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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Presenting PS-360 News

What's happening forum? Today, since we are supposed to be covering all three different companies out there and Perez took the matters into his own hands (Nintendo), I guess someone should cover for the other two companies, and who better for that than the hybrid otaku-gamer that you know as Judini/Ricardo? So yeah, since I'm an all-rounder, I'll be covering the news on both the PS3 and the X-Box 360 (Sony/Microsoft respectively), just for the sake to be ok with the three companies out there. Depending on how activity is going, I'll be posting news every Tuesday and Saturday, trying my best to be up to date with the news and bringing them on the scheduled dates. If there's some news that I didn't post here, feel free to post it as a comment, I'll give you the credit obviously for your contribution ;)

All right then, let's rock....

1) Mortal Kombat: Arcade Collection, available worldwide tomorrow!!!

Creative Director and co-creator of MK Ed Boon, has given his thumbs up on this exciting proposition, today for the PS Plus users, tomorrow for all at just $9.99 at PS Store and 800 Microsoft points at X-Box Live. This kollection brings three klassics from the MK origins (MK1, MK2, and UMK3), and will have online gameplay, trophies/achievements, online leaderboard, and much more!! I, as the hardcore MK fan that I am, am very excited about this news, and would undoubtly buy it....... unluckily I have no funds :( But you enjoy this awesome piece of art ;)

2)God of War Origins Demo available for PS Plus users.
That's right...... those Kratos fans out there will be able to live Kratos' past with this game...... as far as I know :P This game supposely coversthe part of Kratos life that hasn't been covered yet..... how he became the ruthless spartan he is now, I believe it still hasn't been given an official release date, but as soon as I get it, I'll be sure to inform it to you guys :D

3)Dreaming with Mirror's Edge 2.......
It has been said by EA DICE's Lars Gustavsson, commenting about the Faith series, that even though it is well received by fans and stuff, they are still dreaming with continue work on that universe, but it still hasn't been scrapped completely, so it is possible for it to come and that he misses it as he misses Mirror's Edge 2 (hence the title lol). They also learned about the comments from Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach, that 3D maybe isn't just completely safe to explore at the moment.

I still don't have many sources so this is what I got so far, I had some other news but unluckily I couldn't find details, hence I would only show titles -.-''

Sorry on that one, if you know where I can find any news, you are welcome to suggest them ;)

Until next time Underworlders!!!
As you are, you can't win. -Itachi Uchiha


  1. Not enough sources?! Shame on U!!! Looks like perez only with nintendo can get more news than you with TWO companies! BTW, what happened to the nintendo post of last thursday and this monday? He said he would post them every monday and thursday...

  2. yeah, not enough sources, and its worse that they are 2 companies actually, becuz I have to get the info from different places, and they really don't have many interesting stuff unless you are completely on it, actually I only possess MK related news, if you want that find with me :D....... mmm about that, he got cut off connection, so he couldn't work around it, thursday he'll continue -Judini/Ricardo