of Youtube, after watching the deck and a few of her duels I got interested in the Disaster Dragon Deck.

This girl is an awesome player, she has years playing with her dragon deck and has become a true dread for anyone who comes against her in a duel. I really recommend her videos to everybody interested in Yu-gi-oh videos and specially for those that have, would like to have or plan on having a dragon-based deck, she is the expert on this. Ricardo(AKA Judini) has gotten some good ideas for the Hopeless Dragon deck that he is right now putting together although making sure not to copy her, after all originality is what makes each duelists deck special and unique.

Here is the link to her Youtube Channel, everybody please visit and if you wish to subscribe, lets support Yu-gi-oh fellow players!:


Not only is this girl good at the card game and awesome in her videos, but she is also the owner of a card shop! For everybody that wants to order structure decks, boxes, play mats and most importantly singles you can get them right here and by watching her videos you even get a discount on your purchases!


I know what all of you are thinking, that we get some kind of reward for putting this in our blog. Well Ill have to disappoint you there, but this was just because I think that she is one amazing duelist and because I want to support those serious Yu-gi-oh players who contribute so much to the game.

Well on other news I thank each and every one of you who has submitted a vote to my post. For those of you who dont know, or dont remember which one it is, since its understandable considering that we have two interactive polls going on right now, the reason for them is to gauge the support of our fans in order to plan future events, interviews and other things for you readers. My poll question is this: Which straight pairing do you give to ash?

Options: Misty, May, Dawn, Bianca, Bayleef, Latias and Iris.

If you wish to support our blog please be so kind as to send your answer(s) to my e-mail:, the winner pairing will get a special post done for it in here. A total of 57 votes have been counted so far, thank you!!

When you are up high, all the stuff that looks confusing and messed up... suddenly becomes crystal clear.

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