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Monday, August 26, 2013

Creepypasta Time :3

Hallou people of da Underworld! Rickz here coming up from some severe... ehh working conditions? Anyways, I'm still brainstorming on both my fanfics, and I think I might have to re-do the League of Legends one becuz I found one in and to my surprise, it looks pretty much the same except from maybe one or two different stuff, but I feel that if that idea is already taken, I might as well re-do it, maybe with another champion as the main or even an OC, if you have any idea please let me know :) The Yu-Gi-Oh one is pretty much original, haven't seen any like it, so that should stay the same I guess, anyways, since I have the brainstorming going on, I might as well treat you with some tasty Creepypastas :3 So hang on, I'm going to take you on a wild ride... and it's a HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME RUN!

Ohh but here are the links to the past Creepy series I've made :3


Pokémon Diamond. My most beloved game ever, the one I had beaten within days of getting it. I was well on my way to catching every Pokémon, only a few left. Whenever I was bored, I'd whip out my old DS and have a wander around with the Poke Radar, looking for the ones that had escaped my attention. It was taking a really long time, but I refused to cheat, and I didn't want to trade for it either. That just left the old fashioned way - good old man power.

It was roughly 1am. I have quite severe insomnia, making it impossible for me to sleep some nights. It was times like these that I would play Diamond to tire out my brain, and half the time it managed to induce sleep in me. Maybe it would work tonight.

Yawning softly, I booted up the game and went to try for 100 straight battles in the Battle Tower. I was at 48, but then lost to the Battle Tycoon. Damn him. I didn't have enough will power to try again, so I decided to instead go looking for Pokémon with the Poke Radar. I had never searched the first route, so I flew over there on my Crobat, making sure to leave three spaces free for any new Pokémon. I set to work.

It wasn't long before I found something. A Nidoran male. I held in a shout of excitement - I loved Nidoran, but didn't think you could get in this game. Without attacking, for I knew it would faint, I went straight to my bag and threw an Ultra Ball. Ultra Balls will always catch a Pokémon lower than level fifteen, I had discovered, and I wasn't proved wrong. Grinning, I named him Caro, after a rabbit I used to own. He was only level two, but I didn't mind; that was what training was for! I immediately took him to the Trophy Garden, my favourite place to train, and gave him the XP share. My Crobat easily defeated every Pokémon I faced, and Caro slowly rose through the levels until he was strong enough to stand on his own four paws. He was at level fifteen, and I knew they evolved at level sixteen into Nidorino, but I never really liked that Pokémon at all. I switched his XP share for an Everstone, and began to train him again. He was a very good battler, and I didn't have to heal him that often.
Soon Caro was level twenty three, and I was on my way out of the Trophy Garden to train somewhere higher
Spr 4d 172The little bastard.
levelled when I got into another battle. I thought that I might as well use the experience points, and let Caro go up against a Pichu, level seventeen. I thought I'd go first, but I didn't; the Pichu managed to hit me with Thunder Wave. Consequently, Caro was unable to move, which kind of ticked me off - I hated paralysis. 25% chance of not moving, my foot; it seemed my Pokémon were NEVER able to move when they got paralyzed. Because of this, I always carry around loads of Parlyz Heals, one of which I used to heal Caro. I waited for the Pichu to make its move, but it used Thunder Wave again. Okay, no sweat. Another Parlyz Heal. I once again waited for the Pichu's move, and cursed when it yet again used Thunder Wave. I was starting to get really pee'd off now, and as I used yet another Parlyz Heal I decided that if it used it again, I'd just forget the battle and go train somewhere else. The move Pichu used next? Thunder Wave.

Without another thought, I pressed 'Flee'. Upon returning to the Overworld I used a Parlyz Heal to get rid of Caro's remaining paralysis, and began to walk towards the Mansion. I hadn't gone two steps when I got into another battle. I cringed when I saw it was a Pichu, same level. I pressed 'Flee' again. I couldn't be bothered with this paralysis nonsense, and I was wasting my Parlyz Heals which cost hard-earned money. But...

