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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'll teach you the meaning of pain!

Hallou people of the Underworld, Draconic Emperor Ricardo here, I know this wasn't supposed to be my post but Pérez told me something so stupid about the reason he hasn't made his post yet I decided to make this myself -.-'' Anyways this time around I'm really hyped becuz of the expectation and desire I have to play Street Fighter x Tekken, it seems incredibly awesome (as a fan of fighting games, of Tekken games, and of Street Fighter games) and the OST i got is incredible. Anyways, this combined with the extreme play I've given Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, inspired me to make a post about my favorite character of the Street Fighter world, that of course being the Master of the Fist Akuma AKA Gouki in Japan. So hang tight, go for broke, cuz I'll take you on a wild ride!!

He made his debut as a secret character and secret boss in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, canonically he's Gouken's baby brother and Ryu's adoptive uncle (or if you wanna follow fanfics, he's Ryu's father xD).
His outfit consists of a black gi (sometimes seen as a dark blue-ish or purpl-ish depending on how you wanna see it) tied up with a rope (formerly black belt). His hair is red and pointy, which he has tied up with a rope at the top, he sports his deceased master and father's (Goutetsu) prayer bead around his neck, awesome crimson eyes (I wish I could have crimson eyes T_T) and also he can show a red glowing kanji () in his back during certain win poses (this is the "ten" kanji, also said to mean sky/heaven). Yeah I know, I would love to have a red glowing kanji on my back, probably the dragon kanji xD Ohh also a curious fact, he's ONE inch taller than Ryu :O

As you can imagine, Akuma is incredibly powerful, a talented warrior, and a cold individual. His only reason of existance is to fight other warriors the he deems worthy of a battle to the death, and to further hone his skills as the Master of the Fist. His training comes before anything else, and he'll not stop it to warn off little kids playing around his training ground, if they get wounded or killed, Akuma shall take no responsability (talk about a "Warning: Akuma Training Grounds" sign xD). He is devoid of any emotions apart from fits of rage every now and then, and he deals seriously with those who dare to interrupt his training. He likes to battle strong opponents in order to test his strength. Of those he has deemed worthy we can include Gen and Oro btw. But nevertheless, he never uses his true power, he always holds back becuz he knows there isn't almost anyone who can withstand his full power. He hates Gouken for not using Ansatsuken (the fighting style they learned from Goutetsu) as he feels was the original idea, and also hates him for sealing off Ryu's satsui no hadou, claiming Ryu will never reach his true potential, and cancelling his fight with Ryu, as he feels only a true practictiones of the satsui no hadou can hope to defeat him. He refers to himself as a denizen of hell  and also as the evil incarnate, and for most people, he is (completely awesome ;D).

Akuma abides by the "Code of the Warrior", he fights to hone his skills, he fights opponents which he considers strong or have the potential to be the best, and rarely but not never fights to gauge someone else's abilities. Even though he killed Goutetsu and Gouken (supposedly), he did so in combat, so he didn't broke the code. This still implies during fights, as he decided to abandon a match with Gen after discovering the latter suffered from a lethal illness. Also he fought Ryu in Street Fighter Alpha 2 to test Ryu's combat prowess and help him develop the satsui no hadou, and in SF3 Third Strike he fought Oro in order to test himself. Even though he prefers a nice combat, he's not unwilling to viciously sneak attack someone, like he did to M. Bison (Dictator) and Gill. Some say it was becuz the Satsui no Hadou is corrupting his ways, I say he simply felt Bison and Gill were purely evil and decided to give them a good finishing technique for the measure.

Shin Akuma (True Demon in Japan) is Akuma whilst releasing ALL of his power. Shin Akuma is usually faster, stronger, and better suited for situations than regular Akuma. But Shin Akuma feels the sting of being a glass cannon more than the regular Akuma (glass cannon refers to a character that does excellent damage but in exchange receives a lot of damage from attacks), but sometimes that doesn't matter becuz Shin Akuma can kill you faster than you can say ohh crap! Lol, Akuma also has another alter ego called Cyber Akuma (Mech Gouki) which was the boss of Street Fighter vs X-Men I think, he feels like Shin Akuma, but his moves are changed to be more robotic, and also he has an aerial Shun Goku Satsu named Shining Gou Shock. He appears in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (also in Ultimate MVC3), the newest Street Fighter x Tekken, Capcom vs SNK series, and the list goes on xD

AKUMA'S MOVES!! (When I go through the super arts, I'll say the original move and at the side the name received for Cyber Akuma)
Go Hadoken (normal Hadoken)
Zanku Hadoken (air Hadoken)
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (hurricane kick)
Go Shoryuken (dragon uppercut)
Ashura Senkuu (teleport move)
Demon Flip (can go for a grab, a punch or a Tenma kuujinkyaku)
Tenma Kuujinkyaku (the aerial move where he suddenly sticks out his foot downward and falls fast to the ground, allows for combos afterwards)

Super Arts
Messatsu - Gou Hadou (super hadoken)     /  High Mega Gou Beam
Tenma Gou Zankuu (super air hadoken)      / Thunder Gou Shower
Messatsu - Gou Shoryu (super dragon fist)  /  Scramble Gou Punch
Messatsu - Gou rasen (upwards hurricane kick) / Scramble Gou Passen
Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder)        / Shining Gou Shock
Shin Shun Goku Satsu (True Instant Hell Murder)
Misogi (Something like he jumps, homes on you then falls down and shoves your face to the ground :P)
Tenshou Kaireki Jin (his 2nd ultra from SSFIV)
Kongo Kokuretsu Zan (He slams his fist to the ground to create powerful shockwaves)

Well, I can't say I told you all, but you can get a glimpse of the awesomeness of Akuma, all what he has are things people like us want to have (Yeah i wanna shun goku satsu the hell out of people xD) But anyways I hope you enjoyed this little trip through Akuma's files and guess we'll check around in a couple of days... hopefully one of my partners lol.

That's all for today, see ya later Underworlders!!
This is Messatsu...
Draconic Emperor Ricardo


  1. really cool information... i`m not a follower or fan of Akuma.san but i admit this is a very good data her... anyway i hope you can keep posting interesting topics like this one to learn more about certain characters....

    1. learn to speak correctly before commenting please...