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Monday, August 22, 2011

Nintendo News & Rumors #1

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty! I've decided to make two more types of posts (I did videogames, manga/animé and comics), Nintendo news and TCG's. My Nintendo News posts are gonig to be bi-weekly, having a new edition every Monday and Thursday. For my first Nintendo News  Rumors post, I'm going to give you a summary of last week's most important news and rumors.

#1 Possible Massive Single Player Online Game of Animal Crossing
Nintendo filed a US patent application in 2010, and as of last week, it has been published. This patent is for the idea of a «massively single-player online» game that sounds very much like an advanced version of Animal Crossing. :D

#2 N3DS is rapidly getting more sales in Japan
According to Enterbrain, Japan has sold 214,821 3DS’s since August 8th, most notably hitting a huge spike in sales on August 11th as a result of the significant price drop of 10,000 yen, which brought the cost down to 15,000 yen.
214,821 sales in one week marks the system’s second highest weekly total, just behind the 371,326 units sold during launch week. In total, the 3DS has sold 1,521,326 units. :D (Watch out PS VITA!)

#3 Zone of the Enders 3DS???
Game Developer Hideo Kojima tweeted the picture below from the desk of Takahiro Omori, who has worked on Zone of the Enders and Metal Gear Solid. This is a strong indication that Zone of the Enders will be coming to the 3DS, assuming that “ZOE 3DS” in the background of the picture refers to a future title, such as Zone of the Enders 3DS.

#4 New Wii Version for Europe
This Wii redesign will not make use of any GameCube games or GameCube controllers. The new model eliminates Gamecube from the Wii and takes away all backward compatibility. If you want to make sure your Wii will have backward compatibility, I suggest you guys to purchase a Wii as soon as possible (assuming you don’t already own one :P), or buy this model and buy a GameCube, whichever is cheaper for you. :)

#5 TLOZ: Skyward Sword Finally Has A Release Date!!!!
Yes, you read right. Nintendo announced TLOZ: SS release date! November 18 for Europe and November 20 for America! The golden WiiMote will also be released around those days... :D

#6 New Trailers
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights (3DS)

Star Fox 64 3D Special Vehicles

Tekken 3D

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Pokémon Rumble Blast

Resident Evil: Revelations

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