'You can't escape!'

Oh, wonderful, that was. And when the Pichu used Thunder Wave again, that just made everything so much better. I kept using my Parlyz Heals; this Pichu would NOT beat me, no way! I'd fight it until he ran out of PP...!

Or I ran out of Heals. I looked at the empty space forlornly. No Parlyz Heals left. Sighing, I returned to the battle screen, pressing 'Flee' without much hope.

'You can't escape!'

I waited for the Pichu's attack, but it only used Thunder Wave again. Jeez, is that all Pichu's learn?! I began to grow uneasy as the same four lines kept flashing up on my screen...

'Caro is paralyzed! It may be unable to move!'

'Caro is paralyzed! It can't move!'

'The wild PICHU used Thunder Wave!'

'Caro is already paralyzed!'

This repetitive dialogue began to fill me with fear. There was no way Thunder Wave had that many Power Points. Holding my breath, I pressed 'Flee'...

'You can't escape!'

Oh, yippee. I awaited the Pichu's Thunder Wave...

'The wild PICHU fled!'

Oh, thank the Lord! I breathed a sigh of relief as I finally returned to the Overworld. I walked quickly out through the Mansion, heading towards Veilstone City. For some reason my screen kept glitching, like when your Pokémon is poisoned, but I knew none of my team had a status condition except Caro, and he was paralyzed.

I made my way to the Pokémon Centre, eager to get Caro healed up.

'Hello! Welcome to the Pokémon Centre. We restore your Pokémon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokémon?'

No. I came here to admire the view.

'Okay, we'll take your Pokémon for a few seconds.'

'Oh? Your Caro...'

Huh? This wasn't part of the normal script...

'He has been permanently damaged.'

WHAT?! What do you mean, he's been 'damaged'? Give me some more information, lady!

'Thank you for waiting. We've restored the rest of your Pokémon to full health.'

Yeah, yeah, I bow back to you, and I don't hope to see you again because that means my Pokémon have been hurt. God, what does it take to get good help around here...?

I opened up my party and, to my shock, Caro was still paralyzed. I felt anger fill me. Can't a stupid virtual nurse do her job properly?! Grumbling, I went over the Pokemart and replaced all of my lost Parlyz Heals. I immediately went to use one on Caro.

'It won't have any effect.'

What? Do you mean... Did it mean that Caro was paralyzed for life? That I couldn't heal him? I went over to the PC. Placing a Pokémon in the PC got rid of status too. I deposited him, exited, then went back and got him out. He was still paralyzed. I shook my head, refusing to believe it. But I didn't care if he was paralyzed or not, I was going to make Caro a permanent member on my team! I sent him out to get trained again. After all, he could still attack 75% of the time, even if he was a little slower. In fact, I could use it to my advantage. I taught him Facade using a TM, a move which power doubles from 70 to 140 if the Pokémon was burnt, poisoned or paralyzed. Also there was the fact that he couldn't be frozen, put to sleep or burnt because he already had a status condition. Oh yes, I could use his disability very well.

I couldn't be bothered with training a paralyzed Pokémon, so I gave him the XP share and took him and five of my usual six to the Elite 4. After many run-throughs, and even more cancelled evolutions later, I got him all the way up to level fifty five. I took him to the Battle Tower and entered him for the double battles with three of my other team members. I put him up front with my Raichu as a partner. Raichu didn't last long - Earth Power from a Golem took him out immediately after he took out the opponent's Gyrados. I waited for Caro to attack.

'Caro is paralyzed! It will never move again!'

What?! Caro... What was wrong with you?! My opponent replaced Gyrados with Hitmonchan. I sent out my Crobat and told it to use Fly, telling Caro to use Horn Attack. However, my opponent's Hitmonchan moved firstwith Bullet Punch on Caro. It hardly took any of his HP though, thank God. Crobat flew up high, avoiding my opponent's Golem's Rock Tomb. Caro was next...

'Caro is paralyzed! It will never move again!'

