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Friday, August 26, 2011

September 2011 Yu-gi-oh! Banlist

Yare yare...seems like I have been lazing off from posting havent I?...Wrong, actually the reason for my lack of posting is because right now I am working on the Pokemon Interactive Poll that I started a while ago, thanks to all the people who voted...for those who didnt I hope you participate next time, and I am pleased to say that the voting is now closed and the post will be up as soon as I have finished it. I plan on making it the best post that has ever been made in Underworld Honduras so I hope you look forward to it.

Now about this post...I imagine all of you Yu-gi-oh players out there know that next week we are entering the new format of September 1, 2011. What is interesting about this format are the changes that it will bring to all the current gameplay in general, so be sure to tune up your decks in order to play this new format.

HERE is the new banlist on the official Yu-gi-oh! site.

Ill talk about some of the most interesting changes that we see in this new list and how they could affect the gameplay.

This is one of the cards that I dont fully understand why they were banned. I suppose that it is to level
the fight between meta and anti-meta decks out there, now that I am complaining, this was a major drawback
to using Gladiator Beasts, once Oppression was on the field your game was as good as over unless you have an MST in your hand. What I dont like about this is that the game is becoming focused on special summoning, and what with Xyz coming up soon, Royal Oppression might have been the card to even things out. I still retain my doubts about this one...

This is one card I got several questions about, why are they banning Giant Trunade while Heavy Storm is coming back, the Trunade returns them to the hand allowing them to be used later on while Heavy Storm destroys them and its over. Now think about this, all the OTK decks out there used Giant Trunade to clear the field before they strike, there is nothing that stops cards from going back to the hand so Stardust Dragon wont negate it, nor will other destruction-prevention cards. Another possible reason is that Swords of Revealing Light is now at two, so Giant Trunade would let you be protected from attacks for a maximum of 8 turns if you use it to return the Swords to the hand. Those are 8 turns that would be more than enough to get your monsters set for the play that you wanted.
Everybody take out Giant Trunade from your decks and add this little one. This is the dark hole of magic and trap cards and is now at one, so I am pretty sure this will be the new staple for every deck. Now why would they remove Trunade and add this one? Pretty simple, Stardust Dragon and Starlight Road, both of which I am sure will be run like crazy from now on, try using Heavy Storm to wipe out the opponents 3-4 trap cards and they chain you the Starlight Road, your card will be negated and they get a free Stardust Dragon. Trunade couldnt be negated by these cards so its rather easier to fight back Heavy Storm than Trunade. However be sure, if your opponent hasnt got anything to stop the Storm all their savior traps will be blown away and theyll get a hard hit on their strategy, no Mirror Force/Torrential for them!
And now the main show of this format: Chaos is back! No, all of you OTK-addicts, you wont be getting Chaos Emperor Dragon until Konami thinks up of something even more broken than it or priority gets taken away, but at least youll be getting the Black Luster Soldier to pull out the famous plays that Chaos decks are famous for. However this card comes with a drawback, and that is that EVERYBODY wants to run a friggin chaos deck now, leaving originality at 0. Even though this cards were all-mighty in their time its really annoying to see that everybody is desperately trying to change their decks in order to fit this card, even if it comes at the price of ruining the strategy of it. People, be creative! If you want to make a Chaos deck, thats fine, but netdecking is just stupid, make your own version of Chaos and show people why its so feared!!

Well I am pretty sure we could make this a very very long post if we talked about each and every one of the changes that have been made to the banlist, but because I dont want to tire you out with too long of a post about this, Ill let you see the opinion of two very well known YugiTubers, for those who dont know what that is...use logic...Yu-gi-oh and Youtube...but anyways here Ill show you their opinions on the matter, you make your own conclusions about the new format.



Well that is all for today, thank you very much for reading us. Investigate on your own about the new banlist and be sure to prepare for next week. This is certainly the craziest format we have seen in a long time so take advantage of it!

"El hombre no puede crear sin dar primero algo a cambio"

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