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Monday, August 8, 2011

1st Ever Underworld Honduras Interactive Poll Results (MK Top 10 Fatalities)

What's happening you silly Underworlders? Getting too beated up? Well I've got the cure..... see others get beaten up xD Nahh I'm joking, but finally here it is, the Top 10 MK Fatalities!!! You may be wondering why I took so long? Yeah, I forgot to erase the account and I received 500 more votes, and becuz I couldn't get rid of them and didn't want to be mean, I included them as well, so here it is the FINAL final version of the results of the 1st Ever Underworld Honduras Interactive Poll Results!! I'm gonna take you on a wild ride and get ready becuz this is....

NUMBER 10!!! Quan Chi's Leg Beat MK4 (70 votes)
Well check this out, Quan Chi takes "Why you hitting yourself??" to a whole new level!!
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 I love how Quan Chi keeps beating the hell out of them even after they are grounded, I also liked that the guy is still screaming in pain of the blows, I also feel this fatality got ruined in MK9 :/

NUMBER 9!!! Havik's Homerun MKD (99 votes)
What's up with you people and leg beats? This is kind off based on Quan Chi's fatality but a has a new twist...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Lol at this one, it's hilarious and gruesome at the same time, I also like it that the scream cuts off right after Havik homeruns their head off, other than that, same as Quan Chi.

NUMBER 8!!! Kratos's Blades of Olympus MK9 (101 votes)
Well, he may be a guest character, but his Fatality kicks ass, one of the most gruesome in MK9...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 It's gory, it's brutal, it is all what you expect from the Spartan Ghost Kratos.

NUMBER 7!!! Shao Kahn's Great Divide MK9 (102 votes)
The Emperor is big, bad, and kicks your ass, and his Fatality just makes his reputation even easier to believe...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Just try to argue why this should be lower, if you do, Shao Kahn himself wants a word with you xD

NUMBER 6!!! Johnny Cage's Nut Overkill MKSM (126 votes)
He literally nut punches the crap out of you until he makes sure you are completely unable to have any kids..... or legs...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 You may be wondering why I keep with the fatality ratings if you believe they are all gonna be 5/5..... well you'll be in for a surprise ;)

NUMBER 5!!! Reptile's Head Eat MK2 (150 votes)
Hell, this is what we call, being too lazy to go to the fridge and we eat the first thing we have at reach..... this case, your head :)
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Why the original was used over the remixed version in MK9? Well, ask the voters, some of them like this version better becuz of the distinctive "mmm" sound that Reptile makes after he eats the head. ;)

NUMBER 4!!! Noob Saibot's Make a Wish MK9 (157 votes)
Well, Noob Saibot shows why being capable of bringing your shadow to life might be helpful :P
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Gruesome so it's awesome, also kind off a foreshadowing, as Noob-Smoke did something similar to try to kill Sub-Zero in the netherealm in MKD, got saved by Sareena.

NUMBER 3!!! Liu Kang's Inner Dragon MKSM (201 votes)
Well, why MKSM version? Maybe it really shows off a really ferocious dragon when they attempt to run away :P
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Lol, never really liked Liu, but the victim trying to run away from this giant dragon is just hilarious!!

NUMBER 2!!! Kung Lao's Razor's Edge MK9 (352 votes)
Talk about pain, damn this Fatality really has got to hurt!
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Kung Lao, for buzzsawing the crap out of Quan Chi.... you da man :D

Damn, if I hadn't admitted those extra votes, Scorpion would have taken a 76-vote lead over Sub-Zero, unluckily, Sub-Zero managed to caught up, and they ended tied, remember that you could send up to 3 Fatalities in one mail, so yeah this is possible, anyways, just enjoy the show :p
FATALITY RATING BOTH: 5/5 Self explanatory, complete awesomeness.

This are 3 Fatalities that almost made the cut, but for some reason or another they couldn't...

Ermac's Telekinetic Slam MKD
USER COMMENTS: One of my personal favorites, almost can't believe it didn't make it :(
Kano's Eat your Heart Out MK9
USER COMMENTS: Taken from Scorpion, in a trailer Scorpion used this on Sub-Zero and it was given to Kano in-game. Kano also has Scorpion's original throw..... Does Kano wants to shout get over here as well?
RATING: 3/5 I feel it goes way too fast :/
Hotaru's Leg Slam MKD
USER COMMENTS: I don't know you people, but I feel he stole this from Ermac, and since he didn't have telekinetic powers, decided to slam them by the leg.... same idea, different method.
RATING: 4/5 I like it but feeling it the same as Ermac's takes it down.
This Fatalities were never even mentioned in the more than 2000 votes they sent me, and just wanted to show you :P

Frost's Overfreeze MKDA
RATING: 2/5 She was created just for the sake of a female character.... too bad, I really liked Frost :(

Kenshi's Eye Popper MKDA
RATING: 1/5 It goes insanely slow, you get bored right at the middle of it and you dont really feel the emotion of beating your opponent.
Tanya/Hotaru Triple Neckbreak MK4/MKD
RATING: 2/5 It isn't THAT bad, but they feel made just to fill the need of a Fatality.

I invite you to vote on the Ash's best match up that fellow co-blogger Danny is making, if 2000 of you could send me 2000 Fatalities, well I think it is safe to say you can help Danny out, plz support the site, we aren't asking for donations or anything but we want you to take part of Underworld Honduras and currently this is one of the easiest ways to do so, so plz send your vote to Danny's mail and be part of the Underworld movement :D

This is it for now, hope you enjoyed this Fatality fest!! Cya next time Underworlders!!!
Hey you!! Yeah you! I'm down here busting my ass while you sit on yours watching me jump around?? I hardly see how's that fair.... Deadpool MvC3 xD

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