Caro! Do something, anything! Don't just sit there! Crobat moved first, taking out Hitmonchan with a critical hit. Golem knocked out Crobat too, using Rock Tomb. And Caro's turn...

'Caro is paralyzed! Why won't you understand?'

Wait... It said a different message that time! I had passed it without thinking, meaning I never really grasped what it said. I sent out my final Pokémon, Mr. Mime. My opponent sent out Scyther. Mr. Mime used Grass Knot, getting rid of Golem, whilst Scyther used Fling, which unsurprisingly didn't faint Mr. Mime but burnt him, as the Scyther had been holding a Flame Orb. I already knew the gist of what Caro's turn would give me.

'Caro is paralyzed! But you don't care.'

Okay, that was not true! I did care, but what could I do? I couldn't heal him, and I couldn't switch him out either. Scyther used False Swipe at the start of that turn, taking Mr. Mime's health into the low red with a critical hit. And Mr. Mime used Encore. Caro's turn? You know what happened.

'Caro is paralyzed! Someone, please listen!'

Mr. Mime fainted from his burn that turn. That left Caro and the Scyther. The Scyther was of course forced to use False Swipe, which took Caro to 1 HP, but of course no lower.

'Caro is paralyzed! It is in extreme pain!'

The worst thing was, the most I could do was nothing. I had no other Pokémon, the Scyther was stuck on Encore and Caro couldn't attack. I was left watching the same text scrolling...

'The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

'Caro is paralyzed! It is grimacing and crying...'

"The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

'Caro is paralyzed! Why are you doing this?'

'The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

Caro is paralyzed! Stop this torture!'

'The foe's encore ended!'

Oh, thank God for that! Now I can finally get out of this horrible, torturous loop...

'The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

'Caro is paralyzed! PLEASE LET ME DIE!'

Why wouldn't it use a different move?! The encore had ended; it was free to do anything... I found myself weeping silently, horrified at what I had done to Caro. Forcing him to battle, when he couldn't do anything... Over and over again, those same two lines, Scyther using false Swipe and Caro begging for death, until...

'The foe's SCYTHER used Mercy Strike!'

'Caro fainted!'

I breathed a sigh of relief as Caro slid off the screen and I returned to the Overworld. Once outside, I went straight to the Pokemon Centre PC and went to Caro. I lingered over 'release'... Was it really the right thing to do? How would a paralyzed Nidoran survive in a world all alone? Without a prompt, the screen closed itself and I was greeted with the sight of Caro on my top screen. Well, greeted is hardly the right word. I stifled a scream as I looked upon his mangled form - Continuous yellow flashes came from him, and one of his ears was torn and bloodied. There were slashes all over his body. One of his eyes was tightly squeezed shut, crimson liquid pouring down from it. He appeared to be trying to speak from his sprite, mouth opening ever so slightly before closing again. Shaking faintly, his ruined eye opened to reveal a gaping hole, deep black and red. Even more of the life giving fluid ran out of the eyeless socket. As I watched, another tremor wracked his body and it sparked faintly.

'I want to die...'

The text that appeared at the bottom of the screen was understandable. I knew I would want to die if I were in that state.

'Kill me...'

"No!" I yelled in horror; how could it ask me to do that?

'Please... I'm suffering...'

I felt tears falling from my eyes as I slowly nodded. But I didn't know how I supposed to fulfil his wish. I wasn't kept waiting long. A Pokémon Battle started. Caro came out on the other side, but I wasn't given the option to send out a Pokémon. Instead it acted like the Safari Game. I was given only one option; 'Mercy Killing'. Without pause, I clicked it. The screen flashed black, and a sickening snap was heard. I didn't need to look at the screen to know what had happened, but I did anyway. Caro's eye was wide and staring, mouth open in a silent o. His neck was bent at a horrible, unnatural angle. I had broken his neck.

To this day, I have never forgotten Caro, and I still fear battling Pichu. I live in constant terror that I will relive this story, perhaps with one of my more dear friends that I travelled with on my original journey. I tell you all this story so you don't make the same mistake as me - Never, ever underestimate the severity of paralysis.

That poor Nidoran :'( Let's go on... *sniff* *sniff*


 It had been a while since I've played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is my favorite game of all time to this day, and I'm talking about the Nintendo 64 cartridge release. I never really owned my own cartridge, I shared it with my brother but when the Xbox console came out he switched to Xbox gaming. I had my own N64, and it was fire-orange.

My brother gave me his old OoT cartridge. I was very happy, he said, "Keep this game. I don't play it anymore and I don't want to sell it because I know you still love and play it." As soon as I held the cartridge in my hand, memories came rushing back into my mind, like the time it took me five years just to learn that you could put the Master Sword back, when I didn't know what the "eye of truth was," or the time I beat the game for the very first time. Nostalgia was among me.

I played the game, but I stopped playing it for a few years after a while. I was 10 years old, and decided to look in my closet for some old things or collectables that I used to have. Among searching, I found posters, a Link figure, some old clothes, as well as shoes; but I found something that intrigued me the most. The same Ocarina of Time cartridge I played a few years back. It had a lot of dust on it, so I decided to wipe it off. I wanted to see if it still worked, so I popped it into my N64 console and watched the N64 logo flash.

The title screen popped up and I decided to watch one of the scenes that happens when you leave the title screen put. I began to play, and noticed one of my older files. It was named "ASDFjdsk" Since I never knew how to read or care to name him. I decided to choose it and see what was in it. The game was complete, with every upgrade besides 12 Skultullas. I saved and quit the game and decided to start a new file, and named it "Link." The intro cutscene started and I was into the game.

I made lots of progress, some glitches happened, but I thought it was just the game conveying its age. One of the most strangest ones was Link's body glitching as if I tilted the cartridge, more strangely it did this when I went away to get something, such as a drink.

I progressed and obtained the Goron's Ruby, but I then remembered that I didn't get the Sun's Song. I decided to head up Death Mountain first to get the magic meter, and hitched a ride on that annoying owl to land on the house with the cow in it, it was night at this point so I ventured into the Graveyard.

I thought I had entered the Graveyard before because I got the Hylian Shield here, but the cutscene when you first came here played for some reason. I went up the huge tombstone in the back of the graveyard, and played Zelda's Lulluby. Link's body glitched again like described earlier, and when the tombstone exploded, it didn't play a sound effect. Link didn't scream either, all that played was the glitchy noise that occurs when you mess with the cartridge. I entered the Royal Family tomb.

Upon entering, it seemed normal. I killed the Keese to unlock the door, but then a message box appeared and said, "One within the House of the Dead..."

I didn't exactly remember this, since it had been forever since I touched the game. I thought it was normal and proceeded into the door. I then made an angry sigh, since I knew Redeads were in this room. I walked slowly and quietly to the next area, and looked back for a moment to see a Redead appear then disappear quickly.

I ignored it and read the stone, and it told me to play the Sun's Song. I pressed the song's button pattern, > C V C ^ C, and the cutscene played. However, when it played, it didn't turn day in the cutscene, it remained night.

A text box appeared when I returned to playing and it read:

"An alternative route is a descent into the darkness."

I assumed that it meant to head back into the Redead room. I went back into the room and played the Sun's Sung to freeze the Redeads, and killed them for the hell of it. However, upon reaching the door, the Redead scream happened over and over again, and kept me frozen. Then a mysterious Shadow like body ran up behind Link and grabbed him, kind of like the figure in the Nocturne of Shadow cutscene.

The game flickered to a black screen, and I was spawned into a different tomb. There was a light fog on the floor, and appeared to be very eerie. Blood was on the walls, just like in the Shadow Temple and in the Bottom of the Well. The Shadow Temple music was playing in reverse, in a very low pitch.

There were also pictures of a strange head being lifted from the ground, similar to the walls in the Shadow Temple. Link didn't have any of his items or equipment, but his tunic appeared to be a more desaturated green... The grave had only four walls, and looked very similar to the Royal Tomb.

However, there was no warp out of the grave, or anything to do in it. A vibe came upon me, and it felt as if they wanted Link to die. A box of dialogue appeared and said:

"Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred... An alternative route is a descent into the darkness..."

I could've sworn I had seen this text before, then I felt like I was being watched. There were chains dangling from the ceiling also, as well as a twitching Dead Hand body on the floor, which really got me the most. I walked up to it and it said "Check," and I pressed A. The text box was blank, and played a low pitched Poe voice with an echo, then his body disappeared.

I was in the tomb for several hours trying to figure out what to do. I noticed a strange script on a wall, and all it said was, "If someone with an evil mind has his wish granted, the world will be consumed by evil... If you want to see a ferry to the other world, come here..." I reluctantly went to the wall, and Link walked through it. All that was in there was the Lens of Truth.

After receiving it, another box of dialogue appeared and said, "One who gathers the Eye of Truth will be able to see what is hidden in the darkness..." I equipped the Lens to a C button, and used it. I saw spirits of people who have died... I talked to them and they all said, "An alternative route is a descendent into darkness..."  I tried to comprehend what it was trying to tell me.

The Redead scream happened and I was spawned into the basement of the Bottom of the Well. Link's skin started to become pale. The Shadow Temple music played, but only the chants were heard. Poes were laughing in a low pitch in the background, along with Redead moaning.

I walked around the room and saw a chest placed there, which appeared to be a boss key chest. I opened it, and I received a bottled Big Poe. The text underneath it said:


I couldn't get rid of the Poe, all it said, "This item doesn't seem to work here..." One of Dead Hand's Hands came up and grabbed Link, and dragged him into the ground.

I spawned into Dead Hand's room, but Link's hands were attached to a chain suspending from the ceiling. Link's face had a dark shadow underneath his hair, as if he were depressed... Dead head came out of the ground, but no music played. The only sound that played was him moving, along with the sounds of blades dropping. Dead Hand slowly walked toward Link, and Link looked at him with his depressed look.

A text box appeared, and seemed to be Link talking, "P-please hurry... It won't last long..." after this, Link made the sound when he dies. Dead Hand began to attack him, then the low-pitched Poe laugh reverberated. Link didn't make a sound, it were as if he were already dead. Link's body then fell from the ceiling, and it was lifeless. His body was picked up from an anomalous force, and he disappeared. The screen faded to black.

I was warped into Dark Link's room in the Water Temple, but there was no water or doors. Instead of water, it was just eerie fog. The tree wasn't there either; the sand patch was just a pile of skulls. Link transformed into Dark Link, and he just stood there. His eyes were glowing red, and it made me feel like I was being watched. The sound that played appeared to be birds along with dark wind. Dark Link was staying still, while the camera was slowly zooming into his blood-red eyes.

His voice was deeper than Dark Link's, he laughed in a way a maniac would laugh... A text box appeared and said, "Descent into darkness..." His eyes grew, then the screen faded to black again... for a few moments. His face was back into the camera again, and his eyes were glowing and dripping with blood. At the top of the screen, it said "CURSED" in the style of the "GAME OVER" text.

All that was heard was the background noises, the low-pitch Poe laugh, and the disturbing laugh of Dark Link. I reset the game, but it took me back to the same screen.

I turned it off and on, and it still took me back to the same screen... The "CURSED" text faded.

It was unknown as to why this happened to Link, but I knew it had to  do something with descendents and abandonment, or as it felt to me...
You may have noticed by now I really speak up my mind even if stuff is somewhat... I don't know, religious or stuff, if you really don't like that, let me know, and I will consider what to do depending on what argument you may give :) No insults are needed, we are civilized people right?

Credit to the respective authors, if you (the authors) want it down by any coincidence of life, well, we can work that out by contacting me :)

Anyways, this is all for today, see ya later Underworlders!!

Darkness is absolute, yet, light may peak in every now and then.
Nightmare, The Herald of Doom
Rickz E.